Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure

Back in my twenties and thanks to the Internet, I binge watched and listened to Eddie Izzard albums and specials. His TV and movie roles was hit and miss for me. 

Never in a million years, have I ever hope to see Eddie Izzard perform in person, I didn't want to get my hopes up. I thought he would just make a stop in Singapore and that was it (his Asian tour schedule is INSANE: he really is attempting to perform in every country). It didn't help that right after I bought a ticket to the Singapore show, the KL show was announced and it was days earlier than the Singapore show. So I shut up and bought a ticket to the KL show too. (Psstt.. I still want to sell my Singapore ticket)

I suppose it was just as well that they went with the Galaxy hall in HGH Convention Centre in middle of nowhere Sentul (easier to sell out because of the limited seating) - because his brand of comedy is (I would say) has a niche appeal. While most comedians do the classic setup and punchlines, his is more the "setup, tangent, tangent, tangent..." but the punchlines are in his tangents...

I was so annoyed that I waited this long to finally watch Eddie Izzard and I was under the weather pulak. Cis. So make up for that, I brought my own hot tea and hoped for the best. 

Miraculously, I made it to Sentul before 8 p.m.. I thought about parking at D7 across the road, but thanks to Waze, I made it to the adjacent primary school and got okay parking thanks to the RELA guys. There's a couple of food trucks outside and overpriced Tiger beer inside the hall itself (they have signs telling people not to bring alcohol outside the hall). Loads of white people in attendance, who all seem to know each other. Which begs the question: do all white people in KL know each other or something? 

Kuah Jenhan warmed up the crowd for 10 minutes about #fatpeopleproblems (which I can relate to). 

I have to give Eddie Izzard props: performing for 2 hours the way he does it is no joke. There was a 15 minute intermission after the first hour, after which he did another 45 minutes and then a 15 minute in the encore. He did a sequel (of sorts) to his infamous Death Star Canteen bit where this time, it was God fighting Vader over spaghetti carbonara (great, now when I come across carbonara I'll be thinking of this). His callbacks are pretty hilarious if you paid attention, particularly a certain avian military general. 

Fun night to be had. 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Week 7, 2017

First full work week of the month kind of messes a person up. The good news is that there's not going to be any more public holidays for the next few months, so...

  • Saw John Wick 2.
  • They sell camping tents now at IKEA... 
  • RIP, Chatime.
  • While Chatime is no more, it's now replaced by tealive (yeah, don't get me started on the name). So far they've kept a lot of the standard drinks in and added a new topping (chia seeds) to the menu. They celebrated the name change, etc by having a BOGO promo (shrewdly) from 1 - 6 p.m. for the next few days. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017

John Wick: Chapter 2

As much as I panned John Wick when it came out back in 2014, I paid the bare minimum to watch John Wick: Chapter 2 (RM8). 

  • You would think that the Russians would just let him take his car back without a fuss (or damage). Of course that would mean one less action scene, but still. Nice of him to call a truce with the surviving Russian mobster? 
  • The problem with these movies is that asshole young guys are always getting on John Wick's nerves.
  • If you thought the body count in the last movie was high... this one blew that right out of the water. 
  • It was nice of the concierge to jaga his dog...?
  • So the dog from the last movie survived. Just as well that it never got a name.
  • Bulletproof suits are a handy thing to have.
  • The Sommelier is a pretty cool character: shop guns, but talk wine. 
  • He and Common having to stop their fistfight because they were on grounds of the Continental Roma was LOL hilarious 😭
  • $7 million bounty is a huge step up from $2 million.
  • Yup, he killed with a pencil in this movie, people.
  • Okay, a sumo wrestler assassin? Shut the front door!
  • Being a mute bodyguard must be fun for Ruby Rose cos she doesn't have to talk.
  • Hellooo Morpheus. 
  • You have to admit, getting excommunicado from the Continental really sucks balls.
  • He and the dog make it look like the walk from Jersey to Manhattan a very short walk or something.
  • Wait, so instead of killing him at the park right there and then for "conducting business" on the grounds of the Continental, he gives the guy an hour's headstart to go on the run? Nice of Winston? Okay, they had to set things up for the third movie... I hope he's got a good stash of gold and weapons.
Two hours of watching Keanu Reeves kill people in every way, shape or form can be a bit much for some people. I just thought it was too damn long. But it feels like a video game.

For the love of Pete, I hope they stop at three.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Trying out the MRT

Tried out the MRT when they were still doing the free rides. The closest station to me was the Mutiara Damansara station (or the one near IKEA). Luckily you can already use your Touch N Go card to tap in and out without deductions. 

