Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Redeeming Benefit's Birthday Brow service at Sephora

If you're a Sephora member, one of the birthday gifts you get regardless of level attained is a complimentary brow service (waxing, not tinting) from Benefit Cosmetics. If your local Sephora has a Benefit Brow Bar, then you can redeem it. But you first have to receive the email from Sephora beforehand (which if you've registered, you'll get it early in the month). 

Finally redeemed Benefit's Birthday Brows treat at Sephora over the weekend. They tell you to make an appointment beforehand, but I think I accidentally made an appointment for a different counter or something. (This is why I hate talking over the phone.) I suppose you could also try your luck, walk in and hope that they're not too busy or something.

This is how you redeem the brow waxing treat at Sephora (which I learned the hard way, so you're welcome):
  1. Go to the cashier and tell them you want to redeem your brow waxing. 
  2. You'll be asked for your phone number or email (if you registered, it should pop up). 
  3. You'll then be asked if you also want to claim your other birthday items (a "curated gift", this year it was blush; RM30 off an online purchase and double points on first purchase). Since I already did that online, I told the cashier just that. There's no point lying about it, they can always check.
  4. The cashier will print out the receipt/voucher that you hand over to the person at the Brow Bar. 
  5. Sign the waivers (if you're not on acne medication, etc) and off you go!
Depending on how gnarly your brows are to start with, the actual waxing itself is pretty quick and only takes about 10, 15 minutes tops. They'll map out your brows and tell you where your arches should be, etc before the actual waxing.  

Here's something else I can tell you as someone who's gone around the Valley for this: The Sephora Brow Bars are (as far as I can tell) run by Benefit counter managers (these days), at least that I know of in KLCC and 1U. Which kinda makes me feel a little leery about going to the standalone stores for this now.

So if you want it done properly... #justsaying

Except for this one girl in Paradigm (who did a shitty job, IMO), I hardly ever get the upsell for other services. (I got a complimentary eyebrow tinting at Pavilion one year because of a scheduling snafu on their part, and while it was nice, but I dunno about paying for it on the regular when there's now products that do the same for cheaper). 

If you're redeeming this at the standalone store, you don't have to buy anything. You just make an appointment and bring your IC, but the last time I checked you can only make the appointment either a few days before or after the actual birthdate or something. You have to call and check with them.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Week 2, 2017

Pre-CNY spring cleaning and shopping fever has kicked in. Not me personally, but you know, in general. If you need to get the shopping on, just go in the morning, jangan harap ada parking kalau you pi petang. 
  • A couple of French eateries coming our way this year: Paul Boulangerie (I've always seen the one in Ngee Ann in Singapore, but had never stepped foot in it) and also Laduree, conveniently (or not, depending on how you look at it) opening in Pavilion. There goes the wallet :P 
  • Speaking of foreign eateries, I still haven't had the Pablo cheese tarts. 
  • Finally remembered to book my flight to Singapore... 
  • Here's a first: jewellers having a warehouse sale. What happened to gold being recession proof? 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

SiliSponge (Original)

As someone who applies liquid foundation with the fingers, the idea of the SiliSponge was appealing because I just wipe them down with the same piece of toner soaked cotton pad I just used. And I don't really wash my hands after that.

It's US$9.90 and it's free global shipping (which begs the question of how cheaply are they making these; and also, don't be a chump like me and pay full price for this: the promo code is MCSIGNUP when you register for their newsletter, no idea how much of a discount it is). Also they're currently up to their NINTH restock, so to say it's damn laku is an understatement. 

Shipping: As these are shipped from Hong Kong, I figured that it can't possibly take TOO LONG to reach me here in Malaysia. It took about a couple weeks, and it came in a gold foil padded envelope, beside the tiny ziplock bag and foil pouch. 

