Sunday, 25 September 2016

Week 40, 2016

I think I'm at the post nasal drip phase of the illness as I'm up in the middle of the night either coughing a lung out or needing to use the bathroom from all the water I've had to sip for the dry mouth and throat. So much for resting. 
  • Was both amused and creeped out by the bad CGI job of the late Jack Lord for his "cameo" in the season premiere of Hawaii Five-0
  • Speaking of old reboots, of course they announced a Magnum, PI reboot, but not with Magnum, but his daughter. 
  • I think I'm the only one that doesn't give a hoot that Brangelina is heading to Splitsville. 
  • Anyone gone to the Kit-Kat Chocolatory yet? 

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Week 39, 2016

While people in the Southern Hemisphere complain about freezing their butts off, I'm sweating like I'm having a high fever, which might be true considering I'm having a bit of a flu this week. Still got a cough, which is also annoying on so many levels. 

If nothing else, this week was a short work week, with Hari Raya Haji on Monday and Malaysia Day on Friday. Great if you took the three days off, but not so much if you decided to cuti-cuti Malaysia cos everyone else had the same idea and all the touristy places are full of people (as my mum would attest, when she went to Malacca with some of her relatives)... 
  • Who knew one can cough so hard it could cause back pain?! 
  • Didn't get anything to read from this year's Popular RM5 Fiesta. Also swung by Amcorp Mall just because.
  • UberKUCING promo was adorable. 
  • Went to Ampang Point on Friday... just to use up a coupon. Also checked out Pattisez in Bangsar, but not to order the milkshakes :P 
  • Project Runway and Blindspot is back! Yay!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Thai Best by Reborn, SS2 [Groupon MY]

I saw this place converted from a Reborn (Chinese-style massage) to a Thai Best (Thai massage) in SS2 months ago, but had no real reason to go until there was a Groupon deal. It was a similar deal with the Chinese style one, and I went with the after 8 pm. and weekends deal, which was pricier but again, would rather have the flexibility. 

Finally cashed it in on Sunday night because Monday would be out of the question (if you're a native, you'd know why). Made the appointment the day before and was a tad too early (found parking pretty quickly, which is a small miracle in SS2). I got the confirmation call as I was walking there and killed some time (10 minutes tops) walking around before finally walking in. 

Of course I got asked what massage I wanted and knowing what Thai massage entails, I chickened and went with the 4-in-1. So I was brought to the foot washing area... 

The masseuse I got knew some Cantonese, which is great if my Cantonese was any better. I don't know if I got the actual 4-in-1 massage, or just the foot massage (which in some places also include some back and shoulder massage), but one hour just to massage from the knees down was a tad excessive for me. If nothing else, the techniques used was pretty interesting (at least to me, I don't know about the foot massage connoisseurs out there): she only used her knuckles (instead of a pointy tool) for the pressure points. 

There wasn't much of a sound barrier between the reception and the foot massage area, which I didn't mind that much if not for this uncle who spoke with a raised tone of voice about something or another. 

Was it painful? Some, but I was (as I usually am) very ticklish, which is why I don't really do foot massages.   

The foot washing area is just behind that wall

Happy hour promo, if you got nothing better to do on a weekday...
(If I have to guess what the T&Cs are)
I don't mind going back to try some of the other treatments, but see lah how my wallet would take it first :P 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Reborn, SS2 [Groupon MY]

[This was a few weeks ago...]

I've been wanting to try out the new SS2 Reborn place for awhile now, but I don't really want to pay full price or have the time to go during their happy hour (which I think there is, I could be wrong). So when there was a Groupon deal some weeks ago, I jumped in on it.

Mon - Fri (8pm – 1am) / Sat - Sun (all-day)
  • Package for 1 person for RM95 instead of RM110
  • Package for 2 people for RM180 instead of RM220

90-minute package includes

  • Choose 1: 
    Tui Na therapeutic massage 
    - 4-in-1 massage 
    - Authentic foot reflexology

Paid a little more for the flexibility in timing. The only snag is the (minimum) day's notice. Which is fair, I guess. Because the Thai one (Thai Best by Reborn) are also on Groupon simultaneously, I got asked if my Groupon was for theirs or the Thai one as people have confused them before. (The Thai Best in SS2 is also not too far away)

It was when I finally made my way there, they only asked if I wanted foot or body massage. I went with the body massage only because I don't think I could stand a 90 minute foot massage :P 

Got lead to a room upstairs, got changed, and... the massage was not terribly painful (which is what I associate Chinese massage with) or torturous. 

It was all fun and games, until my glasses hit their hard tile floor and one of the lenses broke (a story for another time). 

I don't mind going back again, I guess. But whether got spare change is another matter... 

Monday, 12 September 2016

Aidiladha 2016

Today being a public holiday, I kinda planned to go check out Popular's RM5 Fiesta in Viva Home. The sibling only came along because there wasn't gonna be any lunch at home, but also to up his Pokemon GO game, which was fine by me. 

