Friday, 1 April 2005

April Fools' and a presentation.... bleaurgh.

Happy April Fool's people... to those who have already been pranked, my sympathies - so was I. (And I've not even left the house yet). To those that have been pranking, aren't you glad you're in Malaysia? And a word of caution to those who have yet to be pranked. At least the English have a great idea, making the pranker the fool after 12 noon.

It's almost a week more to the Charles-Camilla wedding. Wonder if it's gonna be on CNN.

I know this is old news, but I really want to see Chef Wan and Jamie Oliver do a show together. I'm pretty sure Chef Wan will talk over the fler, haha.

Am now finally listening to Sigur Ros' (), after hearing so much about it for the last year or two. It's prob one of the more interesting albums I've heard of in my life. The CD's going for RM80 in these parts (okay, I saw it at Rock Corner) - with only 8 tracks, that makes it about RM10 a song (8.72 minute average). What the crap man. It's basically Icelandic gibberish really when you think about it. A bit macam Bjork - hope her fans don't kill me.