Sunday, 14 December 2014

Week 50, 2014

Self-declared 4 day weekend. Parental units on vacay.
  • Damn stray dogs somehow got inside the premises and mangled the crap out of me and the sibling's prized footwear; he - cos they're his only ones, mine - they were my new Olukai Ohanas that I bought on sale :(
  • Collected my personalised Moleskine from Cziplee over the weekend.
  • Still no sign of the new Ostrich Pillow Mini from Kickstarter, even though I was already sent a tracking number :(
  • Finally finished the Philippa Gregory books I bought at BBW sale. Now reading the latest one in the Cousin's War series, The King's Curse (about Henry VIII, but from his mother's cousin Lady Margaret Pole's point of view), on phablet, because. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Union Jacks Best of British Fish and Chips, Damansara Utama

Was in the area for errands and decided to pop by Union Jacks Best of British Fish and Chips (which replaced what used to be Fuel Cafe) for lunch. I had noticed the place open some weeks ago, but hadn't had a chance to go until now.  

Fortunately they had extended their buy one, free one promo so we all decided to have some variation of fish and chips. (They also have pies and other things on the menu). To make it more "authentic", they also have HP sauce and malt vinegar (I think?) as well as ketchup and chilli sauces on the tables. 

Junior Fish & Chips Combo 

Fish was okay, but I felt that there was more batter than fish. One of us had a soggier piece, which suggests that it either was sitting out a little too long or the oil wasn't hot enough when it was cooked. Chips wasn't so great and the mash was (at least I thought) not made from powder. Didn't get to try the mashed peas, but perhaps another time. But I totally understood why English people have malt vinegar on their fish and chips now. 

111M Jalan SS21/37 Damansara Utama, 47400 PJ, Selangor, Malaysia

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Chicken rice at Choon Yien, Happy Mansion

Decided to drop by Happy Mansion for lunch one weekday to try out the chicken rice at Choon Yien (saw the crowd the last time I was there, decided not to wait). Googled to find that it's as infamous as it is famous because the owner is infamously not nice to people during peak periods. I don't know if it's so popular because it was that good, or because it's the only chicken rice stall in the area. You can also tell that it's the only thing people go for when you see a lot of cars (both expensive and affordable) parked nearby.

So we ordered roasted chicken rice with a small platter of char siew (which is apparently also famous, but also very limited) from the kakak who's busy taking orders, rather than to deal with the guy with a huge meat cleaver and a temper. Just saying. It was one of those rice and chicken go on separate plates places.

(I can't be the only one that only orders roasted chicken outside. If I wanted boiled chicken, I'll wait for my mother's chicken rice, which is the best ever.)

Rice: I thought it was edible. My brother liked it so much he ordered another small bowl of rice for himself.

Chilli sauce: Not bad, not enough to write home about.

Roasted chicken: Skin was glistening and crispy. I also appreciated that we got the dark meat and not the white meat (which I might've unknowingly asked for, but oh well) and the sprinkling of fried garlic on top. I thought it was a little too much protein for two people (even if one has a bigger appetite than the other), until I saw that it was on a bed of dark soy sauce, sliced cucumber and some bean sprouts which gave it the illusion of volume. 

Soup: Wasn't too sure what soup it was (think it might've been salted veg), but I liked the soup.

Char siew: I'm not fussy about char siew, but I thought it was fine. Lucky my brother ordered a small plate from the kakak as she was setting our order on the table (didn't wait too long, I thought) so that he didn't totally deprive me of the chicken... :P

Total damage was RM28 for two people (I was expecting more, so it was a relief). The kakak felt so bad keeping us waiting that she might've given me a bit more change than I was expecting...? Personally I didn't hate the chicken rice, however, probably wouldn't go back again on my own... More once in a blue moon than a regular thing. 

Restoran Choon Yien
CG-1, Happy Mansion Apartments
Jalan 17/13, Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya
11 am to 1 pm

Monday, 8 December 2014

Dr Cermin

This happened a couple of weeks ago after a particularly heavy downpour to one of the cars at home.. It was parked, it didn't happen when anyone (especially me) was in it. I was just glad that it didn't happen during the rain, or else there's also the soggy, musty interior to deal with on top of everything else. But the glass was everywhere and not something you want to deal with barehanded. 

Talk about FML right? A heavy, rotten, termite-infested branch did this. Drove home, and just about everyone got on board to clean and vacuum both the glass shards and termites inside the car. I felt horrible when my mum got a really nasty cut. Was mostly done when it got too dark to continue and I had a prior engagement that I was running really late for. So we taped it up with a garbage bag and masking tape (in case it rained overnight). 

The next day... 

After figuring out if we had windscreen insurance (nope), drove over to a nearby Dr Cermin (which started in Johor, but has branches around the country) around noon-ish. They said it would take a couple of hours, so went out to lunch and was back at work not too long before they called to say it was done. I was just glad that they had also vacuumed the glass shards that we missed the day before and that I didn't have to do any more vacuuming. There was some masking tape on it, which they say I could remove later in the day. Was also told not to wash the car for about 3 days, and not to have the windscreen tinted for at least another week. They were also nice enough to put back the stuff that was on the windscreen, but not the Smart Tag bracket (which I still haven't gone round to myself).

