Monday, 2 May 2016

KL International Book Fair 2016

Killed a couple of the afternoon hours by driving out to MAEPS for the KL International Book Fair, with pretty low expectations - I hadn't attended for a number of years now, mostly because it was in PWTC (and the travel wasn't worth it), and also knowing that I would come up empty handed because about 80% of the booths carry Malay or religious titles and I'm aware I'm not the target demographic. It was either this, or pay too much for parking at a mall with everyone else who hasn't left town, so whatever. 

When I finally got there, there was a RM3 fee (entrance or parking, I'm not sure) which I was peeved about until I saw the MAEPS trams out and about - it's been ages since I had last ridden one of these (okay, not since Big Bad Wolf Books had their sale there one year), so as long as I didn't have to walk from where I parked (I probably could've walked if I had to, but really...), I just hopped on a passing tram and enjoyed the ride. Well, I enjoyed it more than this pakcik, who was a bit anxious about where the tram was going until we got right to the door. His kid was more calm about it than he was. 

Because it was spread out over 3 different halls, it took me some time to cover it all (even though I could've done without going to Hall D), but by the time I got out of Halls A and B, it was raining heavily. I was there probably an hour, 90 minutes tops? The only thing I got was a free poster of who the current ministers and their deputies are, and a booklet about GST from the Kementerian Penerangan booth. Yeah it's not just book publishers, there's also a BSN presence, your local universities, different ministries... Can't help but notice that I was probably one of the few non-Malay visitors there... 

Because of the weather, the trams just drove into the canopy so alighting passengers aren't sopping wet. I also didn't know them trams had window panes. I hopped on the next tram back to where I parked and left. 

I was feeling peckish by the time I got back to PJ, I stopped by the only Starbucks on the way home with free indoor parking and had both the S'mores frapp and a S'mores tart. 

All I can say about that was I'm never having the S'mores frapp ever again. 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Week 19, 2016 - Labour Day!

Happy Labour Day/May Day/etc. 

Weather this past week was not bad: instead of it being hot as balls day and night, there's now some late afternoon rain. 
  • Talk about shocking deaths this past week: RIP, Samantha Schubert.
  • You know Maybank really gouge people when they now offer complimentary WiFi for people waiting at the branch. (They very shrewdly put one-time passwords on the queue number tickets)
  • Still no news of renewals for Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and CSI: Cyber
  • So many damn Lemonade spoofs. At this point, I don't know if I want to bother with it. 
  • Best news ever: Sephora opening in the second home. But whether I can collect points with both Sephora and ONECARD remains to be seen. Would be sad if I had to choose. Also, no idea if certain brands that are only available in KL branches would be available there. So I guess we'll have to wait and see. 
  • Checked out the Sephora store reopening event (for Black Card holders) in KLCC early Saturday morning... mostly for the RM50 voucher (which I got). Also left with buttload of samples, wheee...!! 
  • Also managed to swing by this year's Urbanscapes happening on Jalan Hang Kasturi. 
  • First trip back to Crackhouse Comedy Club KL this year. 

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Crackhouse Carnival - Show Us Your Wits

In celebration of it's second anniversary, the Crackhouse Comedy Club put together 8 shows with a different lineup every night. The only one I wanted to watch was the one show with the all female lineup, Show Us Your Wits, with Kristel Zweers, Sharul Channa, Joanna Sio, Hannan Azlan and Shamaine Othman. 

So I basically walked in (no reservation, even though I had asked over Whatsapp if there was still room for one more), paid and waited for the show to start. While I admit I hadn't been there that much (the last time being Boxing Day last year), but it was the busiest I've seen the place - people kept streaming in. Which is a good thing.

With the RM50 admission comes a free drink, which is great if you're a beer or wine drinker. If you're me who's not, the only thing they can offer is the not-so hard drinks. So I settled for a ginger ale :P 

The host was Chrisy Wu (to keep with the all lady theme, I guess), but she kept things brief by not taking up too much stage time. It wasn't your usual weekend show at the Crackhouse. 

All the ladies were pretty funny, even the ladies I had seen before. 

At the end of the show, we the audience found out that Shamaine had to back out due to a family emergency, so they got Michelle Barbour (whom I've seen at open mics) to fill in. Because they had to reset the place for the 10.30 p.m. show but there was still room for anyone there who wanted to stay for another RM30 (instead of RM50). 

