Sunday, 17 September 2017

Week 37, 2017

Apparently mooncake festival is coming soon and the mooncake madness has begun. Most interesting mooncake I've seen so far is molten lava mooncake. I know it's mooncake shaped chocolate lava cake, but still. 

Weather still hot as balls most days. 
  • After downloading the Oreo update, my Nexus 5x got bricked 16 days after the one year warranty and I can't claim warranty unless I bother to spring for repairs...which even then there's no point as it's known for their problematic motherboards... 😖😕😒
  • UberEATS is finally making its way to Malaysia...
  • People can finally shop online IKEA from next year onwards? It might put a stop to the personal shoppers who buy up the entire place and slowing down the checkout process for the rest of us. But it would also depend on the delivery charges or it would be back to square one. 
  • Baskin Robbins free scoop of ice cream on Saturday night. Mmm, delicious free scoop. 
  • Two massive outdoor dinners in one week. Oy.
  • Liam Neeson retiring from action movies at age 65 is overdue IMO. I don't want to see a 4th Taken movie.
  • After reading what the new Aronofsky movie is about... yeah, no. Not watching. 

Monday, 11 September 2017

Alison Soup House, TTDI

I finally had an excuse to try out Alison Soup House in TTDI (read: no lunch at home, and I didn't feel like cooking). 

It's also dog friendly so you can bring your dog. And there's a seperate area for dining with your pets. There's also the owner's dog, who packs quite a bark for something so tiny. The place was also adequately air conditioned so that you won't break too much of a sweat drinking hot soup, but I also suspect it's also for the dogs' sake as well. 

I don't get too much Chinese-style soups at home or in life, so going through the menu was an interesting experience. I settled on a chicken soup with red dates, mushrooms, etc which had brown rice beehoon as a starch. It came unseasoned, so there's no worries about it being under or over seasoned. 

Prices: starts from the teens, which sounds expensive but to be fair to them, it's all made from scratch. And the portion is pretty generous, so if you're a small eater you have to be at least famished to order one of these soups. 

I was happily digging in (and I almost couldn't finish) until I saw a hair (that wasn't mine, but kinda hoping it's hair from the scalp) in the beehoon. I pointed it out to the owner, who sheepishly had to bring it back to the kitchen and a smaller bowl came out, sans the rest of the chicken that I may or may not have finished. By then I was feeling a little full, so I had the rest to go. 

If nothing else, they did gave me half off my bill because of the erm, foreign object.

6A (1st Floor), Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Week 36, 2017

4 day work week this week... which would be great if banks were also working at full capacity the day after a long weekend and people working the front lines shouldn't be allowed that time off. 
  • Inside Scoop is having a RM6 scoop promo on their local flavours - Milo Dinosaur, Teh Tarik... you get the idea. Ask the staff about it.
  • First it was nasi lemak burgers, now it's char kuey teow burger. What's next?
  • Yay, a Good Eats revival!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Mamalee Malaysian Cuisine, Damansara Utama

Checked out Mamalee for lunch one weekday. 

It's down the road from Village Park. As we walked up the stairs, there's a posted sign that says that they're closed on Sundays. 

The weekday lunch promo price is not too bad. Unlike other places with weekday lunch promotions, the drinks are not weak drinks like ice lemon tea/Chinese tea/iced barley but kopi or teh tarik (hot or cold) and also exchangeable for other non-caffeinated drinks. 

I ordered the nasi lemak with salted egg yolk fried chicken (RM12), which had a wait because it's made to order. The chicken and rice was pretty good. The sambal was a bit too chunky (onions) for me, and not really terribly spicy. 

I wouldn't mind coming back to try other things.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Super Saigon Pho Cafe, TTDI

Checked the place out for lunch because if I wanted to order the coffee and what not, dinner is probably not a good time for that. After all the non-halal Vietnamese eateries that popped up in recent years, there's finally a halal Vietnamese place (or pork-free atm anyway; part of the La Juiceria group). There's always a line outside as people wait to be seated. Because it was just the two of us, it wasn't that difficult to squeeze us in. 

