Thursday, 26 May 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse

Earl reviews panned X-Men: Apocalypse early on by the Western media who got to go to press screenings days before the movie came out everywhere else but the US (this was already out last Thursday here, while it's only getting US release on Friday their end). 
  • The cold open is the most people will get to see bald Oscar Isaac sans makeup before he becomes powerful blue asshole. Also, En Sabah Nur is a dumb name. 
  • So among his powers, En Sabah Nur knows how to turn everything to dust? No wonder Egypt so dusty :P 
  • MOIRA, GTFO of that hole already!!! 
  • Magneto's kid's power of being able to communicate with animals is almost... Disney-like :P 
  • Magneto killing the police with the locket while still hugging his dead family is pretty badass.
  • My inner old fart was excited when Eurythmics's Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) came on during that Quicksilver centrepiece... and almost sang along. 
  • Ooh, MacGyver
  • That Quicksilver evacuation scene is pretty cool and funny to watch.
  • I don't know whether to laugh or cry that Cyclop's initial eyewear was a jerry-rig of Wayfarers (yes, the RB logo was very obvious) and post eye-op coveralls. 
  • I can only imagine how awkward it must be for Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult when they do scenes together... 
  • Yes, Hugh Jackman makes a brief appearance. 
  • I don't know why Jubilee gets so much screentime, considering she doesn't say all that much or figure that much into the plot.  
  • With Quicksilver dead in MCU, here they can reveal the familial lineage between Magneto and Quicksilver... hmm. 
  • So the guys get covered to the gills in metal plates and Olivia Munn is dressed like that the entire movie?! 
  • They were not kidding about how little screentime Olivia Munn gets as Psylocke :P Since she survived, I wonder if she'll be in a future movie...? But the purple psychic blasts all very chic :P 
  • I get that Apocalypse wants Xavier's telepathy, but he does know the man can't walk, right...? When you think about it, he should've gone for Jean Grey instead.
  • So this is how Charles ends up bald....? Even with no hair, McAvoy still looks pretty hot, haha.
  • Did anyone expect Stryker NOT to bail? 
  • I find myself saying "Well, THAT'S convenient" a lot with some people's powers... like when Magneto and Jean Grey rebuilt the school in the end by waving their hands and building materials around. Would've made for great building team :P
  • I thought I recognised that wheelchair in the end... is it made out of plastic for the same way Magneto has his helmet on? 
  • So with the big bad gone, do the Four Horsemen get to keep their upgraded powers, does it go with him? 
  • I'm okay with Jennifer Lawrence not reprising her role as Mystique down the road... mostly because I always found that piece of casting a bit odd...? 
If you enjoyed the previous films, don't let the bad press stop you from watching this.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Week 22, 2016

Weather is back to being hot as balls - as in, multiple showers kind of balmy.

  • I wouldn't want to go to a Burger King themed spa, but that's just me. 
  • Got a pair of really cheap, polarised Ray-Ban Wayfarers at the Luxottica sample sale...
  • OG cast member of NCIS Michael Weatherly left the show after 13 seasons... to play a juror consultant on a brand new show inspired by Dr Phil's pre-TV career. 
  • The local post office is totally pimped up now, but the only annoying thing is that you now need to get a queue number for a mundane task like buying stamps.. :P 
  • Finally got my cotton bud dispenser - whee! (You can find it on eBay)
  • Wesak was on Saturday. 
  • More shows having their season/series finales this week... 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Luxottica Sunglasses and Frames Sample Sale

Until today, I had no idea there was even a local Luxottica office, let alone that they do sample sales. 

Anyway, someone posted a picture of the notice online and I had planned on going on Saturday. However, the power crapped out at work for a bit and I snuck away to check things out. 

Made it there in record time, showed the picture to the guard who let me park outside on the compound (so I really have no idea if have to pay parking or not). Joined the line a little after 4 p.m., which was basically for the hoi polloi at that point since it started at 2 p.m. for employees. Mind you, I don't know anyone at Luxottica (unlike some other people I was in line with), so I was a bit of an interloper. 

