Tuesday, 18 September 2018

MACC - Reset: Remember the 9th

When the title for the show was announced, I thought it was because of May 9th and the impact of the last election. I had clean forgot that this was also their 9th time doing this (for 3 of them, anyway). And they were back in PJLA, which is still open despite everything else around them being under renovations. This time the seat I got was pretty decent, by that I mean my view was not obstructed. 

There were probably only a few seats left, but it seemed pretty full from the looks of it. Luckily for everyone involved, the show started before 8.45 p.m., so no complaints from me and my obnoxious cough. 

Jason: About how expensive kids are and they're shitty ROI, and closed with a bit about cock ring extractions in Malaysia are done by firemen and not medical professionals. 

Chi Ho: His reaction to the censorship on Crazy Rich Asians, and a bunch of dick jokes. 

Jenhan: Going to Disneyland Hong Kong as a grown ass person (to appease his 11 year old self), losing weight with spin class. I laughed (and coughed) so hard, tears were streaming down my face. 

Douglas: Lamented that he no longer can poke fun at the previous gahmen regime (but still did anyway), but otherwise it's the usual political comedy you can count on from him. His closing song this time was based on the song Empire State of Mind

No sponsors this year, so they're back to selling RM10 posters. Also, tickets are still available for Thursday and Friday, but weekend a bit scarce. 

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Week 37, 2018 - Malaysia Day edition

Second consecutive long weekend. Which is just as well cos there's nothing like that in the following months (I think). Three day work week for those of us who didn't think to take those days off or simply couldn't because it's the middle of the month. 

Health-wise: Was finally prescribed antibiotics, as well as some other medication. Was told to go to actual ENT if I'm still not any better after this. 
  • Saw Peppermint on Tuesday at Pavilion. 
  • FINALLY saw Jimmy Carr perform in person Friday night. It's just annoying that my PND is still lingering. 
  • Also got to check out the recently opened Dean & Deluca outlet in Pavilion. Not sure if I'll actually eat anything more solid than a cookie there in the future. Kalau ada orang belanja, ok jugak lah, kakakaka.....
  • This month's Riuh event (in conjunction with Malaysia Day) was in Sentul Depot, which is on the same compound as KLPAC (or rather, en route to KLPAC). Which is better than their usual spot in APW because there's more available parking there. Some people might not be happy with having to only use Grab's e-wallet Grabpay, but the RM3 discount on transactions is not too bad an incentive. 
  • Also swung by the Malaysia Day celebrations happening on Jalan Bangkung. 
  • There's a book out on the Jho Low story (Billion Dollar Whale) that's been making the rounds on social media, selling out in local bookstores and already banned in some countries. Unfortunately other people have been circulating the PDF or whatever via Whatsapp. 
  • Six months after sending it in, I finally got my replacement Neo Slim pen from Faber Castell. 
  • VW is finally pulling the plug on the Beetle next year after 7 decades. Ohkay then? 

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Jimmy Carr - The Best Of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits Tour

When it comes to comedy shows at this particular venue, my rule is usually - as long as it's downstairs and not up front. 

Despite only leaving the house around 7 something, I thought I made it in good time (before 8 p.m.) - by the time I got there (parked at a nearby school), I think they had just opened the doors and people were streaming in. I was right in having dinner at home beforehand that the only food truck there was a taqueria, but I didn't want to deal with the horde, so I didn't. 

Apparently the show also sold out. As usual with these things, it was as if all the white people in attendance all seem to know each other.  And of course I ended up sitting next to a bunch of Malay people who were "ooohhh"-ing his more scathing bits. 

No opening act. He came on about 8.40 p.m. and really did 90 minutes. 90 minutes is a lot. Well, he was also doing crowd work, particularly addressing a lady named Samantha who can't seem to STFU and a Kevin who seems to be there with his entire family or something. 

I don't watch his comedy enough to know if he's repeating anything, but they were hilarious. 

If I wasn't still having this damn PND related cough, I probably could've enjoyed myself more, but as distinct as his laugh is, my cough this time is obnoxiously loud.

Show ended around 10 something. Ran out to the car as fast as humanly possible, and GTFO in record time. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Furla - The Aftersales Service

When I got my current Furla wallet, I was first told that the hardware warranty would be six months, which I thought was because I bought it on sale or something. Which is pretty ludicrous for any brand worth their salt, they shouldn't be discriminating like that. 

Eight months and change later, the snap button finally stopped working. So I tried my luck at a store. As it turned out, the hardware warranty was really ONE YEAR and all you need to do was to tell them what's wrong, bring the item in question and your proof of purchase/receipt for them to proceed. So I don't know what to do if you bought someone else's item second hand item and the receipt wasn't included, but... 

Anyhow, was told that they could fix my wallet. They gave me 2 options: either wait several months for the original name brand spare part to come from Italy plus a few days to fix, or a few business days with just what's available locally to replace. I told them to do both, since my wallet was still under warranty and it's complimentary either way (and at least I would have extra). I had to surrender the wallet there and then and cos I didn't have an extra wallet on my person, I got a tiny paper bag for my money and stuff, which was hilarious.