Props to whoever came up with the interior decor, because it's pretty nice once you're inside. There's the usual pencils and order chits that you place your orders on and hand over to someone. The prices here are a bit on the high side for street food: the beef pho on the menu range from RM16.90 (beef balls only) to RM19.90 (bao ka liao, including the spare parts). 

It's barely a few months and already the coffee drip vessel looks so worn.

Pho with medium rare beef slices and beef brisket slices
Fortunately the food was pretty good and the portion kinda fits the pricing (broth was delish and there's plenty of beef to go around). But it's not a place you can go regularly unless you have a lot of disposable income... or if the gaji just masuk 😉

28, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Week 35, 2017

5 day weekend, between National Day (Thursday), Hari Raya Haji (Friday) and the impromptu public holiday (Monday) announced by the PM during the SEA Games closing ceremony or the Ambang Merdeka after that. Tuesday blues are gonna hit people hard. 
  • Day tripped to Genting SkyAvenue and GPO on Friday. 
  • I didn't know Scoot and Tiger Air merged into one airline. I haven't tried either. Worth trying or not? 
  • Finally had both the durian McFlurry (before they announced that it's sold out nationally) and the Kon Gemilang (just basically sweetcorn flavoured soft serve). 
  • Drove to Kuala Kubu Bharu for a work errand on Tuesday.
  • Kathy Griffin is making a stop in Singapore. Dunno whether to go or not. But nice to know there's a couple new hotels opening there in October should I decide to go... 
  • MBPJ is bringing back the parking coupons again next week... 😒
  • Secret Recipe had their RM6 cake promo on Merdeka Day.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Afternoon in Genting

Normally, I would avoid places like Genting Highlands during a long weekend but because of the Sephora store opening...

Once I was done in Sephora, I was getting really famished but I also needed to use the bathroom first. Luckily the bathrooms in SkyAvenue were decent, but that's cos the place is still relatively new. Finding something to eat at SkyAvenue is like deciding how you'd like to be gouged, because of the highland surcharge, but I know that I would rather go someplace I can't already find in KL. But finding that place as a solo diner was annoying. I wish restaurants had a solo diner line. 

The line at Burger & Lobster was INSANE. Also, RM100 for a lobster roll was too rich for my wallet, even if you have Genting Resort membership. Luckily I got a coffee from 8 Ounce Coffee downstairs before looking for sustenance. 

So I settled for a Japanese place across from B&L, Tampopo Delicieux, because I was getting hangry and didn't want to go too far for alternatives. Maybe it's the long weekend crowd, but the service wasn't that great. Food was edible, but that was because I went with a basic salmon teriyaki set. RM40 was a bit highway robbery IMO, but still nothing compared to paying half that price (average) at Malaysian Food Street upstairs. 

Took the cable car back down to GPO and the line to get on the gondolas was probably longer than the actual ride, but the line moved pretty fast, all things considered. Behind me was this married couple (about the 'rents' age) who had been in Genting for 4 days already (it's amazing the things you would tell complete strangers) and wanted to check out GPO. The wife was a little nervous about the cable car ride and hadn't been on Genting's cable car for 33 years (that's what she said). So (hilariously enough) she peppered me questions about the ride, etc while the line was moving, which I thought I answered adequately, under the circumstances. 

That aside, I have to give the people working the SkyAvenue Skyway station props for the crowd control: they had to balance the tour groups, families and everyone else in between. 

Anyhow, seven of us got on a gondola (the couple, a group of three ladies, an elderly gentleman and myself) and the auntie buried her face in her scarf for the whole ride (taking occasional peeks). At least we weren't in a glass bottomed one, or that would make things worse. 

Spent the next couple of hours at GPO before calling it a day. Between the crowds and how barang tak banyak despite the sales, there wasn't anything that caught my eye. Left around 3 something and it started to rain when I got on the KL - Karak highway (luckily not before, as I was driving down the mountain). 

By the way, the weekend and public holiday parking is now RM8, and weekday parking is RM5. Almost did a spit take when I saw the parking fee... until I swiped my Genting Rewards card for the waiver. Fuh lega....