Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Every Sundae by Cielo Dolci

Hadn't found the time or the excuse to go to the recently opened Every Sundae (another gelato outlet by the people behind Cielo Dolci; RIP the Paradigm Mall outlet) until last week on a weeknight because it's not a place you would go during the day, what with Village Park a shop or two away and their brisk business. 

First timers would need some time to take in their menu because the combinations are almost limitless. They also have recommended combinations, or you can go on your own. But I was there for chocolate soft serve, and that was what I ordered... on a huge cookie (RM3) with pink strawberry meringue. 

Cookie was a little tough, but held the ice cream okay enough; the ice cream itself was on a thin wafer
Waffle tasted alright, but some butter would be nice...? Ice cream not soft enough to spread on the waffle..
Considering how sweet everything else was, the actual soft serve was not terribly sweet. I don't know if it's just that particular batch, or a conscious decision on their part. 

If I ever go back again, I want something with cotton candy, just because. 

9, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama (Same row as Village Park)
Open from noon to 11 p.m., except on Tuesdays. 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Week 21, 2015

  • There's a musical about LKY happening in Singapore soon. 
  • Letterman's last week of shows. 
  • Stumbled into folks lining up for free cheesecake in the newly opened Uncle Tetsu in Pavilion yesterday that went around the escalators and about halfway into the food court. Between having to wait 20 minutes for each batch of cheesecakes to be baked and the long line, I didn't' bother. 
  • Finally checked out a couple places this week: the banana leaf rice at the Universiti Malaya Academic Club and also Every Sundae in DU. 
  • Also finally checked out the Gila Gila retrospective exhibition in the Petronas gallery in KLCC. 
  • Bon Jovi coming to KL in September. Hmm. 
  • The Yusof Taiyoob season is upon us. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Lagi-Lagi Gila Gila exhibition, Galeri Petronas

Gila Gila is, let's face it, the Malaysian MAD magazine, right down to the margin drawings. I read Gila Gila when I was in primary school, but stopped because the smell of the paper was giving me headaches (I'm not kidding). It's one of those magazines you have to read out loud because a lot of the humour is delivered in non-standard BM. Perhaps that was just me. 

I jumped ship when one of their (former) cartoonists Ujang left and started his own eponymous magazine, and I read that for a few years too (at least that one didn't give me headaches). I think I still have a Raya bumper issue (which is their big one, like Vogue's September issue) someplace...  

So when the exhibition was announced, I knew I had to go check it out.

The drawing was on point, haha.
If you've never been to the gallery before: entrance is free, but you got to fill out the guest book. That's it. While I was filling out the guest book, I had noticed that a lot of people before me were first timers (there's a column in there asking if it's your first time there or not). It's also closed on Mondays and holidays like Raya and Aidiladha, so don't make that same mistake I did.

In all my years of dropping by this gallery in passing, this is the busiest I've ever seen the place. I'm not joking. I wasn't even sure if Gila Gila is still around after all these years, but clearly the appeal is still there among the target demographic. 

According to the schedule in the programme, I had missed Ujang's appearance by a couple of weeks. But Tarzidi was there, and was working on something when I came in, and was done by the time I was done with the exhibit. 

Cartoonist Tarzidi
As it's not a permanent exhibition (until 15th July), visitors are encouraged to take pictures and post it on their social media. With all the things to see and read (the magazine's been around since 1978, there's a lot to go through), it took me almost an hour to take it all in. Most of the other visitors were Malay, with the odd foreigner or two in the mix. I saw a guy who I thought looked a bit like Zachary Quinto, haha. 

From Taiping with Love. Not sure when Mon is in this scenario..
When I saw the From Taiping with Love exhibit, I didn't know that the one of the kids were actually the female protagonist Mon's younger sister and not the couple's kid like I thought when I was younger as a chaperon of sorts. The series is about a courting couple from Taiping who goes dating around Taiping? 

Yes, the kapcai is real, but no, you can't sit on it.
Ujang and his puerile Atok
The elephant is a cutout.
Tiga Dara Pingitan
There was this makcik who was busy taking pictures with the cutouts and getting her kid to help her take the pictures as well as the selfies. Heh heh.

This made me want to hunt down the magazine again, which would entail going to an actual mamak-run bookshop or something because I don't know where else to find it these days...? 

