Sunday, 26 June 2016

Week 27, 2016

Ever since Chickaboo last week, we now have all sorts of creatures running loose around the country. 

Weather update: Still hot as balls. To everyone who's complained about the heavy rain and subsequent flash floods, you're welcome. 
  • Monday was the annual "free parking in PJ" day aka day PJ got its city status. 
  • Saw Now You See Me 2 on Monday. 
  • Forgot Wednesday was a holiday. 
  • Wandered a bit in PJ's Old Town on Saturday.
  • Annual DKSH warehouse sale moved to Kelana Parklane this year. Which is great cos it's closer, AND I get to use the GRAB "long time no see" coupon codes.
  • The home phone number I've known for most of my life is now gone: my mum only just found out (and was livid) about the phone line that came with the Maxis internet package that the sibling didn't tell her about for the past year, and wanted to drag Dad (because it's in his name) to TM to cancel the phone line. But she had to settle with a signed letter of authority instead because he would rather sign that than to be dragged along. TM counter offered with RM10 a month, but nope. Dunno if I'll get the new number down pat, though. We also had to find an old TM phone (that we don't have anymore) to "return" and had to get one from the extended family.
  • One word: Brexit.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Now You See Me 2

I finally cashed the free movie ticket coupon from the webe app to watch Now You See Me 2 (I'm glad they didn't call it Now You See Me Too, which would sound more like a rom-com than a caper movie. But calling this movie Now You Don't would be hilarious). 
  • One of the questions (well, okay, the ONLY question) I had going in was how they were writing out Isla Fisher's character (she was IRL pregnant and couldn't do the movie), and the reason given in the movie was plausible... enough. Haha. And all while we first meet Lula too. By the way, I don't mind Lizzy Caplan. 
  • First five minutes/cold open was them showing Lionel Shrike's last trick, which made me go, "Okay, who asked to see THAT?!" Even as a motivation for Rhodes's long game in the first movie, I didn't think it was necessary to see that...
  • The opening credits was a recap of the first movie... in case anyone forgot how that went. 
  • Finally, Dave Franco's character's card throwing comes in handy? And he gets a love interest too, so good for him?
  • You have to admit, the card sleight of hand in the second act was fun to watch... you can't do that with an actual USB stick. I imagine it might be a touch better in 3D :P 
  • Woody Harrelson playing his own asshole evil twin was just... eh, whatever.
  • I have to admit, that rain trick in the third act was not bad. 
  • You have to feel bad for Woody Harrelson as the oldest Horseman, but you have to admit, Mark Ruffalo really looks chan here. 
  • Jay Chou's England still sucks balls. Even Tsai Chin's was loads better. 
  • I mixed up Sanaa Lathan with Zoe Saldana... whoops :P 
  • I was wondering how Michael Caine figured into this movie, with what happened to him in the first movie... 
  • But Daniel Radcliffe playing his bastard son was like, "err.... really ah?" 
  • I don't know whether to cringe or feel a little bad when Mark Ruffalo's character is told to find a successor just as he's got the plume job in The Eye in the end.. or was it just me? 
  • Who could've seen that ending coming? 
It's just as well that a third movie is already in the works (they made enough money meh?). If you've enjoyed the first one, you may or may not like this one. And sure, I'll watch the third one if it does come out.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Week 26, 2016

