Sunday, 26 July 2015

Week 30, 2015

Weather's starting to cool down again. Whee!

  • I wonder if the upcoming Disneyland in Shanghai would be smoggy as well... ?
  • Finally saw Ant-Man this week; sadly, I missed the opening flashback scene. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Haven't been to the movies since the last Avengers movie, which was over a couple of months ago. Bought a ticket to the 7.45 p.m. screening knowing that it's almost 2 hours long.

I have heard of Ant-Man in passing over the years, but the last time I checked, I don't think there was a cartoon series, no? So yeah, that's my excuse. Well okay, I wasn't the only one that thought Ant-Man as a hero was a bit the weird lah, even as a concept, as someone who spends way too much time dealing with ants in the house.. 
  • Shouldn't have bothered to line up for snacks at the concession - I totally missed seeing the opening scene with de-aged Michael Douglas (not hard I suppose, considering they have plenty of reference footage), GAH! By the time I went in, all I saw was Paul Rudd working at Baskin-Robbins.
  • Baskin Robbins got pay money or not one?
  • So they could't age Dominic Cooper enough to play Howard Stark, or was it because Slattery was free to do it? If you thought having two guys play Quicksilver in the MCU was confusing... 
  • Michael Douglas is the king of manspreading. I also keep forgetting that he's in his seventies now. 
  • Okay, Michael Pena was funny, but not THAT funny. Ridonk would be the word I'd use. 
  • I can't be the only one that had to remind themselves that it's Evangeline Lilly and not Liv Tyler...?
  • You have to like how a middle aged white guy gets reduced to a pile of pus and blood...?
  • Those poor sheep...
  • Bald guy = baddie, unless of course it's an X-Men movie.  
  • La Cucaracha still cracks me, especially as a car horn.
  • RIP, Ant-ony. 
  • Who knew T.I the rapper can be so hilarious?
  • Anyone else recognised the voice of the toy rabbit the kid got? It's the voice of Spongebob!
  • This is way too much information about the Gi-Ant. But hilarious when the kid feeds it under the table like one would a dog. How is the mother not icked out?
  • Was wondering if I had missed the Stan Lee cameo, and glad to say that I didn't. Still cracks me up every time he pops up. 
  • Was kind of hoping Hope's mother would pop up someplace in the Quantum Realm.
If you didn't already know - stay for the stinger. If you're creeped out by ants, proceed with caution.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

How I Scored a Free Pair of Skechers

Saw the post on social media about the event at the newly relocated Skechers store in the second home happening on both Saturday and Sunday - first 100 barefoot people in line at the store over the two days get to go away with either free pair of shoes, discount vouchers, socks ("one can never have enough socks", to quote Dumbledore) or water bottle. 1 in a 100 of getting something, but only 10% chance of getting the shoes.

We have relocate our Skechers 1Utama store with new concept to serve you better. The store opens this Wednesday, 15 July...
Posted by SKECHERS on Sunday, 12 July 2015

Figured since I needed a new pair of shoes (current North Face pair was getting uncomfortable), had nothing better to do, and it was going to be at the second home, I figured why not. I kinda did my prep: I went to check the available designs at a different store (Pavilion, since I was already in the vicinity and it's a so-called "concept" store) and drove the sales people batty with me trying on different designs in different sizes (it's not my fault that my feet are larger than average and they only have shoes 2 sizes smaller on the shelves) due to the different silhouettes.

Having read the PDF they uploaded on the site, I already knew going in that only 10 pairs of shoes will be given out. I was telling myself that I would be okay with (at the very least) one of the discount vouchers (50% or 30%), but if free also better lah

Woke up around 8 something, got there about 9.45 a.m. (free parking, phew), only to be at the back of THIS line... which one of the guys behind me later thought was only 20 something people, which is not too bad, but don't really want to know what time the first people (either two young girls on their own, or an entire family, plus grandma) in line got there. And yes, most people were barefoot, myself included.

