Saturday, 30 April 2005

15 Things About Me... pt 3.

1. I don't mind fish, as long as they're not excessively bony and if they're not deep-fried.

2. I was raised by my grandmother - Grandma Day Care - for most of my life. Which kind of explains why I don't get along with my mother.

3. Until today I have no idea what to call my dad's sisters-in-law.

4. I have a collection of collections - I collect(ed) stamps, magazines, posters, postcards (6 years ago), books, CDs, paper and plastic shopping bags, knick knacks like collar pins, etc.

5. I read Enid Blyton when I was in primary school. I have passed on most of my books to my younger cousins when they were around that age.

6. Every drama series that I follow I've not seen the pilot of (
The O.C., CSI, The Gilmore Girls) . However, I've never followed a show I've seen the pilot of (One Tree Hill).

7. I liked the idea of going to the theatre about the same time I started collecting postcards. But I have never been until 2 years ago (at Bangsar) because Plaza Putra was too far for me at the time.

8. I hate sweating - can't stand the stickiness that comes with being sweaty.

9. When I see local celebs on the street, I don't go into groupie mode and stalk them - I walk the other way.

10. I have about 15 25-30 CDs in my collection, 1/3 of which I've won through numerous contests over the years. Cheapskate, mah.

11. I buy
Cleo for the sake of certain freebies and contests.

12. I am the only person in my house watching the 3 cartoon channels and the 2 music channels on Astro.

13. I don't care what they say - Atria's still the place to go during the weekend.

14. I can watch any movie only once - but for some reason the only movies that broke this rule is
Men in Black.

15. I still don't like the taste of plain water.