Friday, 15 December 2017

Xiaomi Service Centre, Melawangi Business Suites

Phone was getting a little wonky (the GPS was), so I dragged myself to the service centre at Melawangi Business Suites near Amcorp Mall on a workday (they keep office hours, so they're not open on weekends and public holidays). You can access the place from the mall: the mall information counter can help you out. I remembered that the place used to be a Nokia service centre, but now they are also official service providers for Huawei, Lenovo, Honor, Xiaomi and the occasional Microsoft phone.

Unfortunately they would need to take it and that it would take about a week. (Lucky they didn't ask any more questions). So they filled up the paperwork and got a copy of the work order for collection. You take back your SIM card and/or memory card and know that you would need to do your own data backup before handing it in. Because I was there before lunch, I took the chance to drop by the foot massage place on the third floor of Amcorp Mall (some of you would know the one) and find something to eat while I was there.

Fast forward about one week later: I got missed calls on both numbers that I left with them, letting me know that I can now collect my phone. 

They were not kidding about going there before versus after lunch: the first time I went was in the morning and it was pretty quick; when I went to collect in the afternoon next time, the waiting area was crowded and it took awhile before it got to my turn and I was just to collect. I would hate to be there just to claim warranty. 

When it was my turn, I was told that they changed the motherboard which was thankfully covered by the 1 year warranty. Don't go to third party repair places unless it's out of warranty. 

Even if you claimed warranty through your phone dealer, it would probably take twice as long because it would most probably be sent there anyway. 

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Skechers store opening in IPC

Saw on social media that the Skechers store in IPC was finally opening on Sunday and they have their 100 person lucky draw like they did a couple of years ago at the 1U store. Instead of going barefoot, first 100 people in line in their Skechers will get a number. 

Even though I got there before 10 a.m. there was already a line outside the store despite the fact that besides Starbucks, all other entrances were still closed. The lady behind me in line seemed awfully familiar to me and clearly the chattier one as she asked the single mother in front of me (who brought her two young kids) and started talking. I had to tell the people around me in line that they're not giving everyone in line shoes and that it's a slim margin.

I don't want to guess what time the first people in line got there if I was only there about 9.50 a.m. and was number 55. Even the small kids in line accompanying their parents also got a lucky draw number, which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing for the rest of us. 

We got our numbers a little after 10 a.m. and was told to come back at 11 a.m. as that's when they're starting the lucky draw. Which was a great chance for people to go use the facilities, get something to eat or even browse the store. I just took the time to walk around the place. 

It was definitely a bigger store because it took up TWO lots, which luckily meant that there were more choices of shoes, which is great for a finicky person like me. 

Limiting the lucky draw to 100 ensures that everyone will get something, just not necessarily what they wanted. The odds of getting free shoes was like 3%, which is worse than the 10% last time. So they upped the cash and discount vouchers. You stood a better chance of getting the vouchers if you joined the in-store Instagram contest they had because there weren't as many people (I think) joining it. 

Long story short, I did not get free shoes this time. Not even any of the vouchers. I ended up getting what I would consider dud gifts - a 3 pack of ankle socks (which I don't really need) and wayfarer-ish looking sunglasses. 

But since I needed to get a new pair of shoes anyway, I bought a pair that I had been eyeing on Shopee and was cheaper in store than online as there was a storewide discount to celebrate the opening. My feet either also shrank or their sizing now runs a little higher now - the pair I ended up with are American size 9 and not the 10s I currently wear (and those shoes really have stretch in them). Even the guy attending to me was amazed that my feet "shrank". 

On my way to IKEA for lunch, I walked past the information counter in IPC and redeemed a couple of blue and yellow horse themed holiday gift wrapping paper (either that or the gift wrap service, which I didn't need) which you can redeem for every RM100 spent. 

Monday, 11 December 2017

Jit Murad Plays

When I first heard about this book coming out, I asked myself "Is he terminally ill/dying? (just my own conjecture) Why now?" 