At some point, the security kinda gestured everyone not standing in front of the store to move and finally roped people in line so we weren't blocking the neighbouring stores. In my confusion, I accidentally ended up in the second line in front of the store (whoops) while the ladies with clipboards was getting everyone's details in the forms and giving out the ballot/lucky draw numbers, but not before showing them proof that you either liked their Facebook page or followed them on Instagram. Let's just say my number was in the late 20s. 

After waiting for almost an hour after registration while they set things up, they finally kicked things off (I can't be the only one who's glad they decided to start about 15 minutes before 11 a.m.) and started the draw. 

The first pair of shoes went to a young Malay dude who was dressed head to toe in red baju Melayu (it was the second day of Raya, and the ladies thought it was very "ong"). The ladies running the draw were smart in spreading out the free shoes (since there were only 10), in between the socks (25), bottles (25), and discount vouchers (15 half off discount vouchers, and 25 30% discount vouchers). 

While all this was happening, I was thinking to myself, "voucher also can, but free shoes better" like you do if you ever heard of The Secret or the Law of Attraction, if you're not religious (prayer without deity involvement)). I literally was just listening out for my number to be called (I had committed it to memory and stashed the small square of paper in my wallet).

There were about less than 20 numbers left in the box, and suddenly, while they were drawing the number for the free shoes, they called my number! I don't know what I said when I realised it was my number they called. I went over, showed them my number and signed against my details on the form I filled out earlier.

If I wanted to pick the most expensive ones, I would've gone with the Shape Ups, but having worn them before, I wasn't exactly looking to get another pair. Took me longer than expected to make my final decision and GTFO out of the store, mostly cos of indecision, the sales people were busy with everyone else and the whole place was kecoh, and the checkout line was also unusually slow. Was also getting a little hangry by the time I was done. 

Week 29, 2015 - Long Raya weekend

In an attempt to beat the traffic jam out of KL, people have started their leave on Monday, only to find that other people had beat them to it; the traffic congestion out of town started since the previous weekend. 

Most of the roads are quiet, but can't say the same for the malls. Most of the immigrant workforce (as usual) descended upon KLCC, taking pictures with the various store displays which literally slows people down as they have to go around them or risk photobombing. 
  • Scored a pair of free Skechers from the second home store relocation event on Saturday, which is great because had been meaning to get new ones since my current pair of North Face sneakers are no longer fun to wear :( Definitely worth waking up at 8 am on a Saturday for, I thought.
  • Also found out that a MUJI is opening in the second home - yay! 
  • Not too surprised Robbie Williams cancelled his SEA tour. Lucky hadn't bought a ticket or anything. 
  • Finally did the Shopback cashout (almost RM50) this week, but since I did it before the long holiday, I guess I'll have to wait for the notification email since I'm expecting it to come through PayPal. 
  • Got erm, new, old phone, whee! 
  • Still reading: Neil Humphreys's Saving a Sexier Island. But at least am halfway through.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Lunch at Saravanaa Bhavan, Jalan Sultan

Was in the area for a couple of errands and since the car is parked, we decided to drop by Saravanaa Bhavan for lunch as was passing by and had always been curious about the place and had no excuse to come until recently.

The menu is extensive - my eyes got a little crossed just going through the menu. I probably would like a couple more minutes to study the menu proper before the waiter came to take our order. If nothing else, service was prompt, but that's probably because we were either early, or it's just not that busy...dunno lah. There's water jugs and cups on the tables as well as bottled water. If you don't mind paying for bottled water, then go nuts, cos the other one's complimentary. 

Long story short, ordered banana leaf meals (RM10.40) because I couldn't think of anything else. Mind blown when everything came: rice and papadam in a separate bowl, topped with dried chilli with everything else (9 dishes, including dessert) on a tray, each in its own container. As someone who doesn't like having food touch each other but not overly obssessive about it, this I like. Ordered a dish of Mushroom Manchurian on the side (RM13.50). Enjoyed most of the dishes, even though I have no idea what they're called, janji sedap (as long as it's delicious). I even finished the rice, which is miraculous all in itself.

Banana leaf...
Mushroom Manchurian
In case anyone's wondering: No service charge, just the 6% GST.

