Sunday, 15 July 2018

Week 28, 2018 - World Cup comes to a close

Tonight, the world will find out who wins the World Cup. Conveniently in Malaysia, it's on about 11 p.m., which shouldn't be too difficult for most people. 
  • To quell my paranoia, had a foot X-ray this week (with a referral letter from the clinic). The good news is that my foot is not broken or fractured; the bad news: my foot still hurts like a MOFO when I walk and also walk too much. I suppose I can't complain that it (X-ray) only cost RM45. 
  • Shopee and Visa have a promo where you get 15% off minimum RM100 spend on the app every Monday until 17 September. Max. discount is RM20, so... 
  • Apparently, PDRM now (they didn't before?) has technology to track people watching pron in real time, in an effort to track down pedophiles and kid pron. On all devices. I dunno if incognito mode would help in this situation. 
  • I'm kinda not sure why anyone would hack Timehop...? Mining names and phone numbers, I'm thinking because of online and mobile banking.
  • While I'm sad that GSC no longer sells their small popcorn set, but now I'm glad to have no reason to spend concession money any more because they've been steadily increasing prices on that before this, anyway. Now I have excuse to just bring my own drink in or something. (I'm sure some of you have snuck in bubble tea at some point). 
  • Speaking of bubble tea - Tealive outlets are still running while they duke it out in court. 
  • Big news in some circles: Lush Cosmetics is FINALLY opening a store in Malaysia. That's all anyone knows so far. Where and when, dunno yet. I'm only cautiously optimistic because we also don't know how the prices are gonna be like yet. On the plus side...  No need to shop online at Singapore's online store (even for shipping across the border, the shipping is damn mahal) or buy when you travel there, etc. 
  • Finally used the Poslaju Ezibox this week when they couldn't deliver some stuff to the office. At least you can claim your packages there any time, and I didn't have to go back to the post office's Serahan window the next morning. 
  • According to this, I'm now a millennial again. Ok, whatevs. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Finally tried out the RM7 ticket promo GSC has with the specific Standard Chartered credit card I have (Just One Platinum). The catch is that it's actually RM7.50 plus booking fee, and you really need to commit to going to the movie as the RM7 price shows up after you key in the credit card number but before confirming said payment.... on the GSC app. If nothing else, RM 7.50 is still cheaper than the Wednesday rates (RM 8.50 or RM 9.50, depending on the location). 

Got a ticket to the 8.30 p.m. screening because it's almost 2 hours long, this movie. Apparently I wasn't the only one with the same idea cos even on a Monday night the room is almost full, but not full of families with young kids. 
  • More Michael Douglas man-spreading. (Once you notice, you can't unsee it)
  • Missed the Luis big scene in the movie in order to use the bathroom. 
  • I don't think it's a coincidence that the gang's new security consultancy firm is called X-Con, cos they're all erm, ex-cons. 
  • Is the pet giant ant the same one from the first movie, or a different one? 
  • The dad ant puns continue - Ulysses S. Gr-ant, Ant-onio Banderas... 
  • Must be damn convenient moving house (or anything, really) with the Pym-Van Dynes - just shrink the whole house and go. 
  • This movie had one too many antagonists going for it. Speaking of antagonists... how much of Walton Goggins are we gonna see this year? 
The movie is still as funny as the first one. It's adequate lah, I guess, another stepping stone in the MCU. While the mid credit scene will leave you feeling "WTF BBQ", but the post credit stinger will leave you chuckling (at least).

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Week 27, 2018 - World Cup season continues

  • The subtitle of the upcoming third John Wick movie is... Parabellum. At least it's Latin. Guess I'll be cringing through this movie like I did the other two when it comes out next year. 
  • Former PM's grown kid's bank accounts have been frozen as part of the 1MDB investigation, because who's parents didn't put their money into their kids' accounts? 
  • Tealive lost its court case and all outlets are supposed to close; but as of yesterday, the one outlet I walked past seems to be busy... which I guess is because of the Tealive card holders trying to use up their member perks just in case it got shuttered quickly. 
  • I wonder how much did they pay Kevin Hart to stop in KL....? Oh, he's performing in KL in December. 
  • You know you haven't kept up in Hollywood gossip when you were surprised at the news of Katharine McPhee and David Foster's engagement. 
  • One of my online book orders (Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions) made it okay this week. Not sure if I can say the same for my other one from Book Depository. (Good Eats 3, a big, bulky book).
  • Went to Comedy Central Asia's live stand up show in (you guessed it) HGH Convention Centre on Saturday night. 
  • Finally went to a medical professional about my foot. So far it looks like unresolved inflammation. Desperately hoping that there aren't any hairline fractures or worse. 


Back to HGH again, this time for COMEDY CENTRAL STAND-UP, ASIA! LIVE

The show didn't sell out (dunno if the World Cup has to do with it, or because other reasons; but it kind of explained the Mastercard promo a few days before the show), so it wasn't too bad for those of us in attendance - parking wasn't too bad this time around, even with a wedding reception happening in the adjoining hall. 

