Tuesday, 12 April 2005

Bought a ticket to see the matinee performance of eight: (insert witty tagline here), before diving in finals revision. Judging from the ticket sales it doesn't look too good. But today's only Tuesday - anything can happen. Besides, for RM12 I can't complain. The title reminds me of 7Ten staged 1-2 years ago.

Speaking of tickets, got to remember to pay back RM22 for my Life...3 ticket.

While I was at Actor's Studio, saw that the Irish play Alone It Stands also kena the Election Day treatment - instead of DBKL, this time the Ministry objected to some words in the script and demands more refined words. Like that also got. Wish I could go see it... just no dinero.

Class wasn't too bad - she let us off early and was given advanced notice that Friday's class is also gonna be short. Heck, she even apologized for the piece of shit we all come to know as our textbook. That's a first in all my time spent in college. But heard that W's taking over the class next term, which I'm sure a lot of my classmates are regretting not putting off another term. But hey, I can tell you know I do not have the strength to do another class with her.