Sunday, 20 May 2018

Week 20, 2018

Former PM's residences (even his kids' residences) getting raided by the cops was all anyone is talking about, especially the famed handbag collection consisting of multiple Hermes Birkins. I hope the bag collection will be on the auction block some day. 

Puasa started on Thursday this week. Cue me swinging by IKEA for lunch at some point during the month. 
  • New gahmen also announced this week that GST will be scrapped and bringing ye olde SST back. So in between, GST is currently 0%. Some retailers are getting a head start by offering 6% discount...
  • Royal wedding was this weekend. 
  • Project Runway coming back to Bravo for the next couple of seasons... yay.
  • I'd be darned if Beni didn't win this season of Masterchef Junior.
  • Dragged the sibling to the Deadpool 2 preview screening on Tuesday. 
  • RIP, Margot Kidder.
  • Robbery happened in Atria this week and shots were fired. 
  • Yay Harvey Birdman special...!
  • It was announced this week that both Jo Koy and Jimmy Carr will be performing in KL later this year, with the ticket sales starting next week. But very shrewd of them to set the ticket sales on two different days. I'm wondering if I could just get both on the later date cos I really don't want to pay the RM10 transaction fee twice leh... 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Deadpool 2

While (technically) Deadpool 2 is only coming out on Thursday here, but if you want to get in on it early, sneak previews started yesterday. The marketing for this movie, especially here, is nuts. Got a pair of tickets to the preview screening last night and most of the lobby space was for people redeeming their preview screening tickets from various media outlets. There were so many counters for this movie that I lost track. There was also a counter in the lobby giving away Monster Energy drinks (full-sized cans) that you can redeem by just showing them your movie ticket. Got one but didn't think was a good idea to drink it after 8 p.m.

The auntie behind me didn't exactly fit the target audience for this movie, so I don't know how she'll take to it. Or maybe she also likes watching this kind of movie, who am I to say otherwise...?

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Again, don't bring the kids. Leave them with a babysitter. 
  • This movie is directed by one of the John Wick directors, so expect plenty of nicely choreographed hand-to-hand combat, action scenes and stomach churning gore.
  • I don't know how they got Celine Dion to record a new song for this movie; either she's got a wicked sense of humour the rest of us don't know about or her kids put her up to it. 
  • The use of Brolin's stepmother's movie clip was hilarious. 
  • I can see why Brolin enjoyed being Thanos more than he did Cable - the workout to get into that shape must be brutal at his age. 
  • I laughed my head off at the X-Force and the recruitment stage... and when a random person joined. There's also Brad Pitt in this movie... for about two seconds. Also the way everyone else in X-Force died was also stupid hilarious and reference-heavy, especially the way Bill Skarsgard (who kinda looks like Steve Buscemi) ended up in the wood chipper.
  • Stay for the mid credit scenes. Also, there's no post credit stingers that I know of. 
TL;DR: If you enjoyed the first movie, go watch this one.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Week 19, 2018 - New gahmen, old faces

Despite the midweek polling day, people still travelled far and wide back to their hometowns to exercise their right to vote. I know friends who flew back from overseas to vote (and also to binge on Malaysian food, frankly).... But whoda thought that people died trying to do their part? Even my uncle fractured his wrist when he was covering Tun M's press conference on election night. But at least there wasn't a bloodbath.

Admittedly, I went to bed (thinking about having to go back to work the next day) while they were tabulating the results (I thought I would have more trouble staying asleep than I did, heat exhaustion and apathy considered). Only to find out that the next two days was gonna be a public holiday when I woke up the next morning. So yeah, I had to go back to the office for a bit on Thursday to get some stuff done so that it'd be less kecoh on Monday FOR ME while the sibling was also there cos (of all things) Patch Tuesday. 

I'm glad people are excited that there's a new political party in place of the old one, but I don't know if I can be happy/relieved/excited at this stage, it's too soon. At best, I'm cautiously optimistic. 

If nothing else, this 4 day weekend meant that people didn't have to rush back to work Thursday and Friday and traffic was good those two days, I gotta say. As a local, I always enjoy the heck out of these mass exodus-es. 
  • Only managed to redeem a few free F&B offers nearby before calling it a day because it was too damn hot. 
  • Saw Margaret Cho at HGH on Friday night. Kinda glad that it was a public holiday so I didn't have to deal with having to go to work and also rush hour traffic. 
  • The Nasi McD came out this week, which is basically their take on nasi lemak..? It's basically the same sambal as the burger, one piece spicy Ayam Goreng McD, with whole boiled egg and lettuce instead of cucumber. 
  • RIP, Lai Meng. No, not Leon Lai. 
  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry that Kam Raslan's been receiving props from Malaysian Twitter-verse, thinking he was his brother's re: his Astro Awani performance on election night. And that's he's just gonna take it (the comment thread is pretty funny, especially the banter between himself and Na'a Murad). 
  • It's that time of year where TV shows are getting cancelled left, right and centre. Kinda glad some of the shows are getting renewed, but also kinda relieved that others are not getting renewals. 
  • Happy Mother's Day...? 

Friday, 11 May 2018

Margaret Cho - Fresh off the Bloat Tour

Back to HGH Convention Centre for Margaret Cho's KL stop on her Fresh off the Bloat Tour. Even though I only finally got there after 8 p.m., I still got parking on another school compound. (The usual one was full; I'm guessing people decided to be early because it's a public holiday and also, traffic was pretty good). So I don't know what time all those people who had to park along the road got there. 

