Sunday, 29 March 2015

Week 13, 2015

Sinuses still acting up and am still making snot wantons, though not as much.

Also is last shopping weekend before GST kicks in, so people are going nuts stocking up on stuff that's gonna be affected, like sanitary supplies (I know, right?!), and such. Daiso is raising its prices another 30 cents, which makes for very awkward pricing. I hope they have plenty of change...

  • Second IKEA store opening in Cheras later in the year. Am all for it if this means that traffic to the existing one would decrease just a bit.
  • Finally dragged myself to a Anya Hindmarch store event/launch party of their SS15 collection. 
  • Singapore's Minister Mentor LKY finally croaked. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Heard about on BFM (podcast) some weeks ago. What is it? is an online platform that helps diners save money and time when booking great restaurants online.

How does it work?

All restaurants usually have peak hour and off-peak hour with empty tables at various times. works with these restaurants to provide special discount across various operating hours therefore creating a win-win situation for you and the restaurant owner.

Basically, the establishments get some business in their off peak hours and you get to dine at a discount. 

So what the heck - I signed up using Facebook Connect (of course you can also go conventional and use the email and password, but really, do you need another login to remember?) and searched for some places to bookmark (the "Hotlist") for future use. Just pick a date, time and number of diners when you make a booking. You get a confirmation email pretty quickly, and you show that to the merchant upon arrival. Just read the T&C and find out what the applicable hours are so that you won't be disappointed. They also have a FFK clause - meaning that your account will be suspended if you don't show up for your bookings.

This is great if you tend to dine outside of peak hours. Of course some places have their offpeak discount pretty much all day, but it depends. 

I've made some bookings with a few of the merchants on there and so far, so good. No major problems. That said, I've only used this with cafes and quick service places and not sit-down restaurants.

Still not too many eateries on there yet because it's still early days, so I wish the peeps at Offpeak all the best.

PS. The phone app is now available (on both Android and iOS) so that you can browse or make bookings when you're out and about! Yay!

Disclaimer: Not being paid to write this, my own opinion, bla bla bla. Just thought I'd share this.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Week 12, 2015

Finally got a second medical opinion and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory tract infection, and finally prescribed some antibiotics (it's been a few weeks already, the no antibiotics ship is long gone). At the moment I feel more like myself. From all this I also learned that me taking second generation antihistamines (Zyrtec, Clarinase, etc) is as if I hadn't had anything - I still have to deal with congestion and producing more snot won tons. Methinks I'll stick to first generation stuff, especially for sleep :P

Weather still hot as balls even at night, but there's been some rain lately. Just not enough. 
  • Won the most auntie thing one could ever win in a magazine contest: A 6L Tefal stew pot. 
  • Cupcarons. Mmm.
  • Now when I hear the name of the new airline, Flymojo, "MOJO JOJO!" comes to mind. Damn, that's an old Powerpuff Girls reference.
  • Cheng Beng has started a little early this year :P 
  • After a long absence, I finally went back to KL Alternative Bookfest + Arts for Grabs happening at Dataran Underground this weekend. 
  • Also finally checked out KL City Gallery. 
  • First it's double digit soft serve ice cream, now it's RM20 - RM30 dessert toast? Seriously?!
  • Anyone getting the 1Malaysia SIM card? Or the ChatSIM?
  • Finally got my Headgehog in the mail this week - yay!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Week 11, 2015 - Beware the Ides of March

Still under the weather - coughing lung out, etc. This is getting annoying. What annoyed me more was The Star's front page news one day was stating the obvious about flu season -_-
  • Saturday was Pi Day. Celebrated with the BOGO pie promo at A Pie Thing. 
  • Caught the new MACC show on Tuesday.
  • Finally got to check out The Gardens Theatre... 
  • Spotlight and IKEA are now within spitting distance of each other with the opening of the new store closer to me... Not cray enough to go over the weekend, but might go over the next week or something. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MACC Presents I Want to Touch A Douglas

Instead of having it at PJ Live Arts, this year's MACC show was at The Gardens Theatre in the eponymous mall. Been needing an excuse to check out The Gardens Theatre for a while now, so yay. This year's title - I Want to Touch a Douglas -  was (I'm guessing) inspired by last year's "I Want to Touch a Dog" event brouhaha (a Malay guy organised a dog petting event for his fellow Muslims and other people who also wants in on that action, only got to get major flack for organising it in the form of death threats and criticism from the erm, religious authorities).

Having parked in Zone B these last few years, I was a little rusty getting to Zone U on the other side and ended up having to go around before I finally got to the entrance. Parking wasn't too bad: parked as close as I got to to the theatre in Zone U, just kept driving all the way up to Level 6, but not before driving to the other end around the 5th floor. Stone's throw away from the entrance.

