Sunday, 18 March 2018

Week 11, 2018

Took self declared three day weekend off just because. And had a pretty busy weekend if I didn't.
  • RIP, Stephen Hawking. To be fair, he's had a good run considering he wasn't supposed to live past his 20s. 
  • I didn't know you can pay someone to erect your own street light...? Anyway, new neighbour's contractor caused a water pipe to burst, which lead to no water for the street when everyone's home for the day. Oy. 
  • Has anyone filed their taxes yet? 
  • The new Marc Jacobs foundation is finally available in stores, and... no wonder can last 24 hours lah, if have to reapply every 2 hours. Talk about WTF. 
  • Ended up getting a new Bobbi Brown liquid foundation instead. Unlike Double Wear, at least it comes with its own pump. 
  • Just like I don't understand why Singapore wants to build T5, now Malaysia Airports wants to build a damn KLIA3. How far will it be from KLIA and KLIA2 is my question. 
  • Saw both Tomb Raider and Red Sparrow on Wednesday and Saturday. 
  • Saw Kelas Tambahan at DPAC on Friday night. 
  • Another entry into the 90s shows reboot train: Apparently a Clarissa Explains It All reboot is in the works, with MJH playing (obviously) a grown up Clarissa Darling. I hope she and Sam didn't get married to each other...? 
  • Apparently if you're the less well off spouse in a high profile marriage, you're better off having the divorce hearing in the UK... 

Saturday, 17 March 2018


I know Gamarjobat have swung by to perform in Malaysia a few times over the years, but I haven't been because I'm just not a huge fan of physical comedy. The only reason I bought a ticket was because there was an Enrich members' discount that I couldn't pass up. 

That was yesterday and apparently it's the same day as the PDRM Night Run and roads were closed for it. I wasn't sure how much of my usual route would be closed or rerouted so I took public transport down. 

I know I've been past WOWKL! a lot in the past, but have never been there specifically. It apparently used to be Saloma Bistro back in the day. 

Yup, right place
By the time I got there it was already past 8. I also couldn't remember where I sat as I bought the ticket so long ago, so lucky there were ushers. A kid (who kinda looked like a friend's kid) had her bag on my aisle seat and was audibly disappointed when I showed up after all. All I said was "too bad", laughed on the inside and I parked my butt. Luckily her parents were good sports; we all looked about the same generation anyway...? 

It was a good thing I was early too; those guys made fun of ALL the latecomers. I don't know how many of the fellow attendees had never seen the show before, but I know it's at least me and the kids. (It slipped my mind that the act would appeal to kids). 

A lot went on for 90 minutes, so if you've seen the show before, you would know what I mean. All I can say is: that Ketch! guy (ya, had to look them up on Wikipedia to find out they had stage names; go figure) is stronger than he looks for him to be able to carry HIRO-PON around like the latter was a mannequin. It's mostly a lot of visual, puerile gags that wouldn't be out of place in like, say, Tom & Jerry cartoons. Some of the more adult gags probably went over the kids heads and were for the adults accompanying them. Of course I laughed some, I'm not a complete monster. 

I don't hate it, but I don't know if I would watch it again. 

Red Sparrow

Got a ticket to see Red Sparrow not because I'm a JLaw fan or anything, but I just want to watch something else. And I know I wouldn't have to deal with noisy kids... 
  • OMG the guy that plays her uncle does, sorta kinda look like Putin. 
  • Didn't really know who the supporting cast was going in, and my mind was blown: Jeremy Irons, Ciaran Hinds, Joely Richardson.... fuyoh. 
  • It does make sense that Jeremy Irons's character would have the codename Marble. I mean, check out the hair... 
The movie is supposedly 2 hours 20 something minutes, but no thanks to the Censorship Board, they've probably shaved off some of that run time. They cut that out but left the torture scenes in; talk about priorities. Finally had an excuse to use the bathroom during one of the torture scenes.