Saravanaa Bhavan Petaling Jaya
7, 52/2 Jalan Sultan, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Week 28, 2015 - Last Raya shopping weekend

Last shopping weekend before Raya. Weather still hot as balls.

  • RIP, Omar Sharif and Roger Rees.
  • Took advantage of the free rides Uber was offering over the weekend, mainly places I wouldn't really drive to on weekends because of traffic or parking, like IKEA or Pyramid.
  • Back at the Crackhouse for the first time this year.
  • Might've spent a tad too much at Bookfest Malaysia this year. I now have an extra day ticket after finding out that I've won a day ticket, the latter I used when I went on Saturday.
  • Weddingmoons are now a thing :P
  • Next weekend is Raya. Can't wait for the mass exodus.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Week 27, 2015

After weeks of great laundry weather, there's finally some rain. It's also the 4th of July weekend over in America, so no new episodes of talk shows, etc :(
  • Got new Xiaomi Yi camera on Monday after ordering it on Friday.
  • Driving to Kelantan and back via the Gua Musang highway is not for the faint of heart.
  • Missed at least a year's worth of The Daily Show episodes on Your Month of Zen by being away for the couple of days.
  • Finally caught a One Mic Stand, 3 years after it started :P
  • Only managed to check out the Kelana Jaya Ramadhan bazaar on my day off.

Driving the Gua Musang Highway

A childhood friend of Dad's passed suddenly in Machang and instead of flying and renting a car and what not, thought it would be a better idea to DRIVE so that it would be easier to get around. Since he can't exactly drive long distance cos he's getting old, guess who had to drive >.< 

According to Google, the shortest route to Kelantan is the Gua Musang Highway (or Federal Route 8) at about 400 odd kilometres, compared to other routes (via Terengganu or Perak). 

Now that I survived driving most of the route TO AND FRO, here's what I picked up from the experience: 
  1. Fuel up before you embark, because petrol stations are literally few and far in between once you leave Bentong or Kuala Lipis, as you drive through the jungle and up and down the mountains. 
  2. Most of the route is pretty dark and has no streetlights, and even if there were, they're probably not working. Best to travel while it's still bright out. That, and because it's creepy dark at night, the roadside stalls won't be open anyway. (Least Mum managed to stock up on her petai on the way back).
  3. Because it's an old trunk road - loads of timber lorries on mostly two lane roads through said jungles and mountains with the occasional third lane for overtaking. 
  4. Had no idea there was the Central Spine Road, but I don't think it's finished yet. Also don't see any work being done. Dunno if it being Ramadhan had anything to do with that... 
  5. Even Waze craps out in some areas.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

One Mic Stand: The Food Show

One Mic Stand is the standing weekly open mic show happening at the Cabaret space in Jaya One on Tuesday nights. When they announced on their social media that this week's show was going to be food themed, I figured why not, it's a good time as any. Also, I needed a way to unwind for the long drive the next day (future post!). 

Tickets can be bought online, but had no problems getting a last minute ticket at the door beforehand. Had dessert at Salt n Koffie Gallery downstairs (they have a 20% discount on cakes on Tuesdays).

Fudgiest dark chocolate cake ever - macam brownie!
Really good -  comes with scoop of Sangkaya coconut ice cream on top with two types of drizzle. Mmm.... 
As it's right below the Cabaret space, I could still use their Wi-Fi upstairs. The place was about 80% filled with actual audience members and not just the open mikers waiting their turn. 

Because it was the food-themed show, I laughed my head off when Brian Tan (as Chairman Baga, a take on Iron Chef's Chairman Kaga) came on stage to the Iron Chef theme music (yep, I just dated myself). His "secret ingredient"? Two packs of curry-flavoured Maggi, which the open mikers must incorporate (haha) into their set. 

For RM15.90 (after GST), you really can't expect much. The open mike-rs did okay, considering. Even the Singaporeans that went up. There's also a 10 minute breather after the first few performers (which I spent in Stickerrific store/cafe next door). Can totally get why they got Sulaiman Azmil to headline/close the show. 

That said, if you have some time to kill on Tuesday nights, you can always go check it out.