Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Buying the Moto E on Lazada

Ever since my disastrous attempt with Zalora way back when (which has since been resolved), I've had my reservations about the Rocket Internet's group of companies. Since then, I had no issues with Foodpanda (which I think is also a sister company? Correct me if I'm wrong), and Lazada is another sister company I've not tried before. With so many people complaining about Lazada on the interwebs, I had my reservations

It was announced that Motorola's new (under RM500) budget phone, the Moto E, would only be sold on Lazada for RM369. (But we all know that won't be true for long.) I had a RM30 coupon code burning a hole in the (proverbial) pocket for a few months now, valid until the next day. So what the heck. When you log on to Lazada Malaysia, the banner ads keep popping up. Long story short, burned through my coupon code (they were not kidding about "one use") and I had to ask their customer service for a new one afterwards. So I now have another RM30 coupon code for another 30 days and a RM10 coupon code for signing up.

Since it wasn't Xiaomi's crazy flash sales, I figured I could sleep on it. The next day (Sunday), I saw a coupon code on the LINE app (only good I got out of it) where you can buy it for RM329, which was only valid on the day I saw it. Cheaper than if I had used my original coupon code, which made me glad the initial order didn't pan out.

Because of the price, I got free shipping. The only snag in the ordering was not being able to put in a different delivery address from my billing address, which is either me or a bug. I received emails from them every step of the way, from order confirmation all the way to letting me know that the courier was on his way (after he called to ask if he could come; luckily I was able to reroute over the phone). Considered not bad already lah, getting it two days after ordering.

The clear tape was sliced, but not the blue one 
Charger and stuff
So far, s'alright

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sensorium 360°: Contemporary Art and the Sensed World

Singapore Art Museum 37
Singapore Art Museum 37 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There's only so much shopping (window or otherwise) you can do in Singapore, particularly if your own currency is shittier than the Singapore Dollar and it's after the (so-called) Great Singapore Sale. So to get out of the sun for a couple of hours and to up the culture quotient a little bit, I went back to the Singapore Art Museum to check out the new interactive exhibition, Sensorium 360°: Contemporary Art and the Sensed World.
Sensorium 360° is an exhibition of Southeast Asian and Asian contemporary art that calls upon the complexity of the human senses, and explores how sensory experiences locate us in understanding the world and knowing the self. While the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are the most commonly known, other identified senses include the ability to detect movement, pain, balance and even time. Oft taken for granted, these physiological capacities are indispensable in enabling us to apprehend the world within and without – taking in its pleasures and pains, even as we absorb data and information. 
Spanning the fields of art, phenomenology, philosophy and cognitive psychology,Sensorium 360° is a visual art exhibition that moves beyond vision to 'see' the world through the other senses, and to experience it in-the-round.
The first and last time I went about 5 years ago, entrance was free because they were undergoing massive reconstruction. At least now there's an MRT station (Bras Basah) below it so you don't have far to walk. I couldn't go on free admission Friday nights, so I sucked it up and paid the S$10 entrance fee. There were on-site lockers that I could dump my excess luggage in ($2, which you can change with the uncles at the counter) and explore the place. 

The installations are interactive, so you're pretty much meant to play with it, so it's great for the kids as well. 

As usual, no photos allowed, so this was the only picture I managed to sneak in on the phablet. I've got some others in the point and shoot, so you would still need to go check it out for yourselves.. 

Yup, the boob pit.
You can find the guide here

Admission is free for Singaporean residents and PRs, $10 for adults, $5 for students and seniors. Runs until 22 October 2014. 

Monday - Sunday: Last admission to the museum is at 6.15pm 10am - 7pm
Friday: Enjoy complimentary entry on Friday evenings from 6pm - 9pm 10am - 9pm

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Week 33, 2014

Some rain this Hungry Ghost Festival month. Which is great, but the water isn't being captured in the water catchment areas. 
  • Sad to hear what happened to Robin Williams.
  • Hilarious to hear people thought Robbie Williams died. 
  • We've come to this point: There's a circumcision Groupon deal. For adult males only, though. 
  • Saw the new Ninja Turtle movie. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life 1990 - 2005, Artscience Museum Singapore

I had wanted to check out this exhibition ever since I heard it was going to be at Singapore's Artscience Museum. I wouldn't consider myself a photography buff, but as her work pops up in pop culture every so often, you remember the name

Couldn't squeeze it in on my solo day trip in July, but I managed to a couple weeks ago. Which was fortuitous because I found out in the EDM in between trips that there was a bigger admission discount for Sands Rewards members (20%?), which ended up cheaper than the residents' rate. So yay!

It was pretty late in the afternoon by the time I got my butt down, so there wasn't a line per se. 

As it is with exhibitions like this, you're not allowed to take pictures inside (plenty of docents, security and other employees around to ensure that doesn't happen), so this was all I took... You get to see up close the headline making photos she's taken over the years, which are too many to mention. 