Didn't buy any books this year (didn't see any graphic novels this time) because I wasn't really in the mood, but I did get myself a new roll of plastic book wrap. Also had lunch at the Thai restaurant there before leaving.

Also swung by Amcorp Mall on the way home because I hadn't been back to BookXcess for the longest time. The park across the street was buzzing with people and Pokemon lures as people are trying to catch Pikachu (makes sense, since there's a TNB office nearby and it's an electrical creature) and what not. 

Finally called it a day and went home. Feeling a little tired because I'm feeling a little under the weather (funny feeling in the throat, etc)... 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Week 38, 2016 - Three day weekend!

It's both a long weekend (Hari Raya Haji) and also a week long school holiday. Therefore, the mass exodus has started and some people have already taken the next week off, as next weekend is also another 3 day weekend. 
  • I dunno if six hour work day for civil servants is gonna help anyone else out... 
  • Dr Jason is getting his butt kicked in the popularity vote by a certain Godfather of Malaysian comedy (who was shrewd enough to use his kids aka cute factor to get people's votes) in Laugh Factory's Funniest Person in the World Contest. Check out who else is in the running here
  • I dunno what took them so long to finally come out with The Beatles Moleskine collection... 
  • LRT break down this week brought a lot of business to cars and ridesharing apps. I dunno if them giving away free rides next Tuesday to Thursday is gonna help things if a lot of people aren't gonna be in town.. 
  • Two gold medals for Malaysia in the Paralympic games. 
  • Checked out Cooler Lumpur Festival.
  • Sold my old phone pretty quickly on Carousell on Friday night - under 90 minutes. Couldn't keep the proceeds though cos had to start paying the sibling back for getting the new phone for me (which I would not get on my own but would rather kvetch about it). Which he then used to get his car the nano mist and two layer polish treatments done :P 
Me? I'm finally cashing in on a massage Groupon to end the Sunday. (SS2 on Mondays is never a good idea unless you 're looking to go to the pasar malam). 

Thursday, 8 September 2016


I know I don't usually talk about my actual day-to-day, but whatevs. 

One of the things about registering for SOCSO/PERKESO as an employer is that in the approval letter there's a half day induction session at a certain date and time for new registrants/employers, and if you're me and forgot to notify them beforehand to opt out, you're stuck going ("dikehendaki hadir" was the phrase used in the letter). I thought about skipping, but then I wouldn't have any fodder. I also had nothing urgent happening on the day, so what the heck. I also totally forgot about it until a couple days before. 

Drove to the Selangor PERKESO building which is between PJ Old Town and New Town (by the way, first hour parking is RM3, subsequent hour RM2). I was only about 15 minutes late, and even then I don't think I missed much - you just sign in by company name, phone number, email, etc. They also gave everyone a goodie bag which contained a booklet of the Social Security Act, cup water, cheapo snacks (by this I mean Apollo chocolate wafer bar and cheap hard candy which I didn't dig into), a copy of the day's schedule, and a glossy poster which I'm sure none of the attendees need or would ever use... I sat at the back (as I am wont to do), but was later joined by two other ladies who came later. 

The session was held in a nice room on the 4th floor, which was more than adequately air conditioned. I forgot to bring scratch paper for my own notes, etc, so I resorted to scribbling on the back of the agenda. I was also mildly relieved that I wasn't the only straggler - some people came in after 11 a.m., by then which I was like, "what's the point?"

It's three different ceramah, and also an advert/talk for whichever bank was available to sell their online banking services. The first one about their legal enforcement kinda scared the crap out of me, the second one after the banking sell was about SOCSO's perks and benefits, and the last was about their "Return to Work" scheme. 

I don't know how often they conduct these sessions, but I'm guessing often enough that the people presenting these talks were less than excited. To be fair, most of their talking points are either on the website or in the booklet we all got, so...  I know I spaced out some. 

Of course there was also a session on online banking and they got a guy from Hong Leong to wax lyrical about the merits of online banking. 

Also, getting people to hold their questions to the end of the talk was not easy: one lady asked multiple times about whether they have to pay foreign employees' social security or not (no), which led me to believe that she either has been paying hers SOSCO (which is not possible, since it's registration by IC, and your IC number is also your SOCSO number) or it was something else. Now I totally get why people would rather employ foreigners... lesser paperwork to some extent :P 

Another main takeaway for me was that you can also claim SOCSO if you got into a commuting accident between work and on your way to lunch. There's also a maximum death benefit of RM1,500 for surviving family members, which won't be enough for a Chinese funeral, but I don't know about funerals of other races, so I better not say. 

It was also nice of some of the speakers to give out their direct line phone numbers and also their work email for people's further enquiry. I stayed until after the last video (about their "Return to Work" scheme) was played, and asked one of them something something before I left the building (I was getting cold and hungry).