Sunday, 14 July 2019

Week 28, 2019

  • Saw Spider-Man: Far from Home on Wednesday in the Atria MBO. 
  • Five Guys opening in Plaza Singapura (understandably) closer to year end. Whether I'll remember to go... 
  • Apparently because of the PSV licensing requirements, Grab expects half their drivers to drop out, resulting in longer waits and higher fares. Hoo boy.
  • Checked out the Ten Years of Heroes exhibition at Pavilion on Sunday.
  • Got a new laptop, but now I don't know what to do with the old one - it mostly works, except for the Bluetooth, and maybe some other quirks that might've slipped my mind.

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition | Malaysia

My first reaction to hearing that this exhibition is going to be on the 10th floor of Pavilion: "There's a tenth floor in Pavilion...?" In fairness, the only other thing up there was the much hyped hotpot place, HaiDiLao. And it's in the new extension, Pavilion Elite. 

Tickets for adults are RM58 and RM48 (for MyKad holders); for kids, it's RM38 and RM28 (MyKad). I used both the 15% (early bird) discount code for Maybank cardholders and my existing stash of Klook credits (about RM15 worth, which were expiring end of the year), and only paid about RM25 in the end. If you buy on Klook, you also get an ID card. Kids get a "passport" where they have to fill up with stamps to redeem pin badges (I think), also at the gift shop on your way out. 

So if you take the closest lifts directly to the 10th floor and see a long line - don't worry, that's just the HaiDiLao line. Keep going until you see this...

Counter on the left is for Klook/app redemptions; Right is for walkins
You need to show them the voucher you got (either on the app or in your email) for the wristband. This part took a little longer than the people lining up at the cash lane cos a group of Malay ladies ahead of me were buying the souvenir pack. Oy vey. 

Then join the line. Why is there a line? Because... 

They were letting a few people in at once for them to take pictures for the souvenir ID card (to be collected in the gift shop on the way out). 

Once you have your ID picture taken...

If like me, you've already been when it was in Singapore (or wherever), it's more or less same same. But that was when Infinity War just came out and before the last three MCU movies (Captain Marvel, Endgame and Far from Home), so they only added a Captain Marvel section to this one. But the interactive stuff was more or less the same as I remembered from last year. 

The gift shop was probably more extensive than in Singapore, but I didn't really get anything because why? 

Don't forget to take in the giant MCU class picture once you exit the gift shop. Good luck getting a picture of the whole thing in one go - you're gonna need a panoramic shot. 

The look on her face says, "How did I get here?"
All in all, it probably took me about an hour tops, but that was because I wasn't taking pictures of every thing or did a lot of the interactive stuff. If you're a grown person with a lot of leave to burn, I might suggest going on a weekday cos the small children make it hard to experience it properly. (There, I said it) If you've already been when it was in Singapore, I would say it's still worth checking out. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Spider-Man: Far From Home

I wasn't really sure if I wanted to pay to watch Spider-Man: Far from Home at first, especially now that I ran out of ways to watch movies for free for (possibly) the rest of the year. So I'm back on the Wednesday night special schedule? 

If nothing else, I also (FINALLY) managed to check out the (now) closest MBO cineplex to me. I don't hate it, but I thought it's kinda sad that it's freaking thermal paper tickets. 

  • Tom Holland is the most youthful looking 23 year old playing a 16 year old high school kid. 
  • I suppose it makes sense for them to refer to Thanos's snap as "The Blip" since they wouldn't know that it was a snap that caused half the universe to disappear. 
  • Makes sense for them to have a charity for people made homeless post-Blip. 
  • At least we all know for sure that GP is not in this one, haha. 
  • I think this is the most screen time Cobie Smulders has in the MCU in recent memory... LOL. 
  • To anyone else who remembered the stinger from Homecoming where his aunt walked in on him in the Spidey suit... at least she seems ok with it in this one? 
  • OMG Poor Happy kena friendzoned by May. 
  • Was anyone else glad that JK Simmons is back (?) as J. Jonah Jameson, as the Alex Jones type? I thought it was a nice surprise, but I don't know if he'll actually be in future movies. Guess we'll have to wait and see. 
  • Surely he can't be the ONLY Peter Parker on the planet, let alone NY.. 
Having read the plot beforehand, it was easy for me to figure out when to use the bathroom. Personally the whole deal with the Elementals and Mysterio was boring AF for me (even with the big reveal, but at least it's not another Green Goblin rehash?), but luckily the third act was pretty action packed. And I laughed like a loon. Because it's pretty damn funny, all things considered. 

I thought it was okay, but eh. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Chunky Lobsters, Singapore

Saw this one of the last times I was in Singapore, but I had just eaten then, so I made a note to try it the next time I'm there. They have several outlets in Singapore, but the Cathay outlet was closest to me (at the time). 

Seating is pretty limited (keep costs down?), and this particular outlet shares its space with a Saladstop! with tables clearly marked as theirs. As I was there after 2 p.m., getting a place to sit wasn't really an issue. 

There's three flavours you can try: Original (meat mixed with mayo), Connecticut (butter sauce) and Cheezy (self-explanatory), all at S$16 each. To round things out, they also have lobster bisque and drink to make a meal. 

Personally, was only there to try the lobster roll, so I didn't try the bisque. Maybe next time? 

Tried the Connecticut. It's probably the cleanest tasting if you want to taste lobster meat and not the sauce they're drenched in. Each roll comes with tapioca/cassava chips for crunch/texture. 

I didn't hate it (meat was edible, perhaps needed some seasoning), but for S$16, no hurry to have it again. 

