Monday, 1 September 2014

NY Steak Shack, Midvalley

Heard about this place through social media about the under-RM30 ribeye steaks. Decided to go there for dinner on Saturday even though I had forgotten the name, let alone to ask the concierge for the location. But I still remembered WHERE I read it, so had to do some Wi-Fi leeching and long story short, was on my way. 

Even though it was the thick of dinner rush, I was fortunate in that I got seated right away. The only snag about going there by myself was getting a tiny table near one of the terminals where the waitstaff was key-ing in orders. Ordered the 150gm strip loin with mixed veg and coleslaw, medium (which probably wasn't by the time it got to me, but it was still pink the middle, so..) with the brown sauce (or demi glace on the menu) because I don't like to spend too much time chewing on medium rare red meat. Also got the Wi-Fi password off the waiters so it wasn't so bad (check Foursquare). 

So the steak finally arrived and the guy asked if I wanted to pour the sauce myself or if I should let him do it. After pouring it over the hot plate and the sizzle show was over, he asked if I wanted anything else (or something to that effect). My exact line was (after making a show of looking): "Erm, cutlery would be nice.." (There was no salt dispenser or cutlery on the table when I sat down; I had to ask). 

For the price (RM25.90 before tax), it's not exactly primo thick cut steak, but edible enough for me. It's for those times when you want steak, but too lazy to cook it (or the sides) yourself and you don't want to pay Victoria Station/Coliseum prices either. Or if you're not too fussed about steak. The mixed veg was a little too soft and (maybe) a tad underseasoned for some; the coleslaw was not bad.  

What I liked: You choose two from a range of sides, and the meat temp go from as low as blue. 

What I didn't like so much: Service could be a lot better: I got called "sir" when I got the bill  -___- Should I be glad that the kid didn't call me "auntie" then? 

There are other non red-meat main course options, but it's pretty slim pickings. I don't mind going back if I could. 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week 35, 2014 - 3 day Merdeka weekend!

Been a little under the weather this week: between the sniffles and the (perhaps?) bout of food poisoning and the angin, it had been a fun week -_-"

With today (Sunday) being a public holiday, tomorrow also cuti, so yay three day weekend :)
  • Local cab license holders complained about Uber, and was deemed "illegal" by the authorities for less than a day (thanks to social media backlash). Last thing I heard was that Uber was told to get the "permits" in order to stay running. In other Uber news: it's finally in JB! Whee! 
  • Quiznos finally opened in the second home this week. Still haven't gone. 
  • Finally went to NY Steak Shack in Midvalley to check out the fuss. 
  • New IKEA catalogue is out. Flipped through it online, but cannot beat flipping through a fresh, physical copy lah..
  • Took advantage of the IKEA Family member promo and got a 15% discount on an hour long aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey. From now on, it's the "oil massage" all the way for this ticklish, low pain tolerance person lah :P
  • Got another free sunblock today. No exchange necessary, but need to show the promoters that you Liked the brand's FB Page. The "professional" warga emas freebie queue-rs (even the promoters lining up behind me were gossiping about them like they were legendary) were slightly thwarted by the Facebook mechanics (it didn't say in the earlier announcement that you needed to "Like" the FB Page), but luckily the promoter had a tablet handy for this eventuality. 
Have a nice weekend, Malaysia.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Ellie Goulding at Good Vibes Festival

I don't know if it was the weather or something else altogether, but pretty much everything got pushed back an hour. Empire of the Sun came on around 10 p.m. They were either so loud or using so much bass that I felt a headache coming. Fortunately I had some Panadol on me. 

I enjoyed the brief quiet moment when EOTS was done... until !!! (Chk Chk Chk) started playing on a different stage not too far away, also for about an hour and the bass volume was just as high. Oh my poor head. I didn't have to go stand in front to hear what's going on. If nothing else, this gave me time to find a good place for later. 

