Sunday, 23 October 2016

Week 43, 2016

  • Saw Inferno on Monday. 
  • Tried the Pokeball-coloured tapioca bubble tea pearls (Pokepearls) this week.
  • Saw an ENT on Wednesday and it only took over 3 weeks to find out that I've got sinusitis with a hint of low grade fever (which never went away). 
  • Took Maggi long enough to come up with instant noodles made from oats. 
  • Had no idea that there's another Project Runway spinoff, but more like their take on Shark Tank

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


It was a matter of time before they made Inferno the movie, never mind that they skipped over The Lost Symbol. (Just as well - same shit, different secret organisation) 

I hadn't thought about the book itself since I read it when it first came out three years ago through other means, but I enjoyed it for what it was - something you read once and don't think about anymore until they announce the big screen adaptation.

Used the free movie ticket but because it's a "blockbuster" (it's coming out Stateside on the 28th, so it's not even on RunPee the app yet), I had to pay a RM5 surcharge. (This is one of the things I hate about TGV). Perhaps I should've gone on Wednesday, but to be fair, I would have no reason to go to the movies on other days... 

If you've read the book, you would notice that they've taken A LOT of creative license in this movie, which I can understand because the last third of the book was a bit erm, potong stim.
  • While I did wonder who was gonna be Sienna for a hot second but Felicity Jones? (We'll be seeing a lot of her in the coming months)
  • Making Sinskey the Beatrice to his Dante was better than it was in the book. And also gave Tom Hanks a more age appropriate love interest than Sienna? 
  • Speaking of Sienna, I want to know the brand of the trench coat she was wearing in this movie (the short jacket she's in the movie poster was misleading to say the least). One article says it's Ferragamo, which would make sense considering the location.
  • You really can't expect me to believe Tom Hanks and Ben Foster are the same size and build. 
  • Kesian Tom Hanks - the man keeps getting hit in the head in this movie. 
Movie was alright, but I mostly watch these movies because I know I'll probably never go to the places they're set in.

PS. My mistake - new Robert Langdon book is expected Sept 2017.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Week 42, 2016

Still some post nasal drip happening... urgh.
  • Sephora's updated member programme (launching later in the month) is just cekik darah.
  • So was the car service/repair bill. 
  • This year's Big Bad Wolf Books sale dates are announced. 
  • Even before the second is out next year, there's news of the third John Wick movie already in development. Very optimistic, they all. 
  • Saw The Accountant.
  • Checked out the Luxottica sale. Got nothing.

The Accountant

I did something I haven't done in a long time, if not ever: watch a movie on a Sunday. 

I have a free movie pass that's burning a hole in the wallet expiring the end of the month and I had to decide what movie to use it on whenever, and which is to pay to watch. It was between Inferno, or (of all things) The Accountant. Since I don't know if the latter will have Wednesday screenings, I paid the early bird ticket to watch The Accountant. And I don't care about Ben Affleck.

He plays accountant by day, underworld forensic accountant by night thanks to his math savant-ness. He also has self defence skills that would remind people of Batman (because his character's dad was a single parent in military PsyOps who insisted his kids learn how to defend themselves). 
  • Very shrewd of JK Simmons to resort to blackmail :P 
  • If anyone else was wondering why Jon Bernthal's character had to do with the rest of the movie... just hang on. 
  • I don't get why he was in prison...? Please enlighten me if you know. 
  • You kinda have to feel bad for the receptionist at ZZZ Accounting when that ID was compromised :P
  • I think I was the only one hoping that Anna Kendrick's bag (when she was getting attacked) was a Kate Spade bag.. :P 
  • Did anyone else guessed that Jon Lithgow was gonna be the bad guy? Whoda thought that the guy's one "legit" client also turned out to be so skeezy.
  • If Justine was really The Voice, it would make a buttload of sense to have such a canggih computer. 
  • I'm surprised that JK Simmons survived AT ALL. 
  • Dunno whether to laugh or feel bad for Medina, who now has to take over her boss's other "job" responding to The Voice's calls hahahaha....
  • If "Christian Wolff" was an alias, then we also never knew his real name... shrewd.
The way the ending was written was clearly sequel/franchise bait.