I took my RM30 and got a not-very relaxing head and shoulder massage at the neighbouring massage place (they share the same wall upstairs) for the WiFi password so I don't have to depend on Little Wonton's WiFi (which is not bad for being 2 shops away) when I'm at the Crackhouse next. 

Urbanscapes 2016

After lunch in KLCC (by the time I was done in Sephora, I was pretty ravenous), I hopped on a GOKL bus to Wisma Cosway to catch another back to Central Market (different line). Then I hung out on the outgoing GOKL bus for about 10 minutes to rest my feet before getting off at the very first stop at Bangkok Bank to walk about less than 100m to Urbanscapes House (or rather, the old OCBC Bank building along Jalan Hang Kasturi, where the Bar Council is, behind Central Market). I was too tired to cross the road and too lazy to walk through Central Market. 

I knew I made it when I saw the windows... 

This was the first time in years I didn't have to pay 3 digits to go to Urbanscapes (there's also concerts in conjunction with this year's Urbanscapes, but nothing I wanted to see). So when I walked in, all I had to do was sign in/sign up/surrender my personal details to the guys at the desk, who probably has to explain the situation in the house several hundred times a day at that point. So me and another guy got the briefing and went on our merry (separate) way. 

(When you sign in, you get a Epik Shop voucher and also a bottled water; I didn't know about the water and no one gave it to me until I realised and asked)

There's something happening on every floor (it changes every weekend), so I took the lift up to the top and worked my way down to the basement, where the art exhibition is. 

The only thing I had was Softsrve's Urbanscapes-only Pink Lemonade sorbet (RM9), which I slowly dug into while perusing old TimeOut magazines scattered about on the pallet tables to rest my feet some more. Oh yeah, there's also a seating area and stage when you walk in, so you can enjoy the performances on stage and/or rest the tootsies. 

I think I only finally left about 3, 4 something because I was getting tired and I still had to walk back to the LRT station before it rained. 

Yup, one of the installations at the Pasar Seni station.
Finally, an Urbanscapes where I'm not sweating my balls off :P 

If I have time, I might go again next weekend? See how it goes. 

Sephora KLCC store reopening

I had a busy Saturday and this was how I started my day: 

Checked out Sephora's store reopening event at KLCC that was just for Black Card members. Even though I only got there literally a few minutes after 10 a.m., I was 21st out of the first 50 that got a RM50 voucher (My bet that there won't be that many people gungho enough to go line up for a 10 a.m. event on a Saturday kinda paid off). They gave out cookies, customised candy (of the logo, natch), samples and balloons. Nadia Heng was MC (I wasn't sure who she was until she reintroduced herself at some point; I think she was also at the Nu Sentral store opening...? Again, not sure). 

Breakfast of champions at Sephora - cookies and candy :P
Was glad that the store wasn't terribly crowded, so I got a bunch of the samples and cookies. There's also other things going on like Make Up Forever's complimentary eye brow contouring or concealer application demo/customer data gathering exercise (as you needed to fill out personal details), performances, etc. 

Have I mentioned that the male models (promoting Burberry's pour homme fragrance, Mr Burberry) were pretty hot? Look them up on Instagram under the #SephoraMY hashtag. 

There were also Q&A sessions with stuff being given out - there were a lot of eager beavers the first round, and with rate of attrition (I guess a bunch of people already left?), I only deigned to go for the second round of Q&A and waited for Ms Heng to give out the prize I wanted: the bag of Fresh deluxe samples. There was also some other travel kit, but I didn't hear what the brand was and a Sephora pouch which I'm not sure the contents of, so I passed on that.

Here's a haul pic of the freebies:

As usual with these gift vouchers, it took me a couple of hours there and a lot of walking around before I finally settled on what I was gonna use the voucher on (I couldn't decide between cleansing oil, exfoliant or foundation). 