As I type this, it's pouring rain outside. Which I'm okay with if it means that I don't feel gross and sticky. 
  • Some light hearted news this week: runaway baby ostrich on the Federal Highway causes a stir online, spurring several ostrich-related Facebook marketing posts over the next few days after that. It could've ended badly... as in, she could've been burger or steak meat, but fortunately for everyone, it had a happy ending.
  • Being the only local late night talk show on TV (well, pay TV anyway), Obviously Harith Iskander got Chickaboo on the show this past weekend. You can watch the entire episode here (which featured some local football legends, but you can skip to the 10th minute) or a clip where she picks a EURO 2016 winner
  • Both NCIS and Criminal Minds have announced new regular cast members/new muscle. 
  • Caught MACC's new show on Wednesday. 
  • Miraculously remembered my old Ticketmaster login and while I do have said free ticket and discount codes (as part of their lawsuit settlement), but tough luck since I can't really use it being on this side of the planet :P 
  • Wasn't kiasu enough to line up 3, 4 hours for Sephora vouchers, but finally, a Sephora in the second home!! 
  • My Instagram erm, "hotted up" this past week when a couple of people called me out about one of my posts (I swear, there was no malice on my part, but see what you want to see), which is the most that's ever happened on Instagram for me. In case anyone is wondering which post the dispute was on, I already deleted the comments and blocked those individuals, but the post is still up (if you want to hear me kvetch, you're welcome to PM me, haha). 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Acha Curry House, SS5 PJ

Drove here with the sibling for the heck of it, with low expectations.

There really isn't a signboard (perhaps a banner that we missed?), but whatever you find on Google Street View or Waze of the shop front is about right. 

It's RM6 for 4 vegetable dish set; you get to choose either white rice or parboiled AND get to choose from SEVERAL curries (fish, chicken, salted fish and crab). Which you serve yourself instead of having them do the honours. Which I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing. They'll still dollop the rice on, but everything else is on you to serve yourself. The sibling has no issues with their dhal. 

The sambal ikan bilis, unless you enjoy the stuff, is RM4 a serving. Just so you know. 

Thankfully the fried bitter gourd is still cheaper at RM2 a plate. And not a weird bright red that you see in other places. 

I give them props for the variety of curries and rice choices, but besides that... *shrug* not sure if it's worth a return trip since there's plenty other similar establishments along Jalan Gasing...

Weekends are a good time to be hit by the banana leaf rice coma... 

271, Jalan 5/51, Bukit Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening hours: Morning to mid afternoon

Friday, 17 June 2016

Sephora 1U opening

Took the rare day off from work to check out the Sephora opening in the second home.

By the time I got there from the Kelana Jaya post office (to send something off to a Carousell buyer) around 10 something, this was what I saw. 

Fuck this, I'm out :P
All 150 vouchers were already gone. The guys minding the line were nice enough to tell us "latecomers" not to bother getting in line, and maybe to come back later when the store is actually open. Apparently the line started as early as 7 or 8 am (depending on who you asked), so the rest of us memang had no shot anyway. I'm guessing half the people in line had been up since sahur, and thought might as well go line up for a few hours :P One or two hours I don't mind, but 3, 4 hours is a really pushing it for me, personally. 

So I buggered off and because it was still early, I had a go at the Ramadan breakfast special that's got a piece of grilled chicken (which I suspect is just a piece of GCB patty), which I kind of like more than their regular breakfast set options. 

While nursing my McAffogato (you get a complimentary vanilla ice cream cone when you pay for anything over RM10 with your debit card, that I dumped it into my coffee), I glimpsed at the front of the line, and... it's Freebie Auntie (the lady in the middle, in pink), who I always see when free stuff is involved. Aiyah, old people sure early one lah :P 

Freebie Auntie and her grey-haired posse.
Seriously, what are those apeks gonna do with the RM100 vouchers ANYWAY?!
I not kiasu enough this time :P
I was also too late to catch a morning movie, so I finally deigned to brave the hordes and grab some samples while still there. 

Emcee Nadia Heng, during the first Q&A
After not getting anything during the first Q&A (usually a big waste of time because of the number of early eager beavers), I left to go get lunch and when I got back, was early enough to hang around for the second Q&A session, and also to peck out more samples from the girls walking around the place with the huge boxes in the meantime. At this point I have more samples than face to try them on :P 

After winning more Fresh deluxe samples (whee!) in the second Q&A, I left. No, I didn't buy anything either because the line was long and slow moving, which was just as well I was out-kiasu-ed for the vouchers because I didn't want to make a second trip back to use the voucher. Also I wasn't sure if I could swipe both my Black Card and ONECARD at the same time, or if it's a either/or situation. Time will tell, I guess. 