Jit Murad has pretty been out of the public eye/stopped performing (AFAIK) since his last one man show back in 2013. He didn't even show up (I was looking) at ICT's huge anniversary show last year and the man was a cofounder. Well, okay, the last time I saw him out in public was a couple years ago at DPAC on the opening night of W!ld Rice's Another Country. I suppose I could try stalking on FB since we have mutual FB friends, but let's not go there. 

At over 400 pages, it contains five of Jit's more celebrated plays: Gold Rain and Hail Stones, Visits, The Storyteller, Malam Konsert and Split Gravy on Rice

It's also been over a decade since any of his plays were mounted.. that I'm aware of. They're also just drafts that were still in the playwright's possession, so it's not really the performed versions...? But you get the gist. 

Besides the text, there's also production notes, director's notes, playwright's notes, photos, and also media reviews. I'm kinda glad that italics were used sparingly, otherwise the whole thing would just be italicised to death. 

Gold Rain and Hail Stones: The only one I ever saw in person. Reading that blog post back then, I wasn't wrong about the lack of closure at the end. And how long me and the friend I dragged to watch this thought it was. 

Visits: Liked the ending. 

The Storyteller: The only one with songs, but not really a musical. The meta-ness of the story (and songs) within the play is a little hard to imagine, especially when you haven't seen it. 

Malam Konsert: The easiest to digest because it's a 10-minute play. 

Split Gravy: Probably the only one that's been made into a movie but not shown in Malaysian cinemas. Having read the text now, I can see why - there's a WHOLE LOT going on. They should just put it on VOD or something already (by that I don't mean Astro First); I really want to see this. Some people reprised their roles from the stage production; other roles recast.

It's (by now) available at most local chain bookstores, Kedai Fixi and online at RM30. 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Week 49, 2017

Typing this on the wireless keyboard I got this week. It's supposed to be a 5 day weekend for me, but these days it's mostly a busman's holiday je. Luckily Monday's a state holiday, which means... time to go to KL malls, haha...

  • Went to the Big Bad Wolf Books preview on Thursday, which was already crowded like heck so I don't know how it's gonna be like when it's open to the public. Also did the annual visit to The Mines mall next door, haha. Didn't buy too much there.
  • Also got a copy of Jit Murad Plays... at a discount in Popular. Yay!
  • They also announced the new Queer Eye lineup - the guys are mostly Instagram famous. But if the show can make household names out of the original Fab Five, I think it can do the same for the new Fab Five.
  • Went for another second cousin's wedding, which for some reason was held in Setapak on Saturday. 
  • Tried McD's new fish and chips offering. It's not bad, but not terribly cheap and very stingy with the tartare sauce. 
  • Dropped off the phone at the service centre (which is the same place as the Nokia one was back in the day at Amcorp Mall, except they keep office hours so you need to sneak there or take time off) because the GPS was a little wonky and they needed to keep and examine it. I was hoping for a free repair, so... 
  • New Skechers store opened at IPC, probably the biggest one I've come across. No free shoes this time but bought a new pair (at 10% off) cos I needed to replace my current pair at some point. They don't even provide a second pair of laces anymore. 
  • Finally checked out Honolulu Cafe in Pyramid this week. 
  • Yay, new season of Top Chef!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

2017 Big Bad Wolf Books Sale (Preview)

Thankfully got a preview pass without too much fuss (thanks - you know who you are!). Didn't fuck up the lane choice (don't get me started on the road system in the area - wrong lane choice means you end up someplace else altogether), which is always a good thing.

It was congested AF inside (especially at the fiction area cos it's the first place you see when you walk in) and it was just preview day. I don't know how much worse it'll be once it opens to the public tomorrow on. I also thought it was damn hot and stuffy inside and glad to hear that it wasn't just me feeling it. Don't know if the air conditioning was wonky or if it was from having so many people in there at once. Thankfully it wasn't so congested in the non-fiction area. 

And this was (as usual) after skipping the kids' books, Malay and Chinese books areas. I was only there a couple hours tops before I checked out. Thankfully the line to pay was fast moving cos there were a lot of cashier counters like they always do. 