What you see after opening the glass doors from inside the mall
Tunnel from the garden
This was right outside the entrance.
Cheap seat view
One of the first things I noticed was that it was a little cosier than PJ Live Arts (fewer seats), and the air con was really working its best to freeze everyone. The only major improvement was the cushier seats, haha, which I appreciated massively.

In PJLA, even when you buy cheap seats the view (in general) is still not too bad; here, cheap seats means you don't get to see the video warmup act.

After 20 minutes of the pre-show trailers (which I never watch until I come to the show), funny clips from other shows (notably Comedy Central's Key and Peele) to warm the audience up, Dr Jason started his 10 minute set with how women are the bigger liars with the technology that is "no makeup" makeup. He also announced that he (finally) quit medicine to pursue comedy full time. Jason was the only one who made a reference to the show title in his set.

Chi Ho's 15 minutes started with the 50 Shades of Grey craze, and about gender differences when it comes to shopping, comparing it to military missions ("The point of shopping is in the Malay word for it - "membeli-belah"- you beli already, then you belah!" ROFL).

Jenhan's set was (for the most part) about his mother and her erm, support with regards to his life and career choice. When he started his bit about being a short time alcoholic after a breakup, I knew his poison of choice was gonna be Shandy. Just because.

Douglas's set (also the longest, natch) was so much about local politics, news and politicians that for everyone's sake, I can't repeat any of it. And his animal rescuing wife. He did take a minute or two to make fun of people in the cheap seats this time, but not before asking those in the cheap seats to buy a RM10 poster. Already bought cheap seat, some more expect us to buy poster meh?

Instead of a Douglas Lim original parody song, this year everyone came on stage to sing a song about not jumping to conclusions, macam the Hoe Down and/or Irish Drinking Song on Whose Line? Douglas was right about how it wasn't going to work - please do not make it a permanent thing. That was the only downer of the night for me.

As much as I found this year's show to be mostly amusing, I had to repress and laugh on the inside because I don't want to scare the people in my vicinity with my laugh-coughing (or is it cough-laughing?). If anyone heard loud coughing, it was probably me :P

Show finished before 11 p.m. Luckily I got home before the heavy rain pour.

If you managed to get tickets - have fun! To those who didn't... there's always the siaran ulangan later in the year?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Week 10, 2015 - Happy International Women's Day

It's not just international women's day today, it's also the one-year anniversary of the MH370 tragedy. Weather's been letting up some with the rain in the evenings. I'm now down to a little cough and some excess phlegm left in the system.
  • Christina Perri concert on Tuesday. 
  • Checked out the new soft serve place on Saturday night. 
  • Still sleep deprived from having to cough in the middle of the night. Le sigh. 

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Softsrve, Damansara Utama

I was old enough to remember when 7-Eleven used to sell soft serve ice cream called Mr Softee (or was it Frostee?), and when McDonalds and IKEA used to sell them too - anyone else remembers? I was so sad when they each stopped selling chocolate soft serve ice cream. But oh well. 

Finally got around to checking out the new ice cream parlour in DU, softsrve (yep, the missing "e" is deliberate) on it's official first day of business. (Didn't go during their soft - no pun intended, or did I? - launch, even with the 20% discount incentive). It's located along the same block as The Good Batch, Wondermilk, Fat Spoon, etc. Parking is not impossible if you go at night. It's not just soft serve ice cream on the menu; they also have sodas, teas and several cakes in the chiller. 

The only thing about finally going on official first day of business is that they introduced a new topping: churros on both their cereal milk and deep chocolate options. So I went with that. I have to give them props for asking everyone who ordered the churros option if they wanted cinnamon on their churros (I opted not to), as I'm one of those people who doesn't like the taste and smell of cinnamon. Snagged a tiny table for myself along the wall before a family of four could. 

For RM11, at least I found the actual chocolate ice cream to be pretty delicious. It's a darker chocolate than what I remembered as a kid, and definitely not something I could afford as a kid. The accompanying churros was warm, crunchy and well went with the chocolate ice cream. I thought the wooden spoon that came with it was pretty adorable and snagged another on my way out :P 

Having read some other people's blog posts beforehand about the place, I am already aware of the portion deception. It's not something one can afford too regularly, I think. But definitely going back to try the other toppings and perhaps, the cereal milk ice cream. Just not immediately.

Had to reduce exposure in phone camera or something so I could take this.
Couldn't shoot it as I saw it on the bright white wall.

31, SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Open Tuesdays to Sundays, 2 - 11 p.m.