Sunday, 16 July 2017

Week 28, 2017

One of those weeks...
  • Has anyone gotten their Double Down at KFC?
  • There's a nasi lemak burger going on at Singapore's McDonald's..
  • Agong's new official birthday is now moved to 9th September. Good to know?
  • Paternal grandmother's flexible birthday on Saturday.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Week 27 , 2017

Somewhat caught up on Masterchef Australia now... kinda.

  • Finally finished Philippa Gregory's Three Sisters, Three Queens, before the next book (The Last Tudor) comes out in August. I've at the point where I don't even want to buy a hard copy any more cos I only read her work once and it's too much work trying to get rid of the books afters. 
  • First World Indoor Theme Park is dismantled, good riddance. However, can't wait to see what they have in store? 
  • Tim Ho Wan bit the dust and has closed shop in KL. 
  • Went with mum to the Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital on Tuesday. 
  • Rebecca Minkoff store finally opened in KLCC. 
  • Had a somewhat productive afternoon at JPO on Saturday. 
  • Photobucket is charging people a bomb for hot linking posted images to their service. Get your stuff and get out. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

2017 JPO Jaunt

Firefly gave out limited time RM50 e-vouchers after I had already bought my flight to Singapore. There wasn't any where else I wanted to go, so I booked a day trip to JB, taking into account the mid year sale, etc. The round trip flight was cheaper than gas, toll and about 8 hours of driving (audiobook length). Today was the day. 

Decided on a 10 a.m. flight out, which sounded great in theory... until they had to close the runway at Subang Airport and for almost an hour, no flights were coming or going (yup, planes can't land either). I don't know why they let the 9 am flights go, but not after that. We only actually departed at around 11 a.m., which was fine because I allocated more time there this trip anyway. 

JB was, indeed, very cloudy yesterday
By the time we landed, I decided to just get lunch at the airport (Subway, if you can believe it) and took an Uber out (there's apparently complimentary buses from the airport to JPO, but the schedule was 😬) which only cost me RM1.20 after the RM7 promo code. 

In a pinch, I can cover the place in 1.5 hours or less because there's only a few shops that I really want to go to. But since I got there after 1 p.m. and had 3, 4 hours tops I really went around. There's some families dressed to the nines in Raya gear, which I have to give them props for. I went two circuits, upstairs and downstairs. I went into some shops twice. I also sat in Coffee Bean for what I would consider a really long time. I even paid the 10% dine in surcharge.

Then I got a text saying that the return flight to Subang was "retimed" to 6.40 p.m (which I guess was the domino effect from this morning). Great. I was already pretty much done by 4 something and it was a somewhat productive trip: I found a wallet that I had been looking for to no avail in KL (the stock was from Singapore, cis) and a pair of Levi's that I'm not sure I could find cheaper in the second home. So I killed some more time nursing a bottle of juice in Starbucks in an effort to cool down and rehydrate. 

Got a Grab car back (RM5 off because Raya promo code) to the airport around 5 something and by the time I got there, I was just in time to check in for the flight and go through the screenings. I even had time to use the Subway receipt from earlier to buy a cookie, get a cookie. 

Only got home around 8 p.m. and suffered a terrible headache (heat, dehydration or both). 

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Week 26, 2017

With Raya being on Sunday and Monday, Tuesday became a replacement holiday. If you thought the Monday blues was annoying, try having to go back to work on hump day Wednesday. I only went back to work for the office A/C. 

It's the 4th of July weekend in America, which means there's nothing new to watch... kinda. 