Yup supermarket trolleys this year.

Hard to attempt this alone unless you either have a big appetite, a big eater or worked up an appetite after walking around. They're meant for sharing.

Took long enough for them to put out browsing copies so that people don't mess up all the saleable copies

Fiction area a bit congested cos it's the first area you see when you walk in

My haul. Thankfully not a lot.

Found a signed first edition for RM10 (it was RM20 in second home, so just grab je)

  • Parking at MIECC this year: RM3 for weekdays, RM5 for weekends and public holidays. If you have leave to use up, use it. 
  • Saw the Thai dessert pop up, but the menu items are limited to the day and also not something to be attempted unless you're starving, a big eater, or have people to share with. 
  • BYO bags or luggage cos they're also charging 20 cents for plastic bags. 
Only left the area around 3 something after the annual visit to the mall next door for lunch, etc. Feet were sore and wanted to leave before rush hour. Traffic in the Sri Kembangan area already sucks and it wasn't even rush hour, so I thought it would be better to GTFO while I could. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Week 48, 2017 - Another long weekend

Forgot Friday was Maulidur Rasul, so can't complain about the unexpected long weekend. So I used that Friday to drive up to GPO for the heck of it in the morning, and came back down again midafternoon and stopped by Pavilion on the way home. Definitely hit the step count.
  • Got a preview pass to this year's Big Bad Wolf book sale, which is happening on Thursday. Already took leave. 
  • Cheesecake Factory is opening in Bangkok... another reason to go? 
  • Saw Murder on the Orient Express on Tuesday. 
  • Caught Thicker than Water at The Bee (Publika branch) on Thursday night. 
  • Creep-chella 2017 just keeps on going: this week it's Matt Lauer's turn. 

Friday, 1 December 2017

Thicker Than Water

It's been a number of years since I last attended a TerryandtheCuz workshop production (Klue, Doh!, the ending I didn't get until someone in the cast thankfully told me who did it), so going into The Bee at Publika, I knew that it wasn't going to be your average theatrical show or play. 
In countries all over the world, very different people share the same dream: The American Dream. They don’t just want to live like Americans: they want to BE AMERICAN.
After decades of absorbing American pop culture, two Malaysian screenwriters set out to write the perfect American film but which is it? The liberal-arthouse-movie which America needs or the white-saviour-summer-action blockbuster movie which it wants?
Low on sleep, high on caffeine and short on time, these two dreamers must find common ground quickly if they are to achieve their pursuit of identity, fame and fortune.
Can these two Malaysians convince America that they are more American than apple pie? It’s go time! Take me out to the ball game and bring the rain! USA! USA! USA!
Thicker Than Water will premiere at Joe's Pub, The Public Theater, New York City in May 2018. This version in Kuala Lumpur will be part of a month long creative development culminating with 8 showings where audiences will be invited to give their feedback after each show.
The ticketing is such that you get a meal and drink or just a drink only with your ticket. Because I went with the drink-only option (either Tiger, Coke or Sprite), it was the bleacher-type seating at the back of The Bee. Three older people moved to more comfortable seating (and better view) in the dining area, but I laughed when I saw their reaction to how close to the show they really are. 
I was not joking about the seats

The audience and the performers were all seated in the dining area so from first glance you can't really tell who's performing or watching until you spot the mics on their heads as they moved around the room. I didn't even know the show had already started when the first lines of dialogue were uttered. 

The show is such that Gavin and Douglas are Malaysians pitching the all American movie script in America and that everyone else (Anne James, Chacko Vadaketh, Nikki Palikat, Julie Wee, etc...) are characters in their script come to life, doing the most ridiculous things as the two protagonists edit and revise their script before their next pitch meeting. 

As someone who hates audience interaction, I was kinda glad to be in the back of the room because the show was happening away from me. 

Because this run is them workshopping and developing the show, each audience was given feedback forms after each performance. The questions on that form felt more like an exam. I answered the best I could and skedaddled. 

Break a leg for next year.