Ride itself was okay, didn't help feeling hungry when people were munching on Rotiboy Mexican buns because a kiosk opened in one of the stations. 

This way if someone planted an explosive, you can see what it is? 

Long story short: I don't know if I'll use it when the line is complete, but great if you live nearer to the stations? 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Week 6, 2017

We're now back to our regularly scheduled "hot as balls" weather. Ish.

With Thaipusam on Thursday, I decided to have a self-declared 4 day weekend.
  • The Chizza is now available in Singapore and people are complaining about the size of the actual thing (that it's smaller than a personal pan pizza). Hello, you can only butterfly the chicken so much lah
  • So Air Asia now has flights to Hawaii via Osaka. Erm, yay? RM1,000 (RM500 one way)... could be worse, I guess. 
  • Got my cleaning supplies prize in the post this week, haha.
  • Got the 10,000 steps in walking around Pavilion and that general area of Bukit Bintang on Thursday. Didn't make it to Sungei Wang. 
  • Finally cashed the hot stone massage voucher I won a couple months ago. Not sure if it was worth the full price or the hassle of going to The Gardens on a weekend. 
  • Swung by Da Men on Friday afternoon. All these months later, it's still boring as balls. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Genting Group's CNY Luncheon

It's been a few years, but I finally went back to Genting Group's CNY Luncheon that happened over the weekend at the Genting International Convention Centre at First World Hotel. No, I don't own any shares, it's just that my dad does a lot of work for them over the years and my parents have been going to these things by themselves for the last few years. Also, I'm sure the newly opened Sky Avenue eateries like Burger and Lobster and Motorino would have a presence this year and better I come here than to spend 3 digits? 

Security was pretty tight: you need to have prior RSVP and you can't just gate crash, there's a couple layers of people to go through before you make it inside. The table assignments this time was on little printed cards. I didn't know who the rest of the table were, but luckily the old man did, which was nice of them to do so? There's also plenty of wait staff around to set your napkin for you, clear the table, etc. 

I can't believe it's my first and last yee sang of the season...
By the time we got there, the big bosses had just arrived, so we didn't have to wait too long before we tossed the yee sang and DIG IN. 

We were seated on the side where the local dish stalls were: chicken rice, roast goose, prawn noodles, etc. I'm sorry, but I didn't travel all the way to Genting Highlands eat Sri Paandi food, okay? 

That said, the non-local stuff was on the other side of the hall, so I spent some time going across to get the food there. 

Half a lobster not a bad deal what...?
It was just as well that it was quite the walk afters, cos a lot of food of consumed.. 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Trying out Awana Skyway

On the way up to Genting Highlands for their annual CNY luncheon do yesterday, we decided to try out the revamped cable car system, which is now at Awana Resort's front door (it used to be a little lower at Gohtong Jaya), appropriately named Awana Skyway instead of driving all the way to the top. 

The (future) Genting Premium Outlets (GPO) is also in the same area. Parking is also free at the moment (by that I mean at while the GPO construction is still going on). It's a walk from the car park to where the cable cars are across the road. 

Tickets are sold via kiosks with staff there to help the sesat out, with the counters set aside for tour groups and what not. If you're a Genting card member, you can (presumably) collect points too. Call me a cheapskate, but I'm not one to spring RM50 to ride the glass bottom gondolas. The normal gondolas pun boleh pakai lah

With the metal detectors, it kinda feels like going through airport security, but it wasn't working at the time so we just sashayed through.

It was a relaxing 10 minute ride, compared to the more harrowing longer drive up to the top. But walking from the new mall Sky Avenue to First World Hotel took another 10 minutes, as the lifts in Sky Avenue wasn't up and running yet.

The ticket readers at Awana wasn't up yet, so they had to manually punch holes in the ticket. Thankfully, the ones at Sky Avenue were up, so you just scan the ticket barcode. 

Technically the gondolas can hold 10 people, but they were letting 6 people in each standard gondola.

Yep, there's charging stations in the gondolas. Did not try to see if it works.
The actual ride was not bad, but the ventilation vents in the gondola are only coming in at the bottom, where your bottom (haha) is, as for some reason there's no air coming in the top vents, which made it stuffy what with the sunlight streaming in and I started sweating in the gondola. 

Chin Swee station. It's still quite a walk to the temple and back.

After Chin Swee station...

End of the line

FOX Studio construction. Far from complete.
By the time we went on the return trip, it was raining up top and we had to deal with getting rain on the head. 

It's a convenient option for getting to the top of Genting Highlands, but if you can't walk... maybe not so much. (Saw first hand when the system completely stopped moving. Asked the guy what happened and he told me it was "masalah teknikal", that maybe an older person was trying to get on or something.)