Using it took some getting used to, especially for the facial nooks and crannies. You still would need to tap and spread so that the application doesn't look streaky, etc. Now, messiest I get is getting some on my thumbnail instead of a couple of fingers. Which I say is an improvement. Also, you just need to clean it with like, hand soap and water and it's less annoying than hand washing makeup brushes. 

I know a lot of beauty bloggers, etc have said (and proved) that you can just buy chicken fillets (aka breast enhancers) as a substitute if you don't want to spend $9.90 on this. Which is a fair and legit point. So it's totally up to you if you want to use this or a chicken fillet for cream and/or liquid makeup application. 

Me? I don't hate it. It beats washing brushes and sponges. And it doesn't absorb any product, so your foundation, etc would go for longer cos brushes and sponges absorb the stuff. And don't get me started on the price of liquid foundation - it's like the beauty version of printer cartridges, very expensive per ounce 😒

Also, a Taiwanese brand came up with their own thinner, teardrop shaped silicone applicator, the Heme Baby Q Transparent Puff, which is adorable, I must say. I bought it through a seller on 11street.my, but I'll save that for another time. 

Update: I also just found out they now have a version 2.0, which is a more conventionally round shaped, that they claim fits in most BB cushion compacts or something like that. But it's almost $17, so... maybe version 3.0? 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Week 1, 2017

Back to the weather being hot as balls and third showers. Short work week because New Year's was on Sunday. Also back to school again.
  • Found my ASOS order in the depths of the local post office. Actually, they did - I just bugged them about it by going there in person to ask where it was.
  • Got my first Starbucks Customer Voice receipt in like, forever. Hello, free drink! 
  • Went to check out LuLu Hypermarket in downtown KL on New Year's.
  • New series of Sherlock! Whee!
  • Because it was their fault (and not the customer), I got my refund from their New Year's Eve glitch. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017

(ACTUAL) Week 52, 2016 - Happy New Year...

Been messing up the week numbers for years now, but also can't be arsed to correct it all, so here's a second one. 

Short work week, which makes it hard to get any work done because other people are on leave, which makes you wish you could take leave too... 😒
  • Both Carrie Fisher and her mum passed within days of each other. 
  • Finally checked out the Familymart in Midvalley. All I can say is: I'm never getting the coffee again. 
  • Also finally got to go to LuLu Hypermarket downtown. 
  • I am SO ANGRY at Maybank right now: Maybank system crapped out on Saturday afternoon, and two transactions I tried to make via debit card went through when I ended up paying cash in the end. Tried to call Maybank and because I called too late (their "daily maintenance" is from midnight to 6 a.m.), I was told to call again after 6 a.m. so that they can check my transactions over the phone. Knowing my dumb luck, by the time I remember to call them again, I probably won't be able to get through because the lines are engaged (cos people are also now getting around to changing their debit cards, etc). What the fuck is the point of being Malaysia's No. 1 bank (by market share, not by popular vote, so it's like the Donald Trump of Malaysian banking IMO) if the transaction systems can't seem to cope?! 
  • Selangor finally instituted a total plastic bag ban: it's not just Saturdays anymore, but every day of the week... unless it's wet stuff, etc. Doesn't affect me that much, I have at least a reusable bag on me most of the time and most of the things I buy I can stuff into my bag. Also, if you have a stash of those reusable bags people give out for free, now's the time to use them.
  • Thankfully I didn't see the usual bunch of aunties when I went to Midvalley too early on Saturday morning to exchange an empty serum bottle for a new one :P
I feel like I need a flower bath. Does anyone else?

Lulu Hypermarket, Kuala Lumpur

Because it was New Year's and no one was cooking lunch or dinner (the 'rents had a dinner to attend) at home. So went to check out the Lulu Hypermarket in downtown KL for lunch. The weekend and public holiday parking rate is not too bad: RM4 flat rate. 

Getting there took some getting used to, especially if you've never been to that part of KL. Plenty of people jaywalking and shopping like Raya is coming or something. 

