Monday, 4 April 2005

Freezing my toes off from Malacca-KL for 3 hours...

No post yesterday - not that anyone missed it. So here's what happened yesterday.

Dad got call from his mum around 3 something, reminding him about his father's birthday dinner, which was today. Dad (as usual) had forgotten (despite being reminded by his sisters) about it and there was a mad rush to get everyone out of the house and back to that place called Tanjung Sepat. Was there about 5 something, driving in the rain. Fortunately dinner was 6-course. As have to drive brother back to Malacca before it's too late, cake-cutting was skipped, having left right after dinner.

Bladder was thoroughly tortured as it was dying to be emptied (didn't help that it was cold outside and inside, facilitating the urge even further). Got relief at the Seremban R&R.

En route saw our future predicament: Crawling traffic on the other side of the highway. Also saw about a 10-car pileup in the rain. Stopped at the Ayer Keroh R&R before moving on, much appreciated the warm Milo. Was stuck from Ayer Keroh to Seremban and only came home about 1 something in the a.m., meaning that an 90 minute drive has doubled because of the terrible traffic. Theories about it range from people returning from their Cheng Beng trips to who knows what else. There were also people abusing the emergency lane and also cars that have been in collisions or have simply broke down. And they wonder why people abuse those lanes. Would've slept in the car since I've the whole backseat to myself, but I was freezing my toes off to do it properly (should've packed a bloody blanket or something too). All this happened as it RAINED. Again, cold outside, cold inside. But at least I didn't have to worry about me bladder.