Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Christina Perri, Head or Heart Tour at KL Live

First concert of the year: The Asian leg of Christina Perri's Head or Heart Tour. Almost three months since I bought the ticket, the day is finally here. Took my own sweet time driving down (smooth traffic), did some errands while I was out - when I got in the first time, it was an opening act, so I went out (luckily they don't have a "no re-entry" rule) and searched for some dessert at Dr Cafe (there was another cafe there, but they didn't have what I want, so I walked out) before heading back up again. Probably the first time in a long while a concert started before 9 p.m.

Unlike the last time, they actually enforced the no-smoking rule inside this time and the air was pretty clean.
Only managed to take this as I was leaving as everyone was busy taking pics with it; selfies included
Didn't realise that the show wasn't for over 18 year olds only cos I saw (afterwards) teenagers and small children present (I suspect a parent works for the organising company or something, I'm just guessing). There were parents and other middle aged white guys in attendance.

Merch on sale was two t-shirt designs: the standard tour one, and this one that I ended up getting (just cos), RM100 each. Badges are the cheapest for under RM50 (but still). And CDs going for RM40 each, which one can say is a bargain cos locally printed CDs are at least RM45 these days for international artists.

The backdrop of paper hearts was a nice touch. If I have to guess, I say that only a small percentage of the attendees have heard entire albums. She has that singing voice (and songs) that can pull at a person's heartstrings (I can't be the only one), so as someone who's shed tears at songs in concerts (and I almost did at this one, but came out as mad coughing instead), I just can't.

The show finished around 10.45 p.m.(?) mostly because she's only got two albums out and there's only so many songs to play (including the radio hits like Jar of Hearts, Human and A Thousand Years, that song in the Twilight movie), so she also did some really brief covers, most notably Coldplay's techno-driven song, A Sky Full of Stars. Also left as she was (I think) doing her last song to beat the traffic (didn't manage to, Jalan Perak was congested because of the traffic lights).

Christina Perri Setlist Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2015, Head or Heart World Tour
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(I edited the setlist on - open to corrections because I know I didn't get everything)

Because of road closures, I only got home around 11 something.

She sounds pretty good live, would definitely say go if she's making a stop next time. 

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Week 9, 2015

Health-wise: Better than I was last week, but dealing with the residual post nasal drip and resulting cough from taking the expectorant cough medication. 
  • Finally got to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service. Totally worth it - go watch it if you haven't! Also got to check out new TGV multiplex in Jaya Shopping Centre.
  • I am all for Colin Firth's membership in the aging action star club.
  • Speaking of Colin Firth - the only way he could ever be in the third Bridget Jones movie is in flashbacks, because like his character in Kingsman, Mark Darcy also died... spoiler alert?
  • If you're on Carousell, you would find this Tumblr hilarious and can also relate to the sellers involved: Carouhell. Luckily I haven't dealt with the kind of people posted on there, but never say never?
  • Oscars this year was... meh. Apologies to NPH. But blown away by Lady Gaga and her Sound of Music medley tribute.
  • The stupid online debate about a certain dress bored me to tears. 
  • Yay, new season of The Amazing Race

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service (SPOILER-Y)

Finally found an excuse to check out the new TGV multiplex in Jaya by catching Kingsman: The Secret Service, which I've been dying to watch since I saw the trailers in the cinemas last year. I mean, who doesn't want to see Colin Firth go against type and fight like a badass? I can't be the only one that remembered those wussy fight scenes with Hugh Grant in the Bridget Jones movies... (go look it up if you haven't, they're freaking hilarious). Dude has come a really long way since.
  • OMG Jack Davenport.... what a way to go. But he had a badass fight scene before he died. 
  • Is it just me, or does this whole population culling scheme sounds vaguely familiar, like a Chuck Palahniuk book? 
  • Considering Colin Firth had like, TWO major fight scenes in this movie, I'm now wondering what was the 20% he didn't do...?
  • Have I mentioned how badass Colin Firth is in this movie? 
  • Nice parkouring... 
  • Have to like how Kingsman is basically formed because the founders had more money than heirs after the First World War, and also wanted to do a "public service". Private spy agency, pbft...:P 
  • The personal tube station from the tailor shop to the HQ is pretty cool. No traffic jam...
  • Holy crap, how long was Galahad out if he had long hair and a beard when he woke up again...?
  • They have some pretty badass weaponry - who knew their toilets held such secrets? 
  • Oh, Mark Strong... Nope, didn't hear a Scottish accent in Strong's Merlin. Not even Shrek.
  • So true - all the high billing old machas in this movie died. (Yep, here's the spoiler) I dunno how they're gonna work Colin Firth back in for future sequels.. 
  • So hilarious that the recruits have to train puppies while they undergo training themselves, haha. Who doesn't love JB the pug? Sho cute..!!
  • What happens to the rejects' dogs? Do they go home with them?
  • The jet coming out of the front yard of the HQ reminds me of Thunderbirds... well, remotely. Pretty sure the mansion has been in some movies, it looked THAT familiar... 
  • I'm all for a lady Lancelot.
  • Why was Iggy Azalea specifically mentioned?
  • All those heads exploding like colourful mushroom cloud-jellyfish combo is like... phwoar. 
  • The Mr Porter collaboration collection is pretty dapper. 
  • So I'm guessing Eggsy is the new Galahad now? 
Long story short: If a rich guy is giving away SIM cards with free calls and free internet.... just don't.

