Friday, 29 April 2005

Rest in peace, Krishen.

First thing that shocked me when I saw the frontpage of The Star wasn't the current diesel shortage issue, but to find that Krishen Jit has passed on yesterday afternoon. O_o Condolences to his family and friends.

- Leave a message in the online guest book
- A former collegemate's tribute to the man on his blog.

Anyways, my bro's received the notice to collect his myKad, not one, but two of those dumb notices. Stupid leh. I didn't get a notice those years ago and now my bro's got two of them?! WTF?! Ah well, that was 3 years ago - get on with it, woman.

Reading wise started on Kitchen Confidential last night. Learnt a lot from it so far, esp. the true nature of certain cuts of meats, bread rolls and why one shouldn't order fish or other seafood on Monday. Though I think it's only applicable to New York than everywhere else. Switched off the computer at around 8 p.m. cos there was nothing much for me to do online (phew) and channel-surfed like nuts.

And Latte@8 is again on hiatus - by the time they go on air again I might not been in the country. Rats. This also means that they might be showing repeats until then, which sucks when you've seen most episodes.

Here's the answer to the question I've always been curious about: who do you refer to as "first cousin once removed" and all that? After going through Straight Dope, it turns out it's what you would call your cousin's kids. If you and your cousins (who are first cousins) have kids, then those kids are second cousins.

Well, I am enlightened.