If nothing else, I'm glad this time they did the White Card signup at the door instead of at the cashier, which really slowed things down during the Nu Sentral store opening a couple of years ago. 

Freebie haul. Didn't buy anything :P

Thursday, 16 June 2016

MACC - Episode VII: The Funny Wake Up Liao

I thought I was early in getting my ticket to MACC's latest show, EPISODE VII: THE FUNNY WAKE UP LIAO, only to be (relieved) that other people were more kiasu than me and had gotten plum seats. Anyway, stuck to my buying of the cheap seat up in the balcony because I had never been up there before. 

(I usually get these out the same night, but by the time I got home - what with the outgoing congestion, road closure around Midvalley and having to take a more erm, scenic route home - it was about midnight and I rather sleep... but not before catching up on @midnight)

By the time I made my way to the theatre, they were giving out free Tiger Radler (who's a sponsor) - not full sized cans or anything, but just enough to wet the throat (as someone who doesn't like beer, yay!) 

Did the show start at 9 pm on the dot? Of course not, this is Malaysia. But while waiting, I did manage to watch the preshow promo videos that I know they put out weeks beforehand online which I never watch then cos I know I'll be watching them at the show. 

Now I know what the view from the balcony is like: this is all I see had I sat up straight... 

As usual, Dr Jason went up first and did about 15, 20 minutes. Some about his wife and their compatibility, some about...damnit, this is why I put these out quickly, I kinda forgot. Good for them, I suppose. 

Chi Ho did something different this time and brought huge pictures of his two adorable kids... and a picture of the gahmen-sponsored pedo that people jokingly say look like him. All that, and he talked about the corporal punishment we all got as kids that we wouldn't do to our own nowadays. 

Jenhan's set was about aging and how at 29 he's getting to be more like an uncle (if he's feeling it at 29, then I'm as ancient as Yoda liao). And he was getting the crowd to help him spot his car's clone (which BTW is WNJ 2262, little red 2-seater Toyota).

Douglas's set was not as political this time, but he did still poke some fun at the gahmen. This year's song was to the tune of Lukas Graham's 7 Years. Damn drama the way he sang the song. 

Anyway, after final bows, they played a last video that (they say) is not available online. 

Because they were sponsored by both INTI College and Tiger Radler this time, the show posters were free... and I deigned to finally get both the poster and my ticket signed. 

This is why I usually cabut right after the show...
Tickets for tonight (Thursday) are still available (as Douglas keeps mentioning and telling us to spread the word), but not Friday and Saturday (obviously). 

If you can make it and get tickets (if not KL, then other places they're gonna be performing at around the country), you should. Still laugh die me hilarious.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Week 25, 2016

Touch of flu update: better, but waking up in the middle of the balmy nights still hampering the recovery process. 

Weather: Still hot as balls. Rain also still panas, still kena buka a/c malam-malam.
  • Finally got to try the baked cheese tarts when I finally bothered to go to IPC. Not bad, but for RM7.90 each, it's not something you buy often. Also, don't get me started on the awkward packaging. 
  • Cashed in my Browhaus voucher this week. 
  • Sephora finally opening in the second home next week, yay! 
  • In other lame-o news: Got brand spanking new ONECARD! Whee!
  • Anyone tried Starbucks's new Frappuccino drinks yet? I haven't gotten round to it, because finding a store that still has Tall size on their menu has been a challenge. 
  • Dunno if I could bring myself to try McD's longan desserts or not :P 
  • Speaking of McD desserts, the cendol flavoured soft serve is just essentially gula melaka flavour, which is great if you're a fan (yay), but just FYI.
  • After years of hankering, there's finally Starbucks's boxed hot cocoa drinks on supermarket shelves here. The snag is that they're RM40 a box, which is still cheaper than Godiva's hot chocolate mix (which was RM1xx), but that's comparing apples to oranges. Did you know legally hot chocolate and hot cocoa are not the same thing