They would do the insurance paperwork for you if you had windscreen coverage, but since the previous owner (the old bean) was too cheap for that, it was either forfeit the NCD (which would've been 25% next year as I'm starting from scratch) or paying for it out of pocket. Because we went with the latter, the entire thing cost RM1300 (after some negotiation; compared to nearly RM1500 with insurance coverage, or nearly RM2000 if we went to Toyota). 

How's the new windscreen? So far, so good. There were also some minor nicks and what not over the years on the old windscreen, so this new one felt a little clean slate-ish.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Week 49, 2014

  • After two different warehouse sales in different parts of the Valley on Saturday, I'm glad I don't have a reason to go up to Genting for this year's Urbanscapes - it's too expensive to go if you're not there for the acts. Also, I can't even. 
  • Annual pilgrimage to Big Bad Wolf sale - done. Like previous years, minimal haul despite the millions of books there.
  • They added more departure times on the Paradigm-airport bus service - whee
  • Had the new limited Garrett popcorn flavour, the Cocoa Caramelcrisp. It's as sweet as normal Caramelcrisp, but with an slight bitter undertone from the cocoa. Did not realise the prices have gone up and the bag sizes have shrunk. For the price, at least you can store it for longer. 
  • My favourite kid-testant on Masterchef Junior got the boot this week. 
  • First local Bath & Body Works is opening in Nu Sentral. Just no idea when and I really don't care because I'm not really a fan. (If people thought the smell of the Lush Cosmetics store was obnoxious, I still remember the smell of a B&BW store, almost a decade later).
  • We now know that the new Bond movie is called SPECTRE, after the organisation that had been Bond's nemesis earlier in the movie series. 
  • Tune is offering insurance against snatch theft... 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

2014 Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Decided to go to the Tiny Tapir warehouse sale in Cheras first before heading over to Mines for the annual pilgrimage. Traffic going in was tolerable compared to last year, but the congestion going into the convention centre was because (in their "infinite wisdom") had closed off access to 3 out of the 4 payment booths. Kanasai. Parking still RM4 per entry. Also didn't take me too long to find parking, so yay. 

I had read Small Kucing's (or rather, Mamarazzi's) take from the preview sale about the exit/cashier counters being on the other side of the hall. I only say that because I had wanted to check out the non-fiction stuff first before the fiction section, but the non-fiction was nearest the cashier, so I walked up towards the exit, worked my way down to the fiction side, then walked up again to pay. By the time I worked my way towards the cashier, I was tired and sore and made use of the storage service and took a break upstairs on the mezzanine floor. 

I did like that it's not all just tables of books - they also have other things on display on the floor to break things up a little. Or for me at least, a way to keep track of where I already looked. Gone through the numerous tables holding the food and cook books, but still no sign of the third Good Eats book. Maybe Alton Brown and Martha Stewart have the same deal where their books don't hit the remainder book circuit...?

Whoever thought of a massage service upstairs was a bloody genius. Blind masseuse, some more. In case anyone's wondering, they offer foot (in case your feet are sore from all the walking around) and shoulder (if you're a bit lenguh from carrying stuff around, like I was) massages. Starts from RM15 for 15 minutes, RM30 for half hour and RM50 for the full hour. Opted for the 15 minute shoulder massage. The guy I got wasn't too bad, a bit chatty if you're into that kind of thing. Like the Wolf minions downstairs, they also work on 12-hour shifts. 

Yup, Astro Awani was on scene. Hope my mug (or butt) is not on there when it airs..
Not quite the Game of Thrones throne, but hey.. it's for sale. No joke.
My own minimal haul 
I also liked that they have cordoned off sorting section for people to decide what books to buy or to put back instead of clogging up the area before the cashiers. 

All in all, took me a couple of hours and this was after I had skipped a quite a bit of the place (the kids section, the Malay and Chinese books, the coffee table books, the tables marked "Romance"...). Humour section for me this year was a little slim pickings. 

I've gotten really picky with what books to buy because I want to buy what I want to keep, and not what I would have to "get rid of" later... like the Philippa Gregory books I found (which I only buy at these sales, never full price - my "guilty pleasure" author). Also got sucked in and bought the FoxTrot box set because I hadn't followed the strip consistently, and I am a sucker for Jason's pet lizard. 

PS. I wonder if the headache I got later was a result from the massage, or just plain dehydration and weather-related? That was the only reason why this is out so late. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Mogwai, KL Live (Urbanscapes Satellite Show)

Bought an early bird ticket to see Mogwai, who's making a last and only stop here (in the region) on their current tour last Sunday night, the second of three Urbanscapes Satellite Shows this year.

Only left home after dinner and got there 8 something because I know better than to go there so early like a damn idiot. Even then, I felt that I was there too early (show only started around 9.10 p.m.). At least I could still park at MBF next door, and it's RM2 cheaper. While I didn't have to line up to enter now, the only snag about going in so late is that you get carded and bag-checked, but that was fine.

Because of the damn cigarette smoke inside (despite the no smoking signs and designated smoking area outside), was forced to buy an overpriced bottle of orange juice (it's easy not to buy RM15 plastic cups of Tiger when you don't like the stuff) to keep the respiratory system moist.

Because there (typically) aren't any lyrics in the Mogwai oeuvre, there's no singing along at a Mogwai concert. Because their music isn't very rancak either, there's also not a lot of crazy dancing happening. The most one can do is sway in place or nod appreciatively.

Show ended around 10 something. I remembered because I had time to get a hot chocolate at the Dr Cafe downstairs before they closed at 11 p.m.