Long story short I settled to get back into the 18 and above area (one of the cigarette brands) that's closest to the main stage and hung around the perimeter.

She came on a little after midnight and played for about an hour, powered through almost a dozen songs. But as a casual fan (at best), I don't know most of them. Of course she closed her set with probably her best known (to me) song, Burn. I didn't know she also played instruments, but I just realised that I don't know what she's singing at least half the time :P

Of course it started to rain during the set even at that hour, but I still had my disposable rain poncho on me so it wasn't a big deal. 

Festival came to a close at 1 a.m. and I only got home around 2 something and finally went to sleep around 3 a.m. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Good Vibes Festival 2014 - The Old Fart Edition

This is only the second year of this particular festival, and I didn't go last year even though Smashing Pumpkins headlined. Bought an early bird ticket mostly to see (what the fuss was with) Ellie Goulding (I liked a couple of her songs, I'm a casual fan at best), who's headlining this year. Wasn't going to see anyone else, so I planned to go later in the day, when it's not so hot out :P

I didn't want to drive at first and I had won RM50 cash back from MyTeksi in their contest, but I couldn't make the booking on their app as I couldn't find the festival entry in the search results (wasn't the first result). Which was just as well, because the RM125 cab fare back was... too damn much for me. It would be fine if I was sharing with other people, but by myself? OH HELL NO. Having done the airport run for years, I'm not uncomfortable driving to that area, it's just meh. Only thing was I wasn't sure where the go-kart circuit was, so I used the TomTom. Traffic was okay. Parking was RM10, which was a bit much personally, but still better than cab fare from my neck of the woods and back.

I packed some of what I figured were necessities: 
  • disposable poncho (finally used the cheap Guardian one I bought for the Urbanscapes 2 years ago); very important as it rained on and off for the few hours I was there. Also used it afterwards so I didn't track mud into the car. 
  • Platypus bottle, filled with some water that I've tucked in the bottom of my huge Jack Spade messenger to bypass bag checks. (Since you can't bring in bottled water from outside)
  • Sensible footwear for mud and rain while everyone else was wearing flip flops and nice shoes that got covered in mud, haha. Thanks, Bogs :)
  • Forgot a flashlight :P
Got there about 8 something because I had wanted to check out the rest of the festival. After the long drive, I needed to pee badly and so I had to find the portajohns (which felt like a distance away from the entrance). Luckily they were smart enough to have more female ones than male. My bad luck was manoeuvring myself in a squatting one.  

Bought an iced mocha (RM10 either way, from the Caffe Dottore coffee truck; long night ahead) because I didn't want to pay RM15 for 2 cans of Red Bull (although they have this thing going where you get things like raincoats, etc, if you bring back the empty cans. Good way of not having strewn blue cans anywhere, I guess) and wanted a snack next. Finding something I could eat with one hand (most of them require use of both hands). 

People were still jumping at the end of the night.
They were actually selling clothing in there. But the festival swag and ice cream pops were a nice touch.
 At the Red Bull booth...
They have charging station for your devices, but you have to work for it...
Love a good swing. The liability disclaimer was hilarious.
Yup. the Red Bull DJ kiosk
Because of all the sponsorship, there were areas for 18 and above sponsored by beer and cigarette companies (won't say which ones), which is fun to go and poke around but since I don't drink beer or smoke, it's like the Pope visiting a brothel. 

Gap swag
Since the area is pretty small and the stages were a little too close to each other, I pretty much heard Empire of the Sun and !!! (or chk chk chk) from where I was sitting. Almost got a headache listening to Empire of the Sun from where I was sitting and fortunately I had Panadol on me. 