With these many comedians in the billing, I really wasn't expecting much - most of them did about 4, 5 minutes each. And it all adds up....

Ahmed Ahmed was host, and he opened the show about his discovery of nasi kangkang, which he used to good effect in callbacks throughout the night. 

Esther Ku - if you're familiar with Amy Schumer's material, then yeah.... 
Victor Anastacio - the guy quit his bank job to be a comedian. 
Jocelyn Chia - did her bit about her family dynamic that I heard the last time she was in KL
Justin Riveria - Prop comedy magic?
Jennifer Hsiung - Wait, SHE'S the host of CCTV (now CGTV)'s Cultural Express? No wonder she looked/sounded so familiar...
Jinx Yeo
Dwayne Perkins - Hilarious
Aiko Tanaka - Went on about the differences about both American and Japanese culture
Jenhan - Fat people and their underwear bit. Still funny AF.
Helen Hong - All I need now is Paula Poundstone to cross off my hypothetical list of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me..." panelists I've seen in person, never mind it was a 5 minute set.
Hung Le - About dong (as in, the Vietnamese currency)
Joanne Kam - Dating and pet-pet (what Malaysian kids call their vaginas) jokes
Sugar Sammy - The "headliner" of the bunch, who got the luxury of doing a 20 minute set. 

As much as I enjoy the comics I've seen before, but I always get a kick out of the ones I've not seen before, let alone know of before. Me and a bunch of people practically rushed out as Ahmed Ahmed was busy thanking sponsors, trying to beat the traffic. But still only got home after midnight, the show only finished around 11 something. 

PS. I didn't know/hadn't realised that Ahmed Ahmed is now based in KL....?

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Week 26, 2018

  • Used up the GrabFood coupon (RM15 off first 2 orders) I had cos it was the last week to do so. 
  • RIP, Old Man from Pawn Stars
  • Renewed passport on a Tuesday afternoon, and it's good for about 62 months. 
  • Took me long enough to join the HQ Trivia bandwagon. PS. If you're signing up, my username on there is "synicalrules"
  • Weekend was jam packed with comedy - Dr Jason's show on Saturday in Brickfields, and Jo Koy's show on Sunday at KLCC's Plenary Hall. 
  • Tropicana City Mall is now known as 3Damansara. Go figure. 
  • Took IKEA long enough to finally have an online store, but I think I'll stick to going on weekdays. 
  • We The People (the Singapore-based, physical store for Kickstarter products) are having roadshows in KL this month - yay. Whether I'll find anything I like however, is another matter. 

Jo Koy: Break the Mold Tour

I bought a ticket as soon as the KL stop was confirmed and on sale (well, as soon as the tickets for Jimmy Carr's show went on sale, didn't want to pay the online transaction fee twice). The most I've seen of Jo Koy up to this point was when he would go on the late night talk shows. I can't remember if I ever saw his full specials, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But I do know is that some of his material come from his Filipino background and occasionally about his kid. 

The initial plan was to go a little earlier and walk to KLCC mall and back. By the time I got there it was already like 7.45 p.m. and after my tumble the night before (fell off an oBike; got some bruises on my legs and ego, but I can't walk properly at the moment, so..) I wasn't up to power walking there and back (it takes about 10, 20 minutes just to walk one way), I was like, eh, let's just go to the show.  

They lumped all the gold and silver ticket holders (the not that cheap seats) to a free for all, first dibs on seats (show didn't sell out, I think). So I got myself a seat here.... the first row of the so-called Gold section. So I sat there for over an hour while I watch everyone else take their seats cos I didn't want to lose the seat. Ended up between this older white couple (the guy didn't look terribly amused as he didn't know who he was beforehand) and this younger group of people.

The audience breakdown here is mostly Asians (and of course, Filipino) with a sprinkle of white. 

The warmup act did about 20 minutes and was pretty funny. 

It was a bit awkward watching Jo Koy use us to cobble material for his next Netflix special for almost 1.5 hours. I was kind of relieved that he mentioned off the bat that he won't be repeating Netflix material (people were audibly disappointed), but I haven't seen those, so.... okay lor. The most I laughed at was his mother giving out mismatched, pilfered fast food napkins at a birthday party. The crowd work was so-so: names were butchered, but those people paid more to have that happen to them, so...

For how much I paid, I thought it was so-so, but I wouldn't have paid more for what happened.

Post show selfie taking madness. Didn't stick around too long. 
Got home earlier this time, after 11 p.m.

Fun fact: Whenever you see a comedian's full length special on Netflix, etc, whatever that was on there is DONE. You won't hear that stuff in person after that. That's what the touring is for: to get people to pay for them to work out material for their next special. 

PS. Wisma UOA II on Jalan Pinang (located right outside the convention centre entrance) is a viable place to park for occasions like this - it's RM5 flat rate on Sundays. 

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Jason Leong - Ambitious

When it was first announced where the KL leg of this tour was gonna be (Shantanand Auditorium), I admit, I was like "wuuuuuttttt....?" 