So close, yet so far....!!
I was in line for about half an hour, only to be led into a meeting room, with tables of trays of eyewear: Ray-Bans were RM150 each (sunglasses or frames), the other brands (Oakley, Prada, Michael Kors, etc) were RM200. At these prices, it's kind of worth lining up for. And the line was already nearly out the door. 

Each group is only allowed 15 minutes to browse (there's even an iPad with a running timer) before they have to vacate to pay (we were told that if you want to browse some more, you would have to join the line again). Shrewdly enough, it's also a cash only sale and they are (literally) only selling the sunglasses/frames and nothing else. No cloth or case (which I'm fine with). At these prices, each person is also ONLY allowed a maximum EIGHT pairs. Gee, talk about generous :P 

Spent my 15 minutes going through the table full of Ray-Bans and made off with a pair of polarised Wayfarers that didn't make me look like a fly. To be fair, they have a good mix of classic and seasonal designs and frames, so you might find something if you know what you want (I only wanted polarised sunglasses, which made it easier in that short amount of time). RM150 for something that's usually about RM600 - RM800 for polarised sunglasses is worth it, especially for me, the klutz who's already dropped and dinged another pair of clearance Ray-Bans :P 

I snorted a little when I heard a guy ask if they had the classic RB3025 aviators (which I did not spot, but wouldn't buy anyway cos they look ridiculous on me). 

I don't know if they'll replenish for Saturday, but if you lower your expectations (but don't forget to bring actual cash money if you're going)... 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Week 21, 2016

  • Radiohead's new album A Moon Shaped Pool erm, dropped this week. 
  • Finally saw Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2...
  • Old Navy opening in the second home soon. No idea when. 
  • There's now a Whatsapp desktop app for the desk-bound :P
  • How is it that I only just found out that Mrs Fields is available in Malaysia again?!! Found that out the hard way walking around JPO. 
  • So many shows got cancellation news this week..
  • Instagram changed its UI and people lost their shit and their minds...

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Short jaunt to JPO

I can't remember the last time I flew domestically. I was struggling to remember when that was, until I looked through my 20-something year old travel journal and I believe it was back in the late 90s O___0 

It's not that I haven't travelled domestically over the years, it's just that the 'rents were too cheap to fly.... or rather (according to them), they needed the car to "get around" and buy things like keropok lekor and what not that might be tricky to check in...? I don't know. But it's been mostly land travel in the years since, which is fine for a couple of hours, or places you (logically) can't fly to... like from KL to Malacca (haha), Ipoh or like Genting Highlands. But driving to places where there are plenty of cheap flights to? That one, I can't even :P

I had some AirAsia points that was going to waste. I also wanted to drop by JPO without spending a whole day on the road driving there and back (3, 4 hours on the North-South Highway with minimal traffic, just one way). So what the heck - I found a cheap enough Firefly flight out from Subang and used said points for the flight back, albeit to KLIA2. I even used some of the points for the on-flight hot meal (on such a short flight, ill-advised :P). 

After wolfing down a meal at the Subang Skypark McDs and the security screenings, I got to the gate just in time. It was such a long walk from the terminal to the plane itself, the lack of on-board airconditioning was felt massively by not just me, but my makcik seatmate as well. 

I got an Uber ride pretty quickly out of the airport: he was already on his way with someone else.

I only had a few hours at JPO, but it was sufficient for me because I know I wasn't going into every single shop, or spend a lot of time in the rest. It was cloudy when I was there and rained for a bit, which made it more bearable than usual. Didn't really find anything I liked, except this...

I was done after a couple of hours when I decided to check Uber for nearby drivers. There was one 2 minutes away and I took it as a sign to leave, otherwise I wouldn't know when there would be another car: The guy just happened to be outside JPO and was about to call it a day when I made the request, so it was fortuitous for everyone involved. 

I hadn't flown out of Senai before, so I was a bit confused at departure - it was just ONE guy at a podium, matching names on boarding passes and IDs of hundreds of people in line. And the one X-ray machine. Oy vey.

The on board meal was not bad, but because it was only an hour long flight, I had to wolf it down :P

Friday, 13 May 2016

ChimiChurri, Jaya One

Going by the name, one would think that ChimiChurri is a place that sells grilled meat or something (because it's a grilled meat sauce). But no, it's salads, wraps and sandwiches kinda place located upstairs in The School, Jaya One. Which I'm surprised there aren't any more of in that neck of the woods, so they've got that covered. 

