Sunday, 15 September 2019

Week 37, 2019

Second of three 3 day weekends. Tomorrow is Malaysia Day, which makes the third 3 day weekend. 

Hazy week, which supposedly happening until end of the month, and that was the optimistic prediction. My non-optimist one is whenever it's over. 

At least finally putting the air purifier to some use after several years of storage (since the last haze season), but might have to actually clean it and maybe get a new HEPA filter when this is finally over. Here's to more haze headaches in the mean time. 
  • First, it was the Starbucks China's cat paw cup, now Taiwan is putting out a dog paw one. 
  • Who asked for a Face/Off reboot?
  • AirAsia is finally fined for charging those stupid credit card processing fees. But it doesn't mean that AirAsia has to stop charging said fees?
  • AirAsia is opening their fast food restaurant in Midvalley end of the year, selling what I think is plated versions of their inflight meals. I have so many questions. 
  • White Rabbit candy is declared NOT halal. As someone who finds it gross, I don't really care. 
  • Is anyone really surprised that Speedy Video in Midvalley is having it's death knell/closing sale? I've been speedily walking past that place for the last 20 something years. 
  • But am kinda surprised that Old Navy is doing a moving out sale in the second home when I saw that it was down to a couple racks of kids clothes. Not sure if it's move elsewhere, or close for good. 
  • Saw Prakash Daniel's one hour special at Jaya One on Saturday. 

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Prakash Daniel - Beautiful

Bought a ticket to the show a couple months ago, not knowing what to expect. But having seen the guy host the local weekly open mic shows or just other occasions for years now, I was mostly curious. 

It takes cojones to name your first one hour special "Beautiful" and have pink (or salmon, or whatever) be the main colour of the show poster. 
Everything around us can be "BEAUTIFUL" in its own way, and this show is no different. Prakash Daniel's 1 hour comedy special looks at the beautiful things in his life from his family, career to relationships. One thing is for sure, his beard will be absolutely BEAUTIFUL but there is more to the show than just facial hair. "BEAUTIFUL" is a visually enticing show fused with musical elements, that presents audiences with a unique approach to comedy. 
I got there a little late (before 8 p.m.) and the line in the foyer was nuts from people having to have their Peatix app ticket validated. Because it's Peatix, it was also free seating. I ended up sitting next to a couple of comics I've seen and heard around town, towards the back of the room. 

I had heard the interview he did on BFM the day before about how the show was gonna be - that there was gonna be musical accompaniment. Santosh was freaking hilarious. 

Santosh kicked off the show by playing a little something and sang as well. 

As for the opening act, it had to be (abuthen) Brian Tan, who did 10 minutes. (those two are thick as thieves.)

Between the musical accompaniment, slideshow (of photos he's taken), and also him playing the guitar, it wasn't just a straight comedy show. It was funny for the most part, but got distracted towards the end as the guys next to me started to leave...

I also left as soon as the doors opened at the end of the show and only found out later that people stayed to take pictures.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Week 36, 2019

A 4 day work week this week because of Awal Muharram last Sunday. A holiday with no familial obligations is always nice. But having post nasal drip IS NOT FUN, even less with the hazy weather.
  • Was nuts enough to join the line for free Ben & Jerry's ice cream on Monday. Voucher for a free cone was nice, but could be better for the country's first store, you know? 
  • FamilyMart now has a loyalty app. Oy vey. 
  • Sephora member sale was this weekend. 
  • I don't know why they have to keep emphasising that next Monday (Agong's Birthday) is supposed to be a PAID HOLIDAY and that employers can't make their employees come in to work on that day. 
  • Checked out the first weekend of Artbox. I'm not sure if it'll be the same or different vendors next weekend. 
  • Spotted Bordier products in Jason's Food Hall in BSC. At least no need to go to Intermark? 

Monday, 2 September 2019

Malaysia's First Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop Grand Opening

It seemed like months ago when it was announced that a Ben & Jerry's scoop shop was finally opening in Malaysia. And in Pyramid, of all places. 

Because it's the first scoop shop in the country, they're giving 10,000 free scoops of ice cream from 12 - 8 p.m. on a Monday. I hadn't realised that it was a public holiday until I gave it some more thought. 

Because of chores, I only got in line around 11 something. The event itself seemed well thought out and organised: they laid out green carpeting and split in several segments (so as not to impede other people's business?), had games (ring toss and tic-tac-toe) and water boys. You could even play video games while in line. I was mostly curious as to what the first 1000 people in line were gonna get - merch ke, barang lain ke...? The line behind me went further behind than I expected. 

They laid out the green carpet

There were several people with tablets (to register people/gather data)
I was #181. I asked the ground crew what time the first person got in line - they said 10 am (when the mall opened, but probably as early as 9.45 am).

Options... Also did okay despite only getting there around 11 something. 

Settled for a scoop of Tonight Dough (Jimmy Fallon's ice cream).
Kinda a bit sad that it was just a voucher for free scoop, but at least have another reason to come back again.
Probably took about an hour, almost two. Line was moving briskly, so no complaints from me.

I wonder if this means we finally get to participate in Free Scoop Day next year...?