The Accountant: if Batman was an autistic math savant. It's okay if you're looking for something different to watch?

Friday, 14 October 2016

Malaya Optical, Damansara Utama

After months of stalking the place (they were pretty nice and polite for all those times I was just browsing), I finally went to Malaya Optical (the one in Damansara Utama) to replace the broken lens. 

It was also my own dumb fault for going there about an hour before they're closed for the long Merdeka weekend (I also wanted to see if I could use a coupon I had). You can't just change ONE LENS (was told as much), and the prescription of those glasses were years old, which meant I needed to get my eyes checked anyway for a more current prescription. 

I was also too cheap to get new frames as the ones I got were still fine (that said, they were RM600 something when I first got them over a decade ago, so the cost per wear is practically negative now). 

What I didn't expect was the wait to use the examination room was gonna be quite so long. The boss was there and he was gracious enough to let me go ahead of a couple of ladies who were still shopping for frames. I know I haven't done an eye exam in a few years; if nothing else, the eye exam was thorough and took what felt like forever in a darkened room after a long day. I was also a little tired, which could also skew the results some. 

Long story short: the myopia's down (really?!) but the astigmatism's gone up. Erm, okay then. 

Another long story short: Didn't use the coupon. Went with the cheapest lenses they got (the "in house" brand) because I don't wear glasses all that much unless I'm at the movies, theatre, etc and don't exactly need them to see the rest of the time. 

After I paid, I was told that I would get a notification through WhatsApp about collection, which was pretty canggih, IMO. I dunno whether to laugh or cry that it took them a while to find my glasses because they were looking by the wrong name, and that they didn't ask. At least the screws were straightened (they were wonky before) and used the original nose pads, so no complaints.

I wouldn't mind the lenses just a touch larger, but oh well.
Would I recommend? Sure, why not. 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Sephora SEA's New Beauty Pass

I just got the email about Sephora's new Beauty Pass programme and I. AM. ANGRY. 

At least in this revision of the programme they specify a minimum dollar (or RM) spend in order to level up and not some weird math problem with points you have to solve to get there. 

Here's the highlights: 
  1. If you start as a White Card holder: Instead of RM750, you would now need to spend RM900 to level up to Black Card.
  2. Black Card holders are not spared: If you don't spend RM900 within a year to requalify, you get levelled back down to White Card. RM900/12 = RM75 a month.
  3. You get Gold Card status if you spend RM4,500 and get to stay there if you spend the same amount in one year to requalify. RM4,500/12 = RM375 a month.
But for people like me who grandfathered into Black Card status from way back but also don't spend all that much unless there's a sale or some multiple point thing, this is just too damn much. The only perks I've enjoyed is the freebies (in the email fine print), odd event and sale. I would rather get something for cheaper than to buy more for the sake of the PWP gift (which are mostly just deluxe-sized samples you could get through other means). RM900 in one calendar year is feasible, I suppose, but it also depends on what you normally buy from there. 

I'll be darned when this launches I'll get Gold Card status (even for a while, but I highly doubt it). (It says that members who've spent a cumulative RM4,500 between 1 Oct 2015 until 15th Oct 2016 will get Gold status when it launches on the 24th). But even if that happens I can't keep up. The only difference between the Gold and Black status is the complimentary custom makeover (which is great if you've got events to go to?), special event access and EARLY ACCESS to the private sale, which any kiasu can appreciate. 

To be fair, the prices there aren't that cheap to begin with, but I imagine it won't be hard or take that long to level up if you really want to.

Am I still mad about this? Heck yeah, I am. No, you are NOT taking my money unless I want you to.