Everything got pushed back an hour and Ellie Goulding only came on at midnight, performed for an hour and was done. Only got home around 2 a.m., and slept around 3 a.m. because I still had to take a shower. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Week 34, 2014

Judging by the chanting I've been hearing almost every day, I think it's still Hungry Ghost month? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

  • Saw Ellie Goulding perform at Good Vibes Festival early Sunday morning (well, she did come on at midnight, so..).
  • Friday was the national mourning day for the MH17 tragedy as some of the bodies are finally transported back, with others to follow in the coming days.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Buying the Moto E on Lazada

Ever since my disastrous attempt with Zalora way back when (which has since been resolved), I've had my reservations about the Rocket Internet's group of companies. Since then, I had no issues with Foodpanda (which I think is also a sister company? Correct me if I'm wrong), and Lazada is another sister company I've not tried before. With so many people complaining about Lazada on the interwebs, I had my reservations

It was announced that Motorola's new (under RM500) budget phone, the Moto E, would only be sold on Lazada for RM369. (But we all know that won't be true for long.) I had a RM30 coupon code burning a hole in the (proverbial) pocket for a few months now, valid until the next day. So what the heck. When you log on to Lazada Malaysia, the banner ads keep popping up. Long story short, burned through my coupon code (they were not kidding about "one use") and I had to ask their customer service for a new one afterwards. So I now have another RM30 coupon code for another 30 days and a RM10 coupon code for signing up.

Since it wasn't Xiaomi's crazy flash sales, I figured I could sleep on it. The next day (Sunday), I saw a coupon code on the LINE app (only good I got out of it) where you can buy it for RM329, which was only valid on the day I saw it. Cheaper than if I had used my original coupon code, which made me glad the initial order didn't pan out.

Because of the price, I got free shipping. The only snag in the ordering was not being able to put in a different delivery address from my billing address, which is either me or a bug. I received emails from them every step of the way, from order confirmation all the way to letting me know that the courier was on his way (after he called to ask if he could come; luckily I was able to reroute over the phone). Considered not bad already lah, getting it two days after ordering.

The clear tape was sliced, but not the blue one 
Charger and stuff
So far, s'alright

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sensorium 360°: Contemporary Art and the Sensed World

Singapore Art Museum 37
Singapore Art Museum 37 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There's only so much shopping (window or otherwise) you can do in Singapore, particularly if your own currency is shittier than the Singapore Dollar and it's after the (so-called) Great Singapore Sale. So to get out of the sun for a couple of hours and to up the culture quotient a little bit, I went back to the Singapore Art Museum to check out the new interactive exhibition, Sensorium 360°: Contemporary Art and the Sensed World.
Sensorium 360° is an exhibition of Southeast Asian and Asian contemporary art that calls upon the complexity of the human senses, and explores how sensory experiences locate us in understanding the world and knowing the self. While the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are the most commonly known, other identified senses include the ability to detect movement, pain, balance and even time. Oft taken for granted, these physiological capacities are indispensable in enabling us to apprehend the world within and without – taking in its pleasures and pains, even as we absorb data and information. 
Spanning the fields of art, phenomenology, philosophy and cognitive psychology,Sensorium 360° is a visual art exhibition that moves beyond vision to 'see' the world through the other senses, and to experience it in-the-round.
The first and last time I went about 5 years ago, entrance was free because they were undergoing massive reconstruction. At least now there's an MRT station (Bras Basah) below it so you don't have far to walk. I couldn't go on free admission Friday nights, so I sucked it up and paid the S$10 entrance fee. There were on-site lockers that I could dump my excess luggage in ($2, which you can change with the uncles at the counter) and explore the place. 

The installations are interactive, so you're pretty much meant to play with it, so it's great for the kids as well. 

As usual, no photos allowed, so this was the only picture I managed to sneak in on the phablet. I've got some others in the point and shoot, so you would still need to go check it out for yourselves.. 

Yup, the boob pit.
You can find the guide here

Admission is free for Singaporean residents and PRs, $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors. Runs until 22 October 2014. 

Monday - Sunday: Last admission to the museum is at 6.15pm 10am - 7pm
Friday: Enjoy complimentary entry on Friday evenings from 6pm - 9pm 10am - 9pm