Because of the holidays and what not, it took about a week before I got the pick up call. I don't know if they'll remember to call me when the original spare part arrives, but yeah, at least I don't have to throw my wallet out or whatever.

So there's some merit to buying branded. Sometimes. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Despite me flinching through them, I still kinda enjoy a shoot 'em up movie because... no kids.

Was getting bored, so I decided to watch Peppermint. I hadn't seen Alias, so I don't know how much weapons training she did doing that show all those years ago. 

  • It was so sad that Jeff Hephner wasn't on screen for long... his Agent X skills woulda been handy AF. 
  • Have to like that she's no problems shooting people's feet as she saw them. Not so much ball kicking, but yeah. 
  • If you watch a lot of TV, there's a lot of recognisable faces. 
  • It's kinda nice to know that it's not the older cop that's corrupt; just the guys with the stupid porno 'taches. 
  • Didn't know that guy from All American Rejects was in this movie. 
  • Loads of head shots. 
  • I think I know why this movie is called Peppermint.... that said, it just sounds like a working title that eventually stuck. At least they didn't mention Girl Scouts by name. 
  • Method Man only showed up in the last third of the movie. And I didn't know his given name was Cliff Smith :P 
  • It's kinda refreshing to see her actually get hurt and not just power through her injuries as she's getting her revenge. 
  • This movie could only end in two ways - suicide by cop or she somehow gets away with it. Guess how it ended. 
It's a bit like a video game in that after 5 years away training to avenge her family, working her way up the chain, meeting the final boss in the end.

If you have nothing better to watch, then watch lor

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Week 36, 2018

Today is Agong's birthday. 

4 day weekend for most people, but if one was shrewd enough, one could get 10 whole days off if you remembered to take next Wednesday to Friday off. But since I don't have that option, I guess I'll have to settle for the three day work week next week like most plebs. Also, going on the road with the rest of the country seems pedestrian, so... no. As a native, I always enjoy ghost town Klang Valley.

That aside, my post nasal drip has taken an interesting turn - a coughing fit that keeps me up at night. Wastepaper bin full of snot wantons, the works. So I'm too exhausted to do anything as strenuous as long distance travel. The weekend is time for me to be more miserable in my own skin than usual at home. So at this rate, I dunno when I'll ever get better. 
  • More stupid white people burning stuff they (presumably) paid for and owned in "protext" and posting it online. 
  • Apparently Dolores drowned in the bath and her death was ruled an accident. 
  • RIP, Burt Reynolds. 
  • What is Project Runway without Heidi and Tim lah? Even Posen is out. 
  • Still considering whether to go see Franz Ferdinand in Singapore in November. 
  • Didn't have to go to the obligatory annual dinners this year, yay!
  • Apparently BFM is now 10 years old this past week. 
  • One last meetup with some of the collegemates that the person who got married recently organised. 

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Week 35, 2018

4 day work week + end the month + SST this weekend = total chaos
  • RIP, Robin Leach
  • Finally saw Crazy Rich Asians. Eh, it's ok. 
  • Dunno if anyone dares to go back to Raj's Banana Leaf (rebranded to RBL Banana Leaf as of this week, oy).
  • Reminder to self to go to the pork noodle place in Megah that I've yet to check out... 
  • Dean & Deluca finally opened its first Malaysian store in Pavilion - yay...? 
  • Family lunch at Rebung on Sunday. Don't know what line my auntie used to get Chef Ismail out of the kitchen to take a picture with us, but I was plenty surprised to find out that he was around. 
If you were shrewd/able to get the few days between Monday and Friday off, good for you.

Family lunch at Rebung

Months since plans were made for the big family lunch at Rebung (for their buffet lunch, natch). Okaylah, since July, but still. 

Sibling and I got tasked with bringing the grandmother with us since the 'rents wanted to go to (nearby) Lake Club afterwards unencumbered and she (grandma) didn't really want to travel with my uncle, auntie, cousin and his two kids in a pickup she can barely climb unto. Having been there a few times now, we got there in no time. 

BTW, parking there now is RM4 per entry. 

We got there, mentioned my aunt's reservation and we got one of the private rooms (plus another table outside...?). The three of us got there just as the buffet started (few minutes before noon), so we started to digging in right away. Some of the families got a little lost finding their way there; I think one actually ended up at Titiwangsa...? (Allegedly)

There were also a couple of weddings happening there, so the place was the most chaotic I've ever seen once the wedding guests got their turn to eat. Was kinda sad that there was no grilled pari or the ais kacang station (can use the evaporated milk for teh-o and kopi-o), but I'm okay with the asam pedas too... to the detriment of my post nasal drip. Some of the party complained that the desserts were too sweet, to which I say... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Before we left, one auntie asked someone if Chef Ismail was available to take some pictures. I dunno what line she used, but I give the man credit for agreeing (I've heard that he's pretty accommodating). I'm just kinda hoping that my grandma didn't accidentally call him Chef Wan or something... 😬