Saturday, 2 April 2005

Great - MTV's having a Coldplay contest but it's only open to Singaporeans, Thais and Indonesians. What the hell gives??!!! Do they not think Malaysians like Coldplay too??!! (It's a secret gig in London on the 19th of this month.) But if it's like the KCRW gig... then I don't mind. With any luck there'll be a bootleg of it soon enough, so no worries. Not that I can make it also, cos my finals are 2 days after that. = P

Wanted to go to 1U today, but suddenly had all these things to do and I no longer am in the mood. Tomorrow then. (Actually I wanted to check the V-Mag Carnival to see what the fuss is about, but there's still tomorrow, so there).

I dunno why my parents (until they went out just now) were watching CNN for progress (or non-progress) of Pope John Paul II's health. Not like they're religious or anything. But last heard breathing was shallow and he can "see and touch God" or something to that effect. Think they'll have to pick a new one within the next 48 hours. For some reason Angels and Demons keep coming to mind. (That one also cut steam only - at least I didn't get that one). But he's the only one that I've ever known of in my life, kind of like Dr. M in that respect.