Sunday, 13 April 2014

Week 15, 2014

Some rain. Taps are still dry. What the heck, right? I'm thinking conspiracy theory so that SYABAS or whoever handles the water supply now could have some money in the coffers because people would be hoarding on days they have water.
  • One of my books finally sold on Bookup! Whee! (Which happened a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to mention)
  • A favourite author (and series) died this week. Bye, Sue Townsend
  • Saw The Grand Budapest Hotel this week. 
  • Oh my crap, Stephen Colbert is taking over The Late Show!!!
  • Won a phablet earlier this week. After much internal sturm und drang, have decided to keep it mostly because I would never actually buy such a thing for myself. And using it as a tablet, minus the ph- prefix.
  • Congrats to the new winner of Asia's Next Top Model.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Got a ticket to see The Grand Budapest Hotel (playing at GSC's International Screens) with minutes to spare. My guess as to why the room was almost full is because it's either that particular screening time, or the 10 p.m. screening, which is great... if you don't have to get up early the next day. 
  • Knowing beforehand that the hotel exterior is really a miniature... I thought it was cute. Who's not a sucker for miniature stuff?
  • Despite being set in a fictional European nation of Zubrowka, everyone got to keep their real accents in this movie. Which kind of makes sense with the immigration (or emigration) theme..? At least they're not stuck speaking a weird generic American/pseudo-European accent..
  • If you've seen other Wes Anderson movies, you might have recognised some of the faces from those other movies. There are a lot of "blink and you'll miss it" cameos here.
  • The scene with all the other concierges (more cameo spotting!) aiding Gustave and Zero was entertaining. What cracked people up was what they were doing before asking the messenger to "take over".
  • How is it that Gustave and Zero don't feel cold despite running around outside in the snow?
The movie is so cray cray, it's hilarious. Also really entertaining, if you're looking to watch a not-too mainstream movie.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Week 14, 2014

Some rain, but water rationing still on. And still hot as balls. C'est la vie. 
  • Saw new Captain America movie. You should if you haven't done so. If you're a fan of Marvel (casual or otherwise), you probably have already seen it opening weekend. 
  • Bratpack sale this weekend. As usual, crazy long line for the FitFlop section. Loads of aunties lining up. I just want to know if they have the mary jane shoes on sale there, but didn't want to line up for at least an hour, only to walk through and out. They should seriously expand the size to about half the location. Really. 
  • Checked out the 360 Bazaar on Jalan Ampang on Saturday. Wasn't there too long because nothing really caught my eye. However, I did try out local soda brand Pop, The Soda on the way out (RM3 a bottle) - great if you don't like your pop/soda too sweet or gassy, but just not for me :P
  • Got this in the mail this week. As promised, would have to try it out ASAP. 
  • This year's Cheng Beng is all wrapped up. Even the granduncle from Kota Bharu showed up. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

No reason needed to want to watch the Captain America sequel, The Winter Soldier. Nah, Chris Evans still doesn't do it for me. 
  • ScarJo's line in the movie about picking up fossils cracked me up. 
  • Okay, is it just me or did they speed up Cap? I'm serious - it's like he's being fastfowarded at least twice the speed every time he moves or fights.
  • I hope Chris Evans (and his stunt double) got a pay raise from the last movie. 
  • They were also not kidding about his fighting style. Really all encompassing. 
  • The Black Widow suggesting women he should ask out in random moments during the movie is freaking hilarious.
  • The Nick Fury car chase scene was badass.
  • If you watch too much TV like I do, you might recognise these faces: Cobie Smulders (HIMYM), Emily VanCamp  (Revenge), Alan Dale (various TV roles) and Danny Pudi (Community)
  • Emily VanCamp's character here is really not that much different from her character on Revenge. But they're both pretty badass. 
  • I suppose it would be a whole less dramatic if Armin Zola's mind was contained in a modern desktop PC or ultrabook in the middle of the bunker.
  • Yay for the Stan Lee cameo! He also had a line, haha. 
  • If nothing else, at least he is not the only defrosted 90-something fossil anymore...?
  • His shield is essentially a very dangerous frisbee to toss around for fun. There, I said it. Speaking of which, how is it that he never loses the thing ever? I mean, really?! It's not a homing falcon..
  • Saw the mid credit stinger, but not the post credits stinger (D'OH!)
Either I'm that easy to amuse, or everyone else in the room didn't get the jokes and references like I did. Hmm. 

Anyway, entertaining from start to finish. Go watch it already.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Quickie Taste Test: Bright Cow Fresh Jersey Milk

Received a bottle of this to try. It's locally produced, unpasteurised and unhomogenised milk. It's Jersey cow milk and that the cows are NOT from New Jersey (as the sibling likes to kid, even though the Jersey Shore reference is beyond passée in 2014). 