If nothing else, at least the Sephora personal shoppers now have some motivation for their side gig while not entirely spending their own money. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Week 42, 2016

If there's such a thing as a post post nasal drip, I've probably got it. The only thing that seems to work is the so-called "first generation" antihistamines, the catch is that drowsiness is a side effect. 
  • A couple of places that still have the Hershey soft serve: Sunway Pyramid and 1U.
  • Gone to three different Sephora outlets over the span of two days just because there's a Black Card members' sale. The only one that's given me samples at purchase was the lovely cashier at the Pyramid outlet. 
  • Took Friday off because I have at least a couple weeks' worth of annual leave that's not used up yet (and also, am too broke to travel someplace for longer) and also to finally send the car for servicing. The bad news is that there's some leaks in the engine (or something that's been happening for the last 18 months or longer) and they would have to keep it there until Wednesday. 
  • Saw my first play this quarter: the local production of Julia Cho's The Language Archive. (aka my annual quota of legitimate gawking of Gavin Yap)
  • Finally checked out the recently opened Old Navy store. Colour me not that impressed. But I'll still wait for a sale before actually buying anything. 

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Julia Cho's The Language Archive

I think I heard about the local staging of Julia Cho's The Language Archive in passing and almost forgot to get a ticket, because it's by a new production company and it was a bit underpromoted up to a week ago. I was getting a bit tired of the Shakespeare productions happening this year, so this contemporary (2009 is pretty contemporary compared to Shakespeare) play was a refreshing option. 

If nothing else, this was an excuse for me to finally go to KuAsh Theatre in Taman Tun, where I had no real reason to before. I was told that there was on site parking, and then I saw the gravel-covered open air parking lot a short walk away from the theatre itself. What I wasn't told was having to practically drive the entire compound to get there. 

When I got there, Junji Delfino was selling slices of some of her cakes. If I wasn't having the PND related cough and/or have the spare change, I wouldn't mind. They were also selling bottled water (RM2), programmes (RM10) and t-shirts (RM35, I think?). Luckily I didn't have to wait long before the doors were open. 
George is a linguist, an expert at archiving dying languages of the world. But even he finds it impossible to say the right words to keep his wife, Mary, from leaving him. With her gone in search of happiness, George struggles to record the words of Alta and Resten, the last two speakers of a rare language as they refuse to utter a word to each other. In this, his loyal archival assistant, Emma keeps silent about her love for him. A quirky imaginative comedy, The Language Archive asks if language is really enough for us to understand to each other.
Directed by Ghafir Akbar, this production has a star studded cast going for it: Gavin Yap, Anitha Abdul Hamid, Farah Rani, with Zahim Albakri and Sukania Venugopal. 

As tough as Gavin had playing George the linguist, but I would have to give props to Zahim Albakri and Sukania Venugopal for not only playing Alta and Resten, but also (between them) the minor characters like Emma's language instructor, the men on the railway platform (imagined or otherwise) that the characters meet, random passersby, etc. 

If nothing else, it was not a bad way to kill a couple of hours. 
  • I'm glad that the play didn't start on "Malaysian 8.30 p.m." (aka 8.45 p.m.), but it did start at 8.40 p.m and ended at 11 p.m. 
  • I was seated so close to the front (second row), that I could see the neon tape on the floor where people are supposed to stand for lighting purposes. But not so close I don't see flying spit.
  • Admittedly, some might balk at the ticket price, but for this cast it's a price I don't mind paying. 
  • The 15 (more like 20) minute intermission came at the hour-and-change mark, which some people might find a little long to wait. 
  • There's also a brief Esperanto lesson after the intermission, which the rest of the audience didn't catch on at first. 
  • A first for me as a theatre-goer: I was seated next to this new mum and her infant for about half an hour before the baby started making too much noise five minutes into the first act and stepped out for the rest of the show. 
  • I was wondering why was there the smell of toast (which some say is a sign of a heart attack or something)... I totally didn't put the bread cart and the smell of baking bread together until much later. 
  • I wonder what's gonna happen to all those cardboard boxes afterwards...? 
Tickets are RM 75 and RM 95 and the run is nightly this week from Wednesday to Sunday, as well as matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday. I think you can still get tickets either online at AirAsia Red Tix, outlets like Rock Corner and Victoria Music and also at the door before the show.