Overall, this event less aggravating than an actual store opening - mostly because it's for Black Card members and they're not busy trying to get people to sign up for White Card and slowing things down. 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Week 18, 2016

Heat wave day no. 1214382. In other words: still hot as balls. The heavy rain over the last couple of days helped the balmy summer night feeling :P 
  • More famous people died this week. 
  • If the alleged reports of how Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion really don't get along off screen (she's a bitch, he's an ass, etc, or some version of both) are true, they really fooled whatever fans Castle has left after it was announced that she would not be back for the next (and probably last) season of Castle
  • They finally brought in the S'mores and Key Lime Pie Frappuccinos at the local Starbucks. Guess which one I would rather try :P 
  • Went back to the new(ish) cheapo phone accessories shop in Dataran Glomac (it's the same row as Jemari, not the row with the Public Bank) we stumbled across last week to get a tempered glass protector for the 2-year old phablet (which I'm surprised to find, and worth the RM16 as I don't have the patience to install it myself) and a 2-metre charging cable, which both Kedai Ustaz nor Gadget World 666 don't seem to have. Admittedly the prices there are either average or more expensive, depending on what you're looking for. 
  • Bought a ticket to the new MACC show in June. Here's hoping I can actually make it. 
  • Just to use up some of the AirAsia BIG points (racked up from trips to Paradigm) that's expiring soon, I booked a day trip (more like hours, really) to Johor and also an onboard meal. Here's hoping I could make that trip. 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Week 17, 2016 - McDonald's chocolate soft serve is back!!!

Weather is still panas sial.
  • Second over Shopbop arrived way overpacked this week, but still within the three day shipping, so.. anyway, gave them feedback on the packing.
  • With Rayani Air getting a three month suspension, all the other airlines are jumping in on the passengers who got erm, cheated by offering lower fares. Okay then.
  • While McDonald's has brought back chocolate flavoured soft serve ice cream, however, it's only available at certain stores, so let me know if you spot it and where. 
  • Got an early bird ticket to see Gabriel Iglesias in June.
  • Face contouring not enough, now leg also must contour ah? WTF... 
  • Met up with a friend who was in town for a bit for someone else's wedding over the past weekend.
  • Must be a slow news week when getting into legal trouble from eating poppy seed product is front page news :P  
  • Met up with a couple of people for dinner that other people dropped out of cos someone is going to Australia on a two year job stint in (literally) the Outback.
  • As much as I detest getting MBPJ parking summons (I think I'm getting picked on by the local meter maid), but as I found out it might be worth the pain of registering to pay them online so that you don't have to waste a couple of hours going to New Town, finding parking, etc. Can also get the discount, so fuck that shit.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Sugar Rush, Section 16 PJ

A friend was back in town for a short while and long story short, we ended up at Sugar Rush for a few reasons:
  • It was nearby.
  • It was open til midnight, and
  • Climate controlled environment because it's so balmy at night. 
Place was quiet, but it was late non-holiday Wednesday night which was understandable. It's located in an old-school (for PJ) bungalow that's been gutted but otherwise still looked the same from the outside. The yard area serves as parking for customers because there's not really a street parking option... but noticed that the driveway and the parking area was pot holed and had to drive REALLY CAREFULLY to not inflict more damage on the car's suspension. 

Once inside, the sight of this... 

The sign's more convenient.  
Because it's in a bungalow, they have space to put out all their cakes on a huuuggee table that you walk around to mull over your cake options. Settled for the chocolate ganache with salted buttercream, which they warmed up a little before serving it to us. The flavours were balanced: for how sweet the ganache was, it was balanced off by the salt in the buttercream. But definitely glad that we split it instead of ordering a slice each. Prices were okay for the portion received, I felt. 

No complaints about the service. 

I'm not sure if it's due to the mostly black interior (some of the pillars were painted pink, matching the business card on the counter, which can't be a coincidence), but there were also mosquitoes present. So we amused ourselves by attempting to kill the mosquitoes (and failing miserably), even though there were repellents around the place.

Because it only opens at 4 p.m. on weekdays, you can't really go there for breakfast or lunch but they do have warm meals that you can order for dinner or even for supper (guess the kitchen doesn't close until midnight as well?) when one of the staff brought a plate of Eggs Benedict that neither of us had ordered at around 10 something p.m. and later something else around 11 p.m by accident. 

28 Jalan Dato Abu Bakar 16/1, Section 16, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Weekdays: 4 p.m. to midnight
Weekends: 11 a.m. to midnight

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Week 15, 2016

Still hot as balls. Rain also still panas sial.
  • I don't know if they're actually planning to tear down the BAT building. 
  • How much baguette can you buy to justify getting a Baguette Bag?
  • Checked out the FJ Benjamin sale and for once, came away empty handed (haha). 
  • RIP, Mr Os. 
  • Now I know where the new Zouk KL is...?