Monday, 11 April 2005

Finally submitted the assignment, although it's not as canggih as some of my other classmates'. But I want to move on with my life. Am also not at all surprised that some of my classmates are still working on it, less than 3 hours before it's due.

Because of the rain this morning, woke up about 9.15, with only 45 minutes or so to get ready and get my butt down to class. Found out later before leaving that I had lost my parking ticket while running for the bus. Lesson: never stick parking ticket in mesh pocket. But I think I had found it on the road, rough from being driven over by cars for the 2 hours I was in class. Wanted to use the excuse that I didn't get one this morning but what the heck lah. Got away with it anyway.

Stopped by the Kelana PO to send off a book to a Bookcrosser in Russia (I wouldn't go so far, but the mini PO vey hard to find parking). Cost me RM4.60 to send off a book that's 13.5 x 10.5 x 0.8 cm, which is not that big. Then again, I've not sent anything bigger before which might cost me even more. Luckily the book cost me less than a dollar to start with.

Procrastination mode was strong yesterday. Did a lot of things other than work on my assignment. Here's lecture slides and notes that Joseph Tate of pulk-pull* gave on Radiohead. It's a PDF, so be warned. If I was taking Intro to Music this term, I probably would've done a paper on Radiohead for the heck of it. Though I wouldn't have a clue what to focus on.