Friday, 1 April 2005

The presentation went okay I guess (we showed them a 2-minute short with stuff from Supersize Me)... only thing that fell flat was the attempt to squeeze oil out of the roti planta (which got the hungry people salivating, tutor included) using thin plastic gloves. The lipids was all over them instead of into the container. What's done is done.

I've had 15 things about me the other time, now here's another 15.

1. I don't know how to get about Radiohead's official site. Seriously. Please enlighten me if you know how.
2. I can't get Bjork - but I guess if some of you actually pay attention, you would already know that.
3. I take tea in the morning. I abuse coffee later in the day.
4. Fave Starbucks drink: the hot choc
5. Fave Coffee Bean drink: Mocha ice-blended
6. I spent most of my school holidays reading my uncle's old Reader's Digests stashed at my gran's place.
7. My name is pronounced different than it's spelt. However, don't expect me to correct you unless asked or are irritated to the point of no return.
8. YES - I was Chinese-educated, albeit for only 6 years. And yes, I may not look like it, either.
9. I didn't learn to appreciate Radiohead until 2 years ago. Now I can't get enough of them.
10. I love the old stuff from The Cranberries, Travis, Garbage, Oasis, and all the other rock bands in the late 90s.
11. I can't stand lau mai kai anymore, but yet my dad keeps buying them for me. I hate exams and I don't exactly excel at them.
12. I won't drive a manual car, not if I can help it. And definitely not in KL - it's suicide.
13. I still read Roald Dahl and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when the urge arises.
14. I don't mind getting forwarded emails - just don't bother if it's Chicken Soup stories or anything religous.
15. I'm not a big fan of religion and don't start on that in my presence.

My chore subcontractor (aka my bro)'s back for the weekend and he bought the original Sepet VCD. Not too badlah, it's full-length.