If you're a fan of celeb photography and pop culture, you might like this. It was not a bad way to kill a couple of hours. Tickets are S$15 for adults, happening until 19 October. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

The TMNT logo of the 1987 animated series.
The TMNT logo of the 1987 animated series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As a kid of the 1990s, I grew up watching the (tame, compared to original comic, I read) cartoon and have seen the earlier movies (not in the cinema, I would think, but later). I might've played with the toys and also owned stationery. I wasn't the only skeptic when it was announced that Michael Bay would be producing the 2014 version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was just glad they didn't make them aliens as earlier announced. 

Scored a pretty good seat in the back row less than an hour before the screening, so I can't complain. 

  • I'm okay with Megan Fox playing April O Neill and the yellow jacket instead of the jumpsuit. 
  • If there was supposed to be "chemistry" between Megan Fox and Will Arnett's characters beyond coworkers, I didn't see it. 
  • I still can't get over Tony Shalhoub as the voice of Splinter. Not in a bad way, more of the "brain cannot compute" sort of way. 
  • The 'roid-ed looking Turtles are freaky looking. Also, don't get me started on the nostrils. Yes, I know actual turtles have nostrils, but still. 
  • Did anyone spot the SNL cast members? 
  • William Fichtner has that unmistakable villain look. There's no way you look at his face and think, "no way he's the bad guy..." WRONG!
  • Turtles in the elevator bit cracked everyone up. 
  • No stinger, but stay a little during the credits. 
Plot is nothing to write home about. I thought it was okay, but still blasphemous to the Turtles of my childhood. They inserted a lot of "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" moments and references for the older fans. It has its funny moments, but not much. Also not exactly worth paying full price, or even at all. But if you're bored (or have no idea because some of you didn't exist all those years ago), I suppose you could go watch it. It's for the young farts, not the old ones. 

PS. io9's spoiler FAQ is laugh out loud hilarious. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Windowsill Pies, Singapore

Heard about it on the social media, and conveniently round the corner from the hotel I was staying at. So I went there after I had checked in, showered and dumped the bag in the room. It's across the road from the stadium and not the same side as the stadium as Google Maps would like you to think.

I only had one pie that I wanted to try: the GRASSHOPPER pie ($7.50). Washed it down with a mocha ($6.50), which I probably shouldn't have (wasn't really to my taste), but needed the caffeine and there wasn't a Toast Box nearby :P

It's a cute enough, Instagrammable hipster pie joint. Had no problem finding a table because I was there after the lunch rush at almost 3 in the afternoon. My only complaint was: HOW CAN YOU HAVE DECOR LIKE THIS AND NOT PROVIDE WI-FI FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS?! (Okaylah, the Wi-Fi rant is not just for this place, but for most of Singapore in general). This is one of those things I like about the Klang Valley cafe scene - there's always Wi-Fi for the customers.

They also just started serving savoury dishes recently, but by another company.

Liked the pie just fine, but as a tourist, not enough to come back just because. If you like dessert pies, you should come by at least once. 

78 Horne Road, Singapore 209078, Singapore

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Trying out the Paradigm Mall - KLIA/KLIA2 Bus Service

The thing about going to the airport from where I live is that it takes 45 minutes (if traffic is good and if you follow the posted speed limits; half an hour if you're a cast member of the Fast and Furious) to get to KLIA. I used to hate driving to LCCT because it could take another 20 minutes driving there. And let's not forget driving back and also if you were to drive during rush hour, etc. I should be glad that I'm still within driving distance and not be like a state or few away from the airport. I've done the airport run in more conditions than I would care to list - morning, noon, night, rain, sun. No snow, hail and tornadoes only. Some of my aunties are aghast that I drove so far. 

Paradigm Mall recently announced a new bus service that would run from the mall to both KLIA 2 and KLIA for RM10 one way that started on 5th July. I finally got to try it out a couple weeks ago for myself. Here's how it went. 

The bus counter was at the back of the mall, away from the LDP and facing the construction/housing area and that's also where you'll find and board the bus. If you're a AirAsia BIG card holder, you can also collect points on the bus ticket. 

Missed the 7.30 a.m. bus, so bought a ticket for the 8.30 one and waited. Fortunately you get the mall Wi-Fi even when you're outside. We got on, loaded the bags under the bus, and the driver had to punch a hole in the tickets (so old school when you think about it). There were only 4 of us on this trip.

Traffic was not too bad by the time we left (bus went on the North-South Highway) and we got to both airports pretty early. KLIA 2 bus terminal (?) seems pretty canggih - when we pulled up, there's an LED sign telling the driver which bay to dock at. This is where three of my fellow passengers got off, leaving me the only one going on to KLIA. It was my first time at the KLIA bus terminal (which is across the road from the terminal), having always just driven there. Can't complain that I was early enough for my flight without wasting TOO MUCH time.


  • Not too far (if you live in the area)
  • RM10 one way is still cheaper than driving (gas + toll), cab (RM70, give or take) or Uber. 
  • You can sleep on the bus :)

  • The schedule is not for everyone - can't really use this if you're taking very early or really late flights. 
  • You can collect your BIG points at KLIA2, but not KLIA. Have yet to go back to Paradigm to do so. I was told that unlike the shopping and dining receipts, you don't have to redeem bus ticket points on the same day of purchase. 
My main concern would be if it was financially viable for them to have this service in the long run....