Made the mistake of eating at the food court on the 4th floor (nothing much to write home about, don't bother).

The place is both amazing and baffling - you can all sorts of stuff under one roof.  Like this... 

And then there's the supermarket downstairs. Wah lau eh, the supermarket is the mind blowing. 

I know Lulu is a Middle Eastern hypermarket, but the variety of Middle Eastern stuff is like... 😲

So many kinds of Tang.

Horlicks also got for ladies one :/
Even the hot food section is not like any you've ever seen: 2 kinds of biryani, roti and the fixings, Indian sweets, LASAGNE, etc. Should've just had lunch down there instead. Cis. 

RM10 mixed salmon platter, a container of tabbouleh, and TOUM (garlic sauce)!
If it wasn't so far, I don't mind going there again. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 Roundup

2016 was rough. Not just for me, but also what seems like the entire planet in general, between the Brexit vote and Trump being president elect... Also, so many famous people passed, so next year's In Memoriam reel at the award shows is gonna be super long... unless they left some people out. Which I know might happen. 
  • Weather for the most part was hot as balls. 
  • Also under the weather for what felt like a better part of 2016. 
  • Whoda thought Michael Weatherly would finally leave NCIS to play a version of Dr Phil?
  • The predominantly white shows (NCIS and Criminal Minds) after all these years, decided to diverse-ify by casting Latinas and Latinos. Coincidence, I think not. 
  • Netflix's streaming service is finally available in this side of the world. 
  • Anyone still remembered the ostrich that ran on the Federal Highway? 
  • Goodbye, old home phone number.
  • First domestic flight in donkey years.
  • Halal airline disappeared as fast as it appeared, haha. 
  • Saw Ed Alonzo.
  • Saw Fluffy in June.
  • AEON pulling the plug on their no expiry date gift vouchers.
  • Finally tried TWG macarons. 
  • Got a ticket to see Coldplay next year!! 
  • MRT is finally a thing this year. But whether people will still ride it once the free ride trial is over is another issue. 
  • One wedding a year quota - met.
  • A lot of nasty auntie/makcik encounters this year - I need a mandi bunga.
  • Radiohead finally put a new album out this past year. 
I have a feeling 2017 might be about the same or worse.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 Read and Heard

Total read this year: 23. Could be better, I admit.
  1. The Nut Graph - Found in Malaysia, Volume 1, 2
  2. Alexandra Robbins: Pledged - The Secret Life of Sororities
  3. Pierre Ostrowski, Gwen Penner - It's All Chinese to Me:  An Overview of Culture & Etiquette in China 
  4. David Haviland - Why You Should Store Your Farts in a Jar & Other Oddballs or Gross Maladies, Afflictions, Remedies and "Cures"
  5. Jill Smokler - Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)
  6. Nixon Siow - Like That Also CAN, ah? #Problemseverywhere
  7. Michael Chuah - Office Survival
  8. Ernest Ng - Bro, Don't Like That La Bro: My Bad Bromance
  9. J&Y Productions: The Potato Couple
  10. Arianna Huffington - The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time (ePub)
  11. Joel Stein - Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity (aud)
  12. Evangeline Neo - Eva Goes Solo
  13. Gene Luen Yang - Boxers & Saints
  14. Dr Michael Breus - The Power of When (ePub)
  15. Trevor Noah - Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood (ePub)
  16. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt - The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science (ePub)
  17. Gemma Correll - The Worrier's Guide to Life
  18. Reza Farazmand - Poorly Drawn Lines: Good Ideas and Amazing Stories
  19. Nigel Holmes - Lonely Planet's Instant Planet: A Visual Guide to the Skills You've Always Wanted
  20. Kathy Griffin - Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index (ePub)
  21. Yasmine Surovec - Cat vs Human: Another Dose of Catnip
  22. Real Simple Solutions: Tricks, Wisdom, and Easy Ideas to Simplify Every Day