For the price of the protein (or lack thereof, with the all vegetarian option), you can have your meal either in the form of a salad bowl, wrap or a sandwich. And it comes with a complimentary soup of the day. I got the potato and leek when I was there - not my favourite, personally, that's just me. The soup is also free of seasoning, so people get to season to their liking. 

The warm ingredients alone - cauliflower rice, couscous, grilled vegetables - was already worth the price paid, especially if you're not one to prep them yourself and not likely to find in what few salad places you come across. 

Because it was my first time there, the guy attending to me let me try three of their dressings/sauces to try, which made it confusing to my taste buds, so will definitely have to try them one by one in the future. The grilled chicken breast (grilled to order) was also decent tasting, as someone who's more into dark meat.

With so many warm and cold ingredients (your usual salad bar staples), you're only limited to your imagination... and whether or not you like certain things. 

Will definitely go back when I'm in the mood for salad, which at this point is about every week because I get tired of rice and noodles by the weekend... or if I'm ever in the area or something.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2

Figured that I wouldn't exactly spend MY OWN MONEY to watch this, I finally used up the last free e-voucher (thanks, GSC!) to watch the sequel to the massive Indon hit of 2002, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? called Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 (or AADC?2). I was as surprised as anyone else when I heard the news last year that they were shooting the sequel 14 years after the first movie. (If you thought the time between Zoolander movies was long - was there ever demand for a AADC sequel? I thought the first movie tied things up okay.) 

I was one of those people who didn't catch the initial cinema run, but probably saw it on TV afterwards. Hilariously enough, I was probably the only non-Malay in the room watching this when I went. Don't worry if you don't speak or understand Bahasa Indonesia - the English subtitles on the bottom were not bad... better than the comically hilarious English subtitles in other movies shown here, anyway.  

Because it's not a damn Marvel movie where you can pretty much read the entire movie plot on Wikipedia, here's the gist for #AADC2: Set 14 years (real time) after the first movie (after Cinta got unceremoniously dumped via letter from Rangga about 5 years into the LDR), the two leads happen to be in Yogyakarta at the same time (she on a girls' trip, he working up the courage to meet the mother who left him all those years ago). Sparks fly between them, but she's all conflicted because she JUST got engaged to another guy, he basically never got over her and stuck in a writer's slump. Long story short, they FINALLY got back together, all these years later.   
  • Have to like that the animated opening credits was just a recap of the first movie for everyone.
  • Also have to like how the roles are reversed on the posters of both movies if you look at them side by side.
  • OF COURSE Cinta would be running an indie art gallery - she's not the corporate cube rat type :P 
  • I have no idea if it was written and delivered the way it was because they know that it won't be just fellow Indons watching it (it's only out in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, if I'm not mistaken), or because they're no longer high school kids and don't use slang terms much anymore. My guess is the former. 
  • Holy shit, those two still pretty much look the same as they did before. 
  • I don't remember Cinta's squad, which was just as well, because it turns out that one of the girls died in a car accident in between movies. I don't know if it's because they can't get the actress to reprise the role, or something else happened behind-the-scenes. 
  • I wonder if this will spark a AADC?2 tour in Jogja like what Eat, Pray, Love did for its featured locations? 
  • Of course it was ditzy Milly who ended up marrying Mamet (who was also in the first movie). Also, she very funny as the designated comic relief. 
I was groaning a little when I saw that the movie is 2 hours long, which felt even longer when the movie only started at 9.30 p.m. after the ads and trailers. It could've been a bit shorter, I felt, but ehh... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I've read that people have cried watching this, and having shed some tears myself (but also laughing like a crazy person), it's not hard to see why.

I have no idea how long it's going to be in cinemas, but catch it if you can - it's only (at this point) in selected GSC cineplexes, but probably in most of the TGV cineplexes in the Klang Valley. 

If you have nothing to watch at the cineplex, or remember the first movie and don't mind watching Rangga and Cinta again, go nuts.