Anyway, if you're ever in KLCC and have some time to kill, go check it out :)

Friday, 22 May 2015

Banana leaf rice at University of Malaya Academic Club

Read about this place on Time Out KL and The Malay Mail online, and finally found a time to go there for lunch. It's across the road from UM and MAHSA. As it's in one of the older neighbourhoods in PJ, the roads are narrower and be careful when parking along the road side (in case there's no parking on the grounds). 

If you see this, you've made it.
When you walk up...
Alfresco dining area

The spread - not sure what to do with the stuff on the right side: to mix with everything else, or what?
You get to choose either plain rice or "Indian rice" (parboiled rice). Water is free and self service. Personally I could do without the bean sprout dish, but everything else I'm okay with. We also ordered some mutton varuval (RM9) and fried veg (RM3, so-so taste; I say veg because I wasn't entirely sure what gourd it was). As far as the basic 5 dish banana leaf rice goes, RM5 is not too bad or expensive, especially in PJ. Tuesdays and Fridays is when they have seven dishes for RM1 more. The rasam I also enjoyed.

While paying, we were told that Sunday is when they have seafood on the menu. If you want a change of scenery (literally) with ye olde banana leaf rice meal and if you're ever in the area... I probably would go back to try the seafood and/or the extra two dishes on Tuesday or Friday.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Week 20, 2015

Haven't done anything terribly interesting this week in my spare time besides catching up on season / series finales and finding out who got cancelled or renewed. 
  • This year's Estee Lauder staff sale was early yesterday morning. I only knew that because a friend had a pair (been wanting to ask how they got them) to give away, but I pretty much was too lazy to go if I was going by myself. 
  • Not sad to hear American Idol is getting a final season. 
  • I'm okay with CSI's cancellation. As I called it, I knew CSI:Cyber would get another season with a cast injection in the form of Ted Danson's DB Russell. 
  • Found out that the mall of my childhood Atria and the new Mitsui outlet mall near KLIA will be opening at the end of the month. But not cray cray enough to go on opening day.
  • There seems to be a Doritos and Cheetos storage in the Klang Valley or something - there aren't any to be found in the usual supermarkets. 
  • No thanks to the Asia's Got Talent finale, I now can't get Anggun's Snow on the Sahara out of my head :P

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Review: The Naked Lunchbox

There's been a whole lot of clean eating meal delivery services that's popped up in the last few months, but most of them don't exactly deliver to my neck of the woods. The Naked Lunchbox had a limited time Samsung Galaxy Life promo where you can get RM2 off the Galaxy Box meal, which I finally redeemed on the very last day before the long Labour Day weekend, for delivery the following Tuesday. 

Ordering: After you sign up for an account, you order, choose your delivery day, enter your details like phone number and delivery address, and after you submit all these, you wait for the confirmation email. 

Payment: Once your order and delivery slot is confirmed on their end, you get an email with payment instructions to their Public Bank account, which wasn't a big deal because I still had my old Public Bank account that won't take days for payment to go through. Call me lazy, but I much rather pay with PayPal, but I read someplace that the merchant fees are not worth it? Correct me if I'm wrong. 

There's a RM5 delivery fee for orders in PJ, but that's waived with a RM36 minimum spend, so I topped up the order with 2 of the Paleo Caesar salads (RM13 each, RM25 for two) that I've been wanting to try for the longest time. 

Delivery: Got my order pretty quickly; they arrived a little after 11 a.m., so no complaints there. 

Next day Paleo Caesar salad
Sold one of the Paleo Caesar salads to the sibling at a loss, because I know that I won't be finishing all three salads in a timely manner. So I had the Galaxy Box salad on the day I got it and the other Paleo Caesar salad the following day after a night in the office fridge. 

Galaxy Box (Green leaf lettuce, red grapes, raisins, pulled oven baked chicken, rawmesan 'cheese' w/ milky way coconut milk cilantro dressing): Don't hate it as a whole, but because of my aversion to greens typically used as garnish (spring onions, etc), the dressing is not for me. 

Paleo Caesar (Green leaf lettuce, egg, rawmesan 'cheese', pulled oven baked chicken w/cheeseless caesar dressing): It's a good attempt at a healthier Caesar salad, but without the garlic and anchovies, the aroma and the taste is just not there. If nothing else, it's a Caesar salad you can definitely eat in the office.

I appreciated that the containers appear to be the degradable type. Portion wise, it's not too huge that I get sick of it, nor is it too small, though it might not be sufficient if you're used to bigger portions.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Week 19, 2015 - Mother's Day again...

It's the week of finales on American network television this week, and also news of new shows, cancellations and renewals of existing shows. 
Happy Mother's Day....