It's okay, but it's probably not for everyone.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Laman Artisan's Kelas Tambahan, DPAC

Got a ticket to the preview performance to new theatre company Laman Artisan's first public production, Kelas Tambahan, at DPAC's Black Box... mostly because it was RM25. Which I'm guessing was why it was sold out and pretty packed on an opening night, which is rare in my own experience. My guess is that everyone else are like friends and family of the cast and crew or something, so it was a little awkward for me as some rando just there for the lolz. 
Kelas Tambahan revolves around the brief life of Ikmal and the moments leading to his unfortunate demise. It made little sense to many as to why the body of a seventeen year old was found somewhere as innocent as a school. As investigation were being carried out, it was found that Ikmal's classmates from the extra class were the last few people who saw him alive. However, as the students were being interrogated, the students were not as innocent as they appear. Was there more to Ikmal's death than it seems.
Set in a high school after school class, it's about an investigation into the death of a top student. So there's a lot of flashbacks because half the plot is set in a police station where everyone is giving their statements. If you're familiar with school bullying (one way or the other) and the resulting deaths, it's a nerve touching issue all around because most of us went to school and have either heard of or experienced it in one way or another. It's also in both Malay and English, ratio of 70:30, so I don't know if angmo can watch this or not. 

Luckily the cast is young/youthful looking enough to pass off as high school students, so no complaints from me there. (Also, how'd they find uniforms that fit?). The only name I recognise was Timmy Ong, whom I remembered from the Tales from the Bedroom series.  

It's two hours long with a 10 (?) minute intermission (we had to leave during intermission, which I get if they were changing the set and didn't want the audience to see, but it didn't look any different when we came back in). It did get to the point I was wondering whether it was winding up or not. The ending made sense, I guess, but we as the audience were told afters not to spoil it. 

Honestly, the whole play just reminded me of the RTM1 afternoon dramas that my grandmother (probably still does, to this day) would watch. Or American after school specials.  But don't let me stop you from watching if you so desire. 

If you want to catch it, it's only happening for 4 more performances this weekend. 

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tomb Raider

When the first trailer came out on The Late Late Show with James Corden (yes, really) last year, I thought it would be a fun watch. And kinda overdue for a reboot (apparently they let the rights lapse or something since the last movie over 10 years ago and someone else bought them right up) as the video game is also being rebooted, erm, again? Also, Alicia Vikander is quite the badass in this movie and I'm glad they didn't make her bear the burden of oversized boobage.  

I'm kinda glad that they're starting the reboot at the beginning of her erm, tomb raiding career? Lara Croft is a rich white girl with too much time on her hands who just happens to be good at puzzle solving.
  • I'm kinda glad that they got English people to play English characters...? 
  • Seriously, how long did Kristin Scott Thomas and Sir Derek Jacobi were on set for? It can't have been more than a day... 
  • Of course she found the one Chinaman who happens to be bilingual... isn't her character supposedly quite the polyglot? 
  • Did she have her underarms lasered before leaving London or something?
  • You kinda feel for her every time she's in pain...
  • I thought the action scenes were not bad. 
  • For a man who's been hiding on an island for 7 years, I thought he would be more scraggly-looking. Of course we all know that he wasn't going to make it to the end of the movie. 
  • Yay, they didn't kill off Daniel Wu...!! Will he be in (if any) of the sequels?
  • Does she mean that she now has money to do whatever she wants? Does it make her Lady Croft? (in some version of the game or movie she got her father's title or something)
I don't know if there'll be a sequel since it's not out in America yet, so those US opening weekend figures are TBD. But it exceeded my low expectations and it was a fun watch. So I hope there'll be sequels (since the ending's set up for them). Mind you, it's also over 2 hours, so you've been warned. 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Week 10, 2018

  • After years of not doing so, I finally found an excuse to get Happy Meals at McDs again: they have a series of Beanie Boos this month. To speed things up, I've been buying 2 Happy Meals in one go to get both toys at once, and they're the equivalent to one adult portion, only slightly healthier because I would swap out the fries for the cup of corn on one meal. 
  • It only took me almost 3 years to finish one Laura Mercier setting powder. Haha. 
  • I'm glad that they're finally selling the chocolate chip honey butter biscuits at other Texas Chicken outlets besides KLCC, albeit for a limited time and are 50 cents more than the regular ones. 
  • Water disruption week in some parts of the Valley this week. Not that my neighbourhood was affected, but my mother didn't want to risk it and stored water anyway. Now that it's restored, she's using the stored water for the garden. 
  • I wouldn't mind getting the Mi electric scooter... 
  • The rest of The Cranberries are going to release the last album Dolores worked on next year. Considering I hadn't heard Roses yet, erm... okay then?
  • Complained to Trapo Malaysia (via Facebook PM) about the velcro pieces not sticking to the back of the mats like they're supposed to. Finally got them back this week by courier after sending it back to them via Pos Malaysia (luckily the shipping was only RM7, 8 because they were under 2 kgs but still bulky AF) last week in a black garbage bag.
  • I'm all for saving the environment, but I have to draw the line at reusable "family wipes" 😖😬