TL;DR - it's on the first and second floors of the Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) in Brickfields. Hokay, then. 

Of all the dates, I only went with Saturday night because I don't want to deal with the Friday night traffic (especially the Jalan Maarof stretch) and there was Jo Koy's KL stop the next night. 

So I left a little early, parked at Nu Sentral (RM5 weekend flat rate, since I read and heard that on site parking is nonexistent there, LRT would be closed by then, street parking if you're lucky, the GRAB ride was gonna be RM10 after the coupon code), stopped at Uniqlo (to use up a voucher) and having dinner at MTR (story for another post, maybe?) before finally making my way over on foot. Checking in was painless as long as you remembered to bring your phone and have the Peatix app on it. You also got a different coloured stamp on your hand depending on how much you paid. While it was my first time at TFA (after all these years), having this many Chinese people in Brickfields doesn't happen too often?

Because it's free seating, lines have already formed at least half an hour before the doors opened. Grr. Doors opened about 8.45 p.m. (maybe?). It was probably 9.15 p.m. when the house lights finally came down (and many doctor-related classic rock songs?). There were also cameras set up because he's hoping to sell the special to a certain streaming service (*coughNetflixcough*). Good luck to him there. (To his credit, he had mentioned through emails, etc, that some of the shows would be recorded for this purpose and offered to change tickets if you didn't want to go on record). The most I could do in this case is sit somewhere hoping I won't be on camera or at the very least erm, saboh the footage some?

Unobstructed enough for me lah
Jenhan opened and brought out his Uzbek material to close his set. Lucky we didn't have long to wait until Jason finally came on stage. The set was a mix of old and new material - remember what I said earlier about him trying to sell the show to distributors? - so if you've seen his last show (You Stupid or What?) or him at open mics/Crackhouse in the last few months since... you get the idea.

There's (as always with Malaysian comedy anyway) some race and politics humour. He did a long bit erm, dissing traditional medicine and doctors (even PhD holders), closed on the racism he experienced while on holiday in NZ.

I admit, I skedaddled pretty quickly afterwards to get back to the car. Got home around midnight, it took me so long to get to the car. Luckily the parking lot was still open when I got back.

I believe there's still seats for Sunday's show (I don't know if it's because of Jo Koy's show) if you hurry...

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Passport Renewal, Kompleks KDN Jalan Duta (2018 Edition)

Gave it a go last week when it was still the mid year school holidays (against my better judgment). Was given a choice to either wait out the madness that day or come back the next week when it's no longer school holidays. Seems fair enough, so I left. 

I had heard that afternoons were relatively peaceful, so I decided to give that a go for this renewal. I also remembered that they were also closed for lunch, so I didn't rush. I had an early lunch and got there at about 1.50 p.m. and found sweet parking on the grounds. 

Yup, people waiting in line for the afternoon session.
Dunno how long the first people in line were waiting for.
The lights finally came on a little after 2 p.m. and they were calling out for people with young kids, senior citizens, OKU, etc, before letting the rest of us in. Thankfully, there weren't too many of those. 

I suppose the good thing about this time was that since the last renewal, passport renewal now costs RM200. Because it was after lunch, most of the counters were up and running so numbers were going quickly and it wasn't that long before it was my turn.

Will I finally experience the miracle of the one hour passport? (It hasn't happened for me in the last 10 years). I was about to find out.

Finally it was my turn, gave the lady old passport and IC, did the biometrics (always a pain), took the picture (she was nice enough to let me go a couple more times), signed off on it, was told to wait for my queue number to be called to pay. Just wear something dark; even if your head is covered. Had to hold back a snigger when I saw a young lady wear the provided black tudung over her own light coloured one for her picture. 

There was only ONE payment counter open, and she was doing batches of 2, 3 people at a time. I was told that the payment cut off was 4 p.m.? Any later, you can't get your passport on the day itself. Apparently the one hour starts from the time you paid, not so much when you walk in. So I took in an iced Neslo at the cafeteria/Kayu Nasi Kandar outlet downstairs (there's also a Gloria Jean's Coffee, but that expensive AF) and was back after half an hour. I knew things were heating up when I saw the ladies return with a fresh batch of passports. With the receipt and IC, I got a shiny new passport as well as my cancelled previous one after about 10 minutes? 

All in all, it took about 2 hours from start to finish. Waiting for the actual passport was probably less than an hour. The final picture was erm, fine, I suppose. But it was still black and white/monochrome so if something happens to you, you could use it as a funeral pic.

Oklah, can say I got a new passport in one hour... more or less.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Week 25, 2018

This week was a lot of voucher redeeming.
  • Monday was Dragon Boat festival...?
  • I dunno if having a Cartoon Network theme park in Bali is a good idea... 
  • 90s kids rejoice, some favourite MTV shows are getting rebooted!!! 
  • Redeemed the free portion of cheesy garlic pita at Nando's. Aiyah, of course I didn't just redeem that lah