Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Dubya and the Prince of Saudi...

What did I tell you? Now it's Times bookshop's turn to have their clearance sale this time at Section 13, PJ - (which is near Section 14 [like DUH], one of my occasional haunts), and member's preview is tomorrow and the timing is lovely cos my membership expires next month. So you people will know where I'm gonna be tomorrow, haha. Hope I strike some literary gold.

Okay, moving on... how many of you would find the picture below disturbing? I certainly did. Heck I didn't know until I read Moby's journal. And Dubya's the one opposing same-sex marriages. Heh.

Top Ten Thoughts Going Through President Bush's Mind At This Moment
(from The Late Show)

10. "Wow, his hands are as soft as Rumsfeld's."

9. "This is more action than I get from Laura."

8. "Thank God there are no cameras around."

7. "Should I invite him back to the house to watch 'Will And Grace'?"

6. "I knew this would happen if I started drinking again."

5. "If this will lower oil prices, I'll do anything."

4. "Now Prince Charles is gonna ask why I wouldn't hold his hand."

3. "I wonder if this will help me get re-elected in 2008?"

2. "What we need is a constiutional amendment to ban this."

1. "I'm officially the gayest President since Lincoln."

And some more..

- "Oh this reminds me--I gotta return that Nathan Lane movie to Blockbuster."

- "Skin feels kissably soft."

- "His head covering is so white, he must use Tide with bleach alternative."

"Why does the prince keep calling me 'princess'?"