Taste-wise: As someone who doesn't like the taste of plain milk (chocolate milk FTW), I had to try at least a little bit as-is. Tastes alright to me, I suppose. It also tastes just as good flavoured. I'm not sure if you can add it to hot drinks without essentially "cooking" it. I don't know about cooking and baking applications. 

Pro: Doesn't taste too bad. As someone who does non-full fat milk, this tastes close to that. 

Con: You probably only have a few days (a week, tops?) to finish because it's not pasteurised, which sucks if you're me and tend to take too long to finish stuff, unless you really love milk or have other people around to help finish... I wouldn't mind a half-litre option or something like that. 

The Google Maps list of where Bright Cow products are available are here and that there's a home delivery option, but due to the unpasteurised nature of the milk, it's pretty much Klang Valley only. Price-wise (not that I made a one-person comprehensive supermarket survey), it's only a bit more (under RM10 a bottle?) than other local, pasteurised milk. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Week 13, 2014

Haze. Rain. Hot. No water 2 days at a time. Argh. Some more water rationing exercise extended another month. More argh. That is all.
  • When did the Chinese characters for Terengganu, Melaka and Sarawak tukar (since I was in primary school)? #toooldforthis
  • Got both orders from Luxola and AliExpress this week - yay! 
  • Also got my dairy gift set from Bright Cow (thanks to BFM's Feeding Time) on Saturday morning after the Friday delivery plan didn't pan out.
  • Was a matter of time before the Chris and Gwynnie marriage didn't pan out. #byeyoko Maybe there'll be a halfway decent Coldplay album now.
  • Primary schoolmate gathering at Slurp Cafe in 3 Two Square Thursday evening. Only barely made it after driving down to JB that morning -_-" Even when I showed up I was wondering why I bothered since I wasn't even classmates with half the people that showed up at any point in primary school. But I did find out one guy whose family runs/own(?) Lorenzo Furniture.
  • Went for facial at Sothys in the second home on Sunday. It'll be awhile before I go back if I have to pay full price.. 
  • What I did on Saturday...
    Post by The Ranting Cynic.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sephora Nu Sentral store opening.. from the trenches :P

Droved down to new mall Nu Sentral only because they have free parking for a week (because only a few shops are open, it's still dusty, etc). 

Parkson there seemed slim pickings (especially in the skincare and cosmetics department) and the RM50 voucher (when you show the mailer that is available EVERYWHERE in the store with your Bonuslink card) stipulates that you can only use it with purchases above RM250.

Bought nothing there and went to check out the line for the Sephora store opening happening at 3.30 p.m.. The line had already started around 1 p.m. and I quickly went in line, along with three dudes behind me, one of them an middle-aged man. He was not the only person above 40 there. Spent the time in line mostly avoiding the numerous cameras there to cover the event. 

At around the 2 something mark, they started giving out numbered stickers so that they have their first 50 people in line to receive the RM100 voucher (which the uncle in line behind me later saw and went "wah, RM100 voucher as I told him where to redeem the Star cutout gift) and later, the 150 people for the RM50 voucher. I was the last person in line to get the former (yay!).

Before they let the hordes in, there was a dance performance instead of the usual lion dance (I'd take Icona Pop's I Don't Care any day). Then they took back the stickers of everyone in line while giving out the vouchers. First thing I did was to head to the cashier to redeem whatever the newspaper cutting said it was before I looked around. 

The mascara is what you get when you bring the newspaper cut out from The Star
It took me forever to decide what to get because I couldn't decide if I wanted to stock up on existing products I'm already using or just try something different. Because they don't have the foundation shade I use (at Sephora?! Yep, I'm shocked too) and I had just repurchased a powder recently, I ended up buying a new facial cleanser (which I needed) and a little something to round out the purchase. Only paid RM2 for the lot :P

And... here are my grouses about it (which is more to do with because of the rush to open on time; I'm sure it won't be so in the future)

  1. Not everything on the shelves had price tags; so the staff were busy running to the cashier and back to do price checks.
  2. The checkout lines took for-fucking-ever because people were busy signing up for the White Card. Can't they have a counter set aside for this instead of slowing the rest of us down? Good grief. 
(It's a good thing I'm not a beauty blogger or one of the invited bloggers to this store opening. Not to mention that I would have to clean myself up and all..). If nothing else, the staff were pretty cheery and helpful in all the chaos.. and apparently pulled staff from other stores for this opening? One of the ladies there recognised me from the KLCC store (which I stop in whenever I'm in KLCC mostly out of habit).. I forgot to ask if she was there temporarily or what.

By the time I got out of the store, I was pretty hangry (haven't had anything to eat since breakfast) so I had a quick bite at Toast Box outside before leaving.