Sunday, 15 October 2017

Week 41, 2017

  • Tuesday was part 2 of cousin's wedding, which meant unceremoniously taking the afternoon off to attend because it was still a work day. And still had to go back to work the next day.
  • No idea why Leuchtturm1917 notebooks came from and why are they a thing now. Maybe it's  the bullet journaling craze. 
  • The Streets are doing a reunion tour, but only in the UK.
  • Serviced car on Monday.
  • Ben's Independent Grocer finally opened at IPC. Actual supermarket is a little small as most of the floor space was taken up by the eateries within. 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Week 40, 2017 - October already?!

I can't believe it's already October?
  • Yep, I did try the new Thai Fish Burger with Green Curry Sauce at McDonald's. 
  • Saw The Foreigner.
  • Found out how to use promo codes on 
  • Sephora's private sale was this past weekend. Only made a slightly bigger dent than usual because there wasn't much I want or needed. 
  • After all these years, Genting finally decided to impose parking fees on all their highland properties. And FOX Studio is STILL under construction. Unless you're into a lot of Chinese acts or older, bygone acts, there's really no reason for anyone to venture up unless they want to enjoy the cool weather. Parking is free for Genting members at the moment, but rumour of hourly parking will not go down well.
  • Mooncake festival was last Wednesday, but people would've celebrated last weekend. 
  • Can kinda understand why Pauley Perrette wants to leave NCIS after all these years...?

Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Foreigner

Got a ticket to see The Foreigner. I don't know why we're getting this movie ahead of the US release, but oh well. 
  • The girl playing Jackie Chan's daughter was in the Potter movies as Cho Chang.
  • His character really has the worst luck ever with his family.
  • Did this movie remind anyone else of the Taken movies? Anyone?
  • Pierce Brosnan really let the Irish accent loose in this movie.
  • The age makeup on both Jackie Chan and Tao Liu really sucked balls. 
  • Is it just me, or does Jackie Chan in that age makeup sorta kinda looks like Dustin Hoffman?
  • Of course Jackie Chan's character had "a certain set of skills" and the hand-to-hand fight scenes had his name all over it. 
  • If they didn't write the ending the way it came out, there's no way they would screen this in China, if it was true (I'm not sure)
This movie felt more like a TV movie than a big screen movie... I thought it was fine, but not mind blowing. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Wedding lunch in Jenjarom

Only found out the day before (two days tops) that future cousin-in-law's family was throwing a lunch reception in Jenjarom before the actual wedding on the 10th. The sibling only found out as we were about to leave. In my dad's side of the family, short notice wedding receptions are a thing... or the relations down there only remembered to let my dad know about these things a little late. I've already missed a few of the cousins' weddings because of this, most recently because of my prior travel arrangements. 

I was also not told what the actual dress code was because south of KLIA the dress code for wedding receptions seem to be cheap polos and cargo shorts... Or as I would call it, "Tanjung Sepat formal". I wasn't too sure how formal it was so I settled for a dressier top and jeans but not in sneakers.  

Despite leaving PJ at noon, we were only just in time as it supposedly starts at 1 p.m. Of course it was held in a swanky school hall/event space. We got parking at the primary school next door. 

As the eldest uncle, the 'rents got seated at the main table (grandmother was not there for health reasons), while the sibling and I were at another table with our own extended family (there were at least a couple of tables). I found out a lot of things that day: her name, for one. And that the cousin was a Coke fan. 

Food was edible. The entertainment was erm, interesting: the emcee/entertainment was really Jack of all trades, singing and hosting. It even became a bit of a drag act toward the end as he was dressed in drag toward the end of the meal and was going around the room letting people squeeze the squeaky tatas. 

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Week 39, 2017

Fall TV season has started. Whee!

  • Found out last minute about future cousin-in-law's family's wedding luncheon about a day or two before in Jenjarom. 
  • Didn't know there's a Korean version of Criminal Minds.
  • What used to be PTSD is now PTSS...?
  • Still wondering if I should go see Kathy Griffin in Singapore next month. 

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Week 38, 2017

Three day weekend, with Awal Muharram moved from Thursday to Friday (I'm guessing they don't want people to take a 4 day weekend...?). The lack of sleep finally caught up with me, as I'm currently feeling a little under the weather. So have been trying to take it slow this past weekend. 
  • Saw the new Kingsman movie on Saturday morning. Don't hate it, but wasn't as excited as when I saw the first movie. 
  • Went to The Gardens THREE times this week. To be fair, the first couple times was for work (so didn't linger too long) and the third time was for the Isetan 10th anniversary thing on Friday. (Long story short: no luck getting the so called "goodie bags" as wasn't the first 150 people who was crazy enough to start lining up from 7 something am, but was the last person eligible for the RM10 same day voucher for getting there about 9.45 a.m.)
  • Finally used the boxed scone mix on Friday - one batch had the maple butter glaze and the other sans glaze.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

When casting news of the Americans for this movie came out, I was like 😕?? OF COURSE they were gonna have an American Kingsman counterpart... 
  • Poppy kinda reminds me of the Mom character from Futurama.. just with more bad mum puns. 
  • That's a very nice London black cab... 
  • Nice bit of continuity from the first film, having Eggsy and the kinky Swedish princess still together.. and him not having to hide his job from her...?
  • That would explain how only Eggsy and Merlin survived the annihilation of Kingsman. 
  • I suppose how they brought back Colin Firth's character made SOME sense...?
  • If my cover was a whiskey distillery in Kentucky and my code name was Champagne, I'd go by Champ too. It was jarring to see a clean shaven Jeff Bridges.
  • I think most of the budget went to paying the Oscar winners for what seems to be a few days work. And the CG effects. 
  • Channing Tatum was probably in the movie 10 minutes tops, because his character was out for most of the movie. So was Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry. 
  • Speaking of glorified cameos, Sir Michael Gambon was also in this for about 5 minutes tops as the new Arthur... before he got blown up. 
  • Apparently in the Kingsman universe, you can survive a head shot one...😒
  • The lightsaber-esque lasso is no joke. 
  • 😧 Alamak, Merlin...! 😭
  • I like how the Kingsman's Doomsday protocol is basically a bottle of Statesmen's whiskey but the latter's is just the Kingsman's umbrella. Watching Mark Strong cry drinking the Statesmen whiskey is freaking hilarious.  
  • A lot of Chekov's gun in this movie. 
  • I was kind of wondering how Elton John plays out in this movie... pretty hilariously, for the most part. 
  • If Channing Tatum's Tequila moves to England to join Kingsman, does this mean he'll be in the third movie? Does this mean that Eggsy won't be? Will Tequila change code names to a more Kingsman-esque code name?
  • Does this mean Harry gets to be Arthur now, or will he still be Galahad since Eggsy's departure?
  • Wait, does Eggsy get to be a Swedish prince now...?
Honestly, I thought it ran a little long. But I don't hate it.