Thursday, 14 April 2005

Spent about an hour aimlessly driving through the mean streets of downtown KL. If I tell you why, you would laugh.

Oh well, we could all use a laugh, so here's why: Went down to red 104.90 to collect the Fat Boy Slim CD (Palookaville) and (blue) tee shirt.

Took me slightly more than an hour (literally went one HUGE round) for me to finally see the Vistana hotel.

The CD wasn't too bad, but don't think I'll be keeping it. The tee-shirt however is huge on me - might put it on tomorrow to try it out. Otherwise someone else can have it.

Is it just me, or is it just a blardy coincidence that it rains heavily into a bloody storm everytime I want to watch the American Idol results show at 4 p.m.? For the last few weeks it rains at 4 p.m. almost on the dot. Then the circuit breaker would trip and I can't switch it back on until I don't hear thunder anymore. And I would also have to close the windows othewise rain would get in. But at least I got a pseudo-nap with no power and no cooling breeze and woke up to watch that episode of Buffy where she had to chop up the she-mantis.