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Week 35, 2019

Currently in the middle of a (self-declared) 4 day weekend (between Merdeka day and Awal Muharram on Saturday and Sunday respectively), because plenty of leave, and I know I don't do so great the day after a concert. So I might as well take a long(er) weekend. 
  • Been watching a lot of Hot Ones episodes on YouTube because even the bloody talk shows are on hiatus this week. Whoda thought watching famous people eat spicy chicken wings while being interviewed would be so interesting? 
  • Finally saw Snow Patrol on Thursday night. 
  • And then they announced that they have to cancel the rest of the shows in Asia cos the frontman is under the weather. 
  • Finally saw the last episodes of Elementary. The (platonic) love between Holmes and Watson makes me cry. 
  • Took FamilyMart long enough to finally sell a Belgian chocolate soft serve ice cream, which started this week. I only finally tried it but it was late at night, on my way home from the Snow Patrol gig. 
  • Had no idea Singaporean tea brand LiHo had made its way in Malaysia... it only took them so long? And only in KL (in this weird corner in Midvalley which you would know if you travelled there by KTM) and JB. I've tried LiHo's bubble tea before, but wasn't terribly memorable, that experience. 
  • Fun fact: Google Image search "Romeo catchers" 
  • Apparently non-Asians are triggered about the Asian adaptation of the show Wizards of Waverly Place? What? Eh, no one's asking you to tune in lah, can? 
  • My guess is that there's an aspiring gamer somewhere on the Internet who's got my oft-used username on Discord or whatever, but doesn't have the Gmail address to back it up. Every so often, I would get verification emails for sites and services I never signed up for to the email address I have access to, but because it's 2019 nothing happens unless I click to verify the signup, I mostly just delete and block them. Recently someone (maybe the same person) signed up for a Wix account for their Discord or whatever, but it wasn't verified because I know I didn't sign up for it. So I logged in, reset the password and shut it down. I have no way of telling this person to back off using my email address without showing my hand.  

Friday, 30 August 2019

Snow Patrol - Wildness Tour, KL Live

First concert of the year for me.

How much of a fan am I? I enjoy the ballads as much as the next person but not enough to know or care who the rest of the band are. I probably got into it about the same time as most people - around the heyday of the song Run. But not a superfan by any measure.

But was kinda excited to finally attend a Snow Patrol gig since I didn't go when they were in Singapore YEARS ago (again, time and finances). Wasn't excited about it being at KL Live (it's been a couple of years since I was last there), but what to do. Got an early bird ticket when they were first released MONTHS AGO, so the confirmation email has been sitting pinned in my inbox since.

Got there around 8 something, parked next door (still the same parking rate). 

Merch: Two designs, one being the standard tour one with the dates on the back and the logo shirt for RM140 each - not that cheap but also could've been more expensive. Only got the logo tee because I wasn't a fan of the other design. I saw another tee shirt design and asked the people manning the booth if there was an opening act (there was).

Security was annoying but thorough - they make you go downstairs, wait in line UP the stairs, and split the line down by gender for the patdowns and bag checks. It was only after the patdown that they scan tickets for the wristband. (While they allow re-entry, but you'd get a pat down every time you come back in.)

There was a Heineken sampling booth (for their new 0% alcohol beer, the 0.0%) and also the uMobile photo booth. Drinks were (as usual) overpriced AF, with beers going for RM20 and water and/or Coke going for RM10 (I already had a RM1.50 Coke on the drive over)

Much as I lament never having kaki to go to these things with, but when it comes to free standing events, I don't mind going alone. Found a friend (who had made it known that she was gonna be there), who came despite having to use crutches. It was too dark inside to see if there were a lot of pregnant ladies in attendance or not. Thankfully it was mostly smoke free inside too. 

Opening act was Ryan McMullan (had to Google that), who kept things brief and did a few songs (including a cover). The poor kid had to play with the band later because one of the band members couldn't travel for health reasons? So props to him for having to learn 17 Snow Patrol songs on short notice.

Setlist toss - always fun to watch as a non collector. 
Band came on around 9.15 p.m., and probably finished around 10 something. Which was great, I guess, but it still took me almost an hour to get out of KL because of roadworks. 

  • They announced on their social media the next day that due to (frontman) Gary's throat and chest infection, they have to cancel their Singapore and Jakarta gigs. So was kinda impressed that Gary carried on for as long as he did. Thanks for not cancelling out on KL? 
  • Tears streamed down my face when they played What If This Is All the Love You Ever Get? I already teared just hearing the album version on the drive over. 
  • Love watching the setlist catch after the show (when the roadies will toss the paper setlist into the waiting crowd). Setlist and guitar pick collecting, not really my jam. Normally I just ask whoever caught them if I could take a picture so I could update it on, which they always say yes to because I'm not fighting them for it. 
  • Got an email from the online merch store and they were selling the same t-shirts for S$50. Eeks.
  • Note to self: maybe use TnG to pay for parking to get back unto Jln Sultan Ismail without having to leave out the back. 

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Week 34, 2019

  • Am kinda sad that I couldn't make it to Trevor Noah's shows in Singapore (cos the tickets sold out really quickly) this week.
  • On the plus side, Daniel Sloss is making a stop in Singapore in October. Not really looking forward to the free seating part of the show, but hey, at least it's on Orchard Road? 
  • I don't know who's gonna buy rendang-flavoured condoms, but good on you? 
  • Agong birthday holiday is still 9 September this year, but next year it's gonna be in June... again? I remembered that it used to be the first Saturday of June. 
  • Saw a play at KLPAC on Friday night. 
  • Sony and Disney are fighting over Spider-Man (rights, money, etc). If Sony takes Spidey back, I don't think anyone is gonna watch the n-th reboot of Spider-Man again. Just as Tom Holland was crushing the role, too. Poor kid. 
  • WTF are VSO girls?!