Anyway, if there's ever gonna be a sequel, I would watch the heck out of it. Totally enjoyed this movie for the popcorn movie it is, and I would recommend it if you're so inclined. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Week 8, 2015 - My long, ill CNY weekend

After the reunion dinner on Wednesday, I spent CNY at home (for the most part) looking and feeling like crap as I blew my nose out and attempted to cough a lung out this past, long weekend. Why pay for a sweat lodge when I can just stay home and sweat it out? :P
  • The planet's cheapest Michelin-star restaurant (read: very expensive dim sum joint) TimHoWan is opening another outlet in the second home. Cheap if you're earning first world money, that is. 
  • Lifetime Asia is attempting a regional version of Masterchef and are currently doing a casting call. I hope the judges have no religious-related dietary restrictions, because that's what Masterchef Malaysia is lacking. 
  • New coin operated laundromat nearby opened with a free wash promo until the end of today. Went on Friday morning to wash the comforter (which I can't do at home because it's that huge) which I would have to pay about RM12 for at the nearby laundromat. RM4 for the dryer is not too bad lah
Off to collect another round of angpaus... adios!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Week 7, 2015 - Damn flu

Down with the flu on Friday - sore throat, aches and fatigues, etc. Before CNY. Oh well. 
  • Found my Dear Kate order in the blue police box (as it won't fit through the mail slot) on Friday morning. At least the Poslaju guy saved me a trip down to the local Poslaju office to pick it up myself. 
  • There's finally a local cashback site -
  • Am totally fine with Jon Stewart stepping down from The Daily Show.
  • Saw The Imitation Game on Wednesday. Thought of catching Kingsmen (a movie I've been dying to watch) next Wednesday, then I remembered it's CNY Eve, so probably not... ?
  • Did the old fart-iest thing ever: Drag my bedraggled self to a neighbour's house party and told them to take the noise down. In my defense, it was almost 2 a.m. 
  • Pre-CNY meetup dinner at Extra Super Tanker (I wished I had made the name up) in Damansara Kim Friday night with the college mates. As usual was the first chump to arrive because it wasn't too far away from home and I didn't have a lot traffic congestion to deal with. Dinner only started almost an hour later while waiting for people (who were stuck in Friday night traffic jam) to show up. It was just as well we didn't have it at a erm, classier joint with the commotion we were making.. 
  • Saw Tales from The Bedroom 2 at KLPAC on Saturday night. 
  • Spotlight finally opening a new store in PJ next month. Thank goodness.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tales from the Bedroom 2

Dragged someone else with me to go catch Tales from the Bedroom 2 in KLPAC's Indicine this Valentines weekend (last year I went on the 15th). Parking outside was almost full, which I wasn't sure was due to the other happenings in the place or because people were celebrating Valentine's Day at the nearby restaurants. 

Like the previous year, it's free seating with optional floor seating, which has a very vantage view of the bed. I'm all about unobstructed view, not "can see flying spit" view. 

The plays are also all pretty much comedic this time round - I don't think there are any sombre ones in the line up. I recognised some people from last year's production. Despite being under the weather and on medication, I thought it was fine, but didn't laugh too much for fear of triggering a cough. 

Some of the plays I found a little draggy, some I wasn't a fan of the high pitched female voices (that's just me, nothing against those ladies), but I really enjoyed Marcus Tan's character in Scents and Sensibilities, which I'm hoping was a reprise from last year (didn't catch the character's name if it was uttered, sorry!), when he screamed out food names in that way instead of the usual in-bed blasphemy. 

If there's ever gonna be a Tales from the Bedroom 3 next year, there should be some plays that aren't about all about hetero couples. I wouldn't mind a ménage à trois in the mix. Just saying.

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Imitation Game

Bought a cheap(er), mid-week ticket to The Imitation Game for 9 p.m. By the time I got to the box office (before 8 p.m.), I wasn't the only one with the same idea as the screening was almost sold out. I got a decent seat for myself because the one next to it was busted. I'm only about as familiar with the man and his contribution and the eponymous test as much as the next layperson. 

It's based on an Alan Turing biography (Andrew Hodges's Alan Turing: The Enigma) and some dramatic/creative license was used in the movie. 
  • It has its light moments, which people laughed at. There were also moments that only I found to be amusing. 
  • I enjoyed the recruitment by crossword puzzle scene.
  • I must use the word "indecorous" more often. 
  • Mark Strong as the MI6 head honcho is just phwoar; and by that, I mean his gangster-looking wardrobe and hair. At least he's not playing a smile-y character :P
  • I can totally relate to Joan's speech about being okay with the idea of companionate marriage even after he confirmed to her that he was gay. 
  • Being gay those days in Britain really sucks balls :P
  • I suppose if they found out what key words to use in "Christopher" the machine sooner, it would be a way shorter movie. 
  • This History vs Hollywood piece is an interesting read. 
I liked it enough. If you want to watch, watch it already; if you don't want to, that's fine.