Saturday, 16 April 2005

Borders in Malaysia... well, finally!!!

I remember mentioning once that Berjaya Times Square's got no bookshop when the first and last time I went was
2 years ago (yeah, it was THAT long ago), and there wasn't much else for me to do there so I've not been there since? Well, I might go there again after exams because...

Borders is opening a store in Malaysia. Next week.

But might have see what kind of opening promotions or what not that they have before I make my way down there.

Finally, a store that ISN'T MPH (It's lost its charm with me) or Popular.

Oh yeah, here's my holiday plans:

1. Go to Bintang Walk and Times Square
2. Take down the postcards I got stuck to my wall for so many years so to enjoy erm, white wall for a while (so if parents decide to repaint house while I'm not around at least they don't have to do it)
3. Settle on flight, accomodation - must start shopping around
4. Try not to worry so much
5. Reduce spending
6. Talk to parents about #3
7. Take nice long stroll through IKEA