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Week 9, 2018

Finally got an excuse to check out another nearby clinic for the post nasal drip. Yep, still have it. Kinda getting annoyed by waking up at around 6 a.m. to cough and blow out the nose from the throat irritation. So trying something else out... namely, taking my nighttime medication a little later instead of right after dinner. 
  • Saw Russell Peters on Friday night.
  • I don't know who funded the research that found fatty pork to be among the most nutritious, but a lot of people thank them. 
  • Apparently 11,000 people thought they were the only ones who knew about and thought it was a good idea to storm MyTown for 170 Apple items on clearance. Talk about major kebodohan.  
  • Even Tumi Malaysia finally gave up on fixing the wallet (the edge frayed AGAIN) and I got an email (and follow up call) about the trade up option aka store credit. So much for 2 year (limited) warranty. I don't really want to spend that much on top, but will have to go back to the particular store to check out my options. With my luck it's probably gonna be something stupid like a card case or money clip or whatever. I don't know. 
  • There's gonna be a Target x Hunter collaboration collection soon. It's times like this I kinda miss Target, even though I probably won't buy anything one. 
  • The 'rents went back to Terengganu for a (my) second cousin's wedding. They only flew because the sibling and I didn't really want to go (mostly to get out of driving there and back). Everyone else drove back. Props to them. 
  • Yup, the upcoming Masterchef Singapore is going to be in Mandarin. I don't blame the minorities there for kvetching. I don't know if the non-Malays here threw a fit about Masterchef Malaysia being halal cos of the judges, but if they did, I totally missed it even though I had those thoughts. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

Russell Peters - Deported World Tour

I don't know if having the show at Axiata Arena (fka Stadium Bukit Jalil) was any better than the Malawati Stadium, because of the asinine traffic management going in and out of the area: there were cars double parked on half the four lane roads heading in and out of the stadium vicinity, creating an unnecessary bottleneck heading in and out. The congestion was also due to the parking erm, touts (?) collecting RM2 (at least) out of every car going in and it takes time for people to suddenly dig up small notes unexpectedly. Paid the RM2 parking and parked near the squash centre. It took me at least half an hour to leave because I don't know what happened to the traffic outside... there was a multiple car pile up (thankfully all pulled over to the side) when I finally got back out to the main road again. I'm not sure if there was more than two ways in and out of the area, but they should've let people exit through ALL OF THEM. 

It took me 15 minutes to get parking and walk to the entrance of the arena, about 8.45 pm? Even if I had left earlier, the food options outside the arena was a bit lacklustre (oklah, I didn't stop to check it out properly); I would've rather just had dinner at home anyway. Also found the merch booth and the t-shirt options were like meh for me. Also RM80, so it was like... no. They were also selling thumbdrives of DJ Spinbad's mixes, but I didn't bother to ask how much they were. 

The turnout this time was interesting: the cheap seats up in the nosebleeds and the section I was in (the midrange tickets directing facing the stage) filled up, the midrange left and right sections not so much. Luckily the huge screens were working. At least I had no problems with the railing blocking the view, unlike the girl next to me who can't see over the railing. 

The only good thing about running late was that by the time I got to the entrance, they didn't bother to search the bags as diligently like they would earlier and I just went straight to the ticket scan and my bottle of hot tea survived. (Technically speaking, you're only not allowed to bring in plastic disposable bottled water, so that's how I've been getting away with it - BYO!) 

Missing about some or half the opening act's set was one of the cons of running late, and also making other people in your row stand up to let you through. This time it was Jake Johannsen. What I didn't miss, I thought was not bad. I heard about half an hour's worth of material...? I don't know what time he went on. Maybe I was just in time...?

This time I had no problems with railing obstructing my view
By the time Russell came on, it was about 9.15 p.m. (give or take) and he probably did a 90 minute set. I laughed at some of it, so it wasn't terrible. Also can't even take a quick picture cos the crew were busy doing the flashlight blinky move if they catch someone trying to record the show, so yeah... 

I really hate Bukit Jalil. It was almost midnight by the time I got home.