So I've been catching up on the latest season of Masterchef Australia since, for some reason, we don't get the Lifetime Asia channel at home any more. In all fairness, Masterchef was the only show I would watch on the channel. There are other ways around it, so I'm not too fussed, but this means I've got about 40-something episodes to watch, even after skipping the group challenge episodes and only watching the recaps ("Previously on...") in the beginning. In case anyone cares or is wondering, the contestants with Malaysian connections (one Sydney-sider who's parents are from Sibu, the other grew up in JB) are still in the competition. 
  • Don't know why they've never imposed a fine for losing your passport before until recently. Another way to fill the coffers, I guess. 
  • For anyone who's taken the 3 work days to get the entire week off... good for you. 
  • Finally bought a box of the cheese flavoured Taiwan Original Cake. It's fine if you like baulu. Still struggling to finish. 
  • Finally explored Jalan Jalan Japan in middle of nowhere Subang. 
  • Sunday was the local TK Bakery's 30% storewide one day promo. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Week 25, 2017

Have a good Raya if you're celebrating; if you don't, enjoy the long weekend... just don't go on a roadtrip. Or a mall. 
  • Gahmen announced a list of items subjected to GST next month... which they then cancelled/postponed. A lot of people are saying "... until after the election". 
  • Whoda thought that Daniel-Day Lewis would retire from acting? 
  • Apparently Milo Energy cubes are now available locally in supermarkets without paying through the nose for the African ones?
  • Bookfest on the first day of Raya sucks balls. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

SSR Curry House, ANZGAM Clubhouse

Had no idea until recently that there was a change in management of the banana leaf rice lunch (now run by SSR Curry House) at ANZGAM Clubhouse near Astaka until someone tipped me off (you know who you are). Since was in the area, we had a damn early lunch there (like, 11.30 a.m. early). 

Nice spread
Day's veg dishes
Yup, got banana also.

Total bill was RM26, and that comprised of the basic veg meal for two (yup, parboiled/Indian rice also available), chicken 65, Bru coffee (hot and cold), and one portion of yogurt. Kinda wished we got a detailed receipt so we know how much was what. 

Didn't get any papadam or rasam despite being there so early, but I suppose there's always next time...? 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Week 24, 2017 - Father's Day edition

Short work week, but felt like the usual five. Some evening rain this week, but otherwise still hot as balls. 
  • Candy Crush is going to be an actual TV game show.
  • GPO opened this week, but I would hold off on going just yet. 
  • Went to GPO on Sunday cos my dad wanted to go, so that was Father's Day erm, settled. 
  • Finally found two of three locally available elusive Taiwanese bottled tea and coffee. 
  • I found out this week that chokeberry is an actual fruit. 
  • Bought more warehouse sale condiments on Saturday. 

First Impressions: Genting Highland Premium Outlets (GPO)

It only took a few months since I was last in the area, but this week was the soft opening of the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (GPO). The old bean wanted to go, and I didn't mind going as long as it wasn't by myself. So the three of us left PJ around 10 something and there wasn't much traffic on the way up. You can't really miss it, it's a little after the Awana hotel, past Gohtong Jaya. It's also at the base of the Awana Skyway/cable car station. 

Parking: RM5 per day. If you have Genting membership, you can get it waived at the autopay machine on your way out. Yes, membership is free. I had to change my old Genting card to the new Genting Rewards one at the on-site membership office. 

Thankfully, despite being not that high up on the hill, there's still a cool breeze there so you won't be sweating your 'nads off like you would at JPO. You can bring a light jacket/windbreaker, but if you're like me, you might not even need that. 

About 70% of the stores are open but only like 30% of the eateries are open, so I might hold off on going depending on what stores you want to check out. There's more low to mid range brands here than there are at JPO - at least there's a Burberry in Johor. Didn't feel like dealing with the lines happening outside some of the stores *coughCOACHcough*

I can't remember if the Godiva outlets in KLCC and Pavilion have seating or sell desserts; so you might want to go check out the Godiva up there. I think both the Chocolixir and soft serve are a few RM more up there, so I would recommend the other drinks and desserts if you have space for it. 

Came away empty handed. 

Had lunch at the nyonya place, walked around some more and decided I had enough and wanted to leave. When we left around 2 something, there was a crawl on the other side of the road, presumably en route to GPO. 

Besides that, it's a bit underwhelming for me.