Sunday, 7 July 2019

Week 27, 2019

  • I hope they're not yanking our chains when Ben & Jerry's announced that they're opening a Scoop shop in Malaysia. Hopefully won't be paying triple down south soon? Or maybe bring in flavours like Americone Dream...? Or maybe Free Scoop Day? *Here's hoping*
  • RIP, MAD Magazine.
  • Saw BLANK on Saturday. 
  • In the bubble tea animal list, finally tried Whale Tea. 
  • Drove Mum to hospital for a daycare surgical procedure in KPJ Selangor on Monday. So had a hectic 4 day work week. 

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Nassim Soleimanpour's BLANK, DPAC

Got a ticket to the Saturday night performance of BLANK, for the usual reasons. There were a number of both famous (and infamous) faces in attendance. 
Continuing the formal experiment that marked White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Nassim Soleimanpour brings us BLANK. In a joint effort between audience and performer, the gaps in the script are filled in to reveal a story that celebrates the human imagination. As formally inventive as it is engaging, Blank reverses the typical theatre experience: A script riddled with blanks leaves the audience in charge of how the story will unfold. The concept might be simple, the result is nothing short of empowering as a random audience member sees his or her future determined by the imagination of others.
Known for plays without directors, sets and rehearsals, the acclaimed Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour takes it to new extremes. Each night Nassim’s play full of blanks is to be completed by a new performer before a live audience. The play becomes a story machine to share the life-story of the playwright, the performer and a random audience member.
It's similar to White Rabbit, Red Rabbit (WRRB) (no rehearsal, etc), that much I knew going in. Like WRRB, each show in the run is done by a different performer. The performer for this night was Sharifah Amani, who I suppose did oh-kay, all things considered? She missed her place in the script a few times and had to rewind, but what to do?

Jo Kukathas kicks things off by introducing the concept (conceit?) of the show and the performer for a few minutes (all this is in the script). If we the audience don't know what's going to happen, the performer lagi dunno what's gonna happen.... in theory. 

Long story short: it involves a marker, stack of paper and having to be open to have a theatre full of randos know random bits about your life. It's like a game of Mad Libs with someone's life and a live theatre audience. She picked this lady in the front row who REALLY didn't want to be on stage to be the "protagonist" of the crowd sourced "story machine". I'm sure when she came to the show, she wasn't expecting to BE the show. My introvert self feels terrible for her.

Rest of the audience wasn't any better at the improv than she was when told to fill in the blanks for her post-show future (everyone had to fill in one blank at a time, passing the mic along). Luckily it didn't get to where I was. There was even a mock funeral at the end for the "protagonist" where everyone (except a certain someone) stood up for.

If you hate audience participation in your theatre-going as much as I do, don't go to this. Or do, but make sure you sit towards the back of the house. There's only one show left as this goes up, but if you want a different theatre experience... 
  • Everyone was wearing those beige head mics, which didn't do much for sound, honestly. Chew Kin Wah (who was seated in the row in front of me) loudly asked why wasn't she projecting (which she could as a stage performer) her voice. She gestured that it wasn't her choice. But I think they killed her mic afters so that she could...? I mean, these are professional stage actors lah, they can PROJECT one.  
  • It takes most people longer to think up of a lie on the spot than it is to tell the truth.... unless you're a sociopath.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Week 26, 2019

  • They announced another national holiday (Agong's coronation) on 30th July. So much for a long weekend because July is SST filing if you're on the bi-monthly schedule. But there's the option of filing earlier... 
  • Starbucks Malaysia had their first (to my recollection) merch warehouse sale in Starling and it was bananas with long lines to get in and about as long to pay. Only managed to go check it out for myself on Sunday afternoon when it's pretty slim pickings already. Didn't stop me from getting a few things, but not enough to borong like what most people seem to be doing. 
  • Collected a bunch of "free" stuff in KLCC and Pavilion on Saturday. 
  • Some minor drama with certain auntie during one of the product exchanges on Saturday. 
  • Loads of bubble tea recipes/applications where they don't usually belong in for clickbait. 
  • Didn't know that 3 Damansara now has cashless parking payment kiosks.
  • Marvel Studios exhibition opened in Pavilion Elite over the weekend. TBH, I might go, but dunno when. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu

Instead of driving back home after attending the wake on the same day, we (three of us - me and the 'rents) spent overnight at Resorts World Kijal (fka Awana Kijal; changed name awhile ago) because it's the only beach resort that's not almost RM1000 a night. (But you know which one is? Tanjong Jara Resort in Dungun. Google it). And my dad doesn't like to slum it while on holiday by sleeping in a homestay, which there are plenty of in these parts. Also, he used his Genting connections to get a better than rack rate price? (At RM258 per room per night, it was only a little more expensive than on say, Agoda. Rack rate is like RM400, 500). 

Walking around this place, it was like a flashback to the 1990s and my childhood - everything seemed so dated now in 2019. 

Room(s): While I saw this room online, I wasn't expecting to see it in person - the Deluxe room's in-room tub, which is great for couples, but awkward otherwise. The 'rents had this room (obviously). Rooms also very 90s, in that the features didn't really keep up with the 21st century. 

I got the adjoining room (no tub), but this was there....? 

The rooms we got were not the ocean view rooms (more like, first floor obstructed view of the tennis courts) by any means, but my mum's greatest find were the mango trees steps outside the room with fallen ripe mangoes on the ground. Grand theft mango, I call it. (I don't know why the staff haven't helped themselves to it other than maybe they're not allowed to..? They're the smaller, palm sized mango that I grew up with cos my grandma still has a mango tree like that here in PJ)

This is just one bag. There were more.
The pool here is massive - there's different sections and depths for different swimmers (kids, lap swimmers, hippos...). I spent a couple of hours there before dinner, and it wasn't terribly crowded.