I've been to this venue so many times by now to know to eat before I come cos the food truck options aren't the most exciting. The bag search was perfunctory. KL's gayest came to show their support. I even spotted Bernie Chan and Tony Eusoff in the crowd. It looked like a full house. 

Show finally started at 9 p.m. (which is late, even by KL standards), but not before a inpromptu playing of the national anthem (if you're not standing, you're busy livestreaming it in some way, shape or form). Rocco Stowe came on stage as her opening act and did 15 minutes. 

Margaret took the stage and did almost 90 minutes. Her impressions of her mother always cracks me up. But I can't help but feel like I have already heard some of this stuff some where else...? Still ok, nonetheless. 

Show ended before 11 p.m. and miraculously made it home in record time; barring even the slight crawl near the UMNO HQ on my route home. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

14th General Election

I can't believe that it's been 5 years. And my third time exercising my bare minimum as a citizen by casting my one vote. 

This election cycle didn't start well when it was first announced that voting would be on a weekday after a mere 9 days of campaigning... or something to that effect. Of course people threw a fit and TPTB responded by declaring it a public holiday, because. Which kind of means that people would have to make travel plans pretty quickly. Air tickets ballooned overnight, airlines are waiving rebooking fees, all that jazz. 

Woke up at my usual time (also begrudgingly as usual), and left with the sibling after breakfast because I figured we would take a while. A lot has happened in the last five years and everyone else in line has their phones to keep themselves occupied. Me, I forgot my phone, fan and an umbrella but not my iPod, go figure. But I remembered to bring (besides IC) was water and the printout of my voter information.

At first we were lined up outside on the covered sidewalk outside the school. By the time we got inside the school compound, it was getting hot as balls, so the EC people moved two lines into the canteen so that there won't be any fainting incidents. (Or worse, deaths - I've read that a couple of people have already died waiting in line). Meanwhile the old folks were still lined up outside in the hot sun, some of them thought to bring umbrellas. The 'rents only went later in the afternoon. 


Actually, it was closer to three hours later, but you get the idea. We had to let someone in the line because they were rushing to catch an afternoon flight back to Singapore. Since we were close to the end, why not, I guess. They were only using FOUR CLASSROOMS for voters coming from several different residential areas. WTF BBQ. NO WONDER THE LINE WAS SO LONG AND SLOW! 

Anyhow, spent the rest of the day going around claiming the voter freebies. Didn't get the nasi lemak and teh tarik at Ben's General Food Store in GLO (nearest one I could think of which didn't involve going to a busier mall), but they did give out RM10 vouchers each that we promptly used on the chicken meals there (sides were nice than the protein), free blue Gula Melaka ice cream from Hail's, and Boost Juice crushes, before calling it a day around 3 something because it was just too damn hot.

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Now wondering whether to go to Inside Scoop for their voter offer later...

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Week 18, 2018

Polling day next week and a lot of people are travelling around in an effort to return to cast their vote. Those overseas who haven't received their postal ballots are SOOL. If you managed to take Monday and Tuesday off, props to you. 

  • Was nuts enough to go down to Pavilion for the sake of a free lobster roll on Tuesday. Luckily it was pretty good for the wait. 
  • The 'rents have been on a cruise since Wednesday afternoon and got back on Sunday morning. Since we were already in the area, we went to one of the seafood restaurants in Teluk Gong for early lunch. 
  • Went to see Tales from Amma's Kitchen at KLPAC on Friday. 
  • Finally got an excuse to check out General Space in Section 16. It's erm, cosy? But wasn't there for OMS (One Mic Stand the longest running comedy open mic night in the Valley, which is on Tuesday nights). 
  • Did anyone make a dent in their wallet in Sephora's private sale? Only ended up with a couple of things myself. 

Friday, 4 May 2018

Tales from Amma's Kitchen

Got an early bird ticket to the opening night performance of Big Nose Production's Tales from Amma's Kitchen. 

Come spend some time with Amma in the kitchen as she shares her pearls of wisdom while cooking you a pot of curry.
A collection of humorous, heart-warming and thought-provoking tales featuring a lovable Indian mother, her not so Indian children, a Chinese daughter-in-law wannabe and an Indonesian maid next door who is more Malaysian than most Malaysians.
Among the tales is the award-winning Amma’s Mutton Curry, winner of Best Overall Production, Best Director, Best Script, Best Female Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Audience Choice Award in Short+Sweet (Penang) Theater Festival 2016. 

Written, Directed & Produced by: Fa Abdul
Featuring: Narinder Kaur, Tilottama Pillai, Mithran Balakrishnan, Felicia Samuel, Charles Roberts, Wei Ling Tan, Mia Sabrina, Mahadir Raja, Shah Irshad
If you've been to the previous Tales From... productions, then you've got some idea as to how the show will go. Instead of 10 minute plays featuring different people and a common theme, this time it's a series of vignettes set in one Indian Amma's (Narinder Kaur) kitchen featuring her family and friends.

The performance is sold out, which is great for them. I guess a majority of the tickets went to a student group or something. I don't know who's bright idea it was to start clapping to the beat of the Tamil songs that played in between the vignettes, but it went down to ONE person clapping before the show is over (maybe the rest got shushed? If I was sitting further behind, I probably would've shushed the clappers).

It was funny and touching, worth a couple hours. If you can still get tickets, go.