Sunday, 19 November 2017

Week 46, 2017

Been busy at work and mostly at home catching up with the shows I've not seen yet... which would be handy cos next week's Thanksgiving week and a bunch of shows have already put out their "winter finale" or whatever they're calling them, with nothing new until next year. 
  • Saw Justice League on Saturday.
  • PSA to everyone and their elderly parents: NEVER ANSWER PHONE CALLS WITH AREA CODES YOU DON'T RECOGNISE. Even just pressing that green answer button and hanging up right away, you're liable for the IDD charge. 
  • Checked out the Jalan Jalan Jepun in 1 Shamelin mall over the week. 
  • Seriously, who HASN'T been accused of sexual harassment or impropriety this past week? 
  • Checked out the quarterly Tong Kong/Panasonic sale at SS3 early Friday morning and made off with free stuff. We were mostly outnumbered by the senior citizens who would have the time to do something like this. 
  • It was kinda nice surprise finding out Brandon didn't win this season of Project Runway.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Justice League

Going into this, never having bothered with the Bat Affleck and Cavill Superman movies to begin with (something about those two IRL that gives me the willies; don't get me started on Affleck's half assed apology tour he's doing while doing the press tour for this movie). So did I like DC's superhero team movie? Well... 
  • I suppose it was just as well that Ciarán Hinds is only the voice of Steppenwolf - I can't imagine the guy doing his own stunts/MoCap - but if his friend and contemporary Liam Neeson can have a late life action star career,... #justsaying

    But seriously, if he's the voice, who's doing the physical stuff?
  • Have to like that they didn't forget to include the Wonder Wonder score .. 
  • Ben Affleck's Batman looks REALLY long in the tooth and worn out. 
  • Ezra Miller's Barry Allen/Flash is basically just the comic relief lah. And human powerbank.
  • I can't help but applaud at the Amazonians when they came on screen (they're my favourite to watch), but I was also like "bow and arrow where got enough?", not just for fighting off Steppenwolf, but for defending Themyscira in general. I wonder if they just shot these scenes while shooting Wonder Woman, or afters?
  • Is Antiope still dead ah? Cos Robin Wright either got cut out or something else behind the scenes happened.
  • That is seriously one magic arrow, for flying so far to warn Diana. I know it's CG lah, but still... 
  • Seriously, how did Diana know the Steppenwolf backstory enough to tell Batman? That battle scene in the flashback (which Hippolyta fought? - seriously, how OLD is SHE?) looked LOTR-epic.
  • I wonder how much was Amy Adams and Diane Lane paid for their 10 minutes of screen time?
  • Hang on, was that Doutzen Kroes? Yep. (She was one of the last Amazonians who shot off the Mother Box before unceremoniously dying... I think). That was a crazy relay race, I tell you. 
  • If they were going with a radically more macho Aquaman (who gets a lot of shit over the years for the orange/green outfit, talking to fish, etc and not just in Robot Chicken), I think they were right picking Jason Momoa. Also like that they addressed the "talk to fish" thing by saying "the water talks to them" Errr... ye lah tu. I probably wouldn't mind watching the solo Aquaman movie when it comes out. 
  • I laughed so hard when Barry asked Bruce, "So what's your superpower?" "I'm rich" Which is REALLY on the nose 😆 
  • When Joe Morton first came on screen, I wondered if he was gonna Papa Pope it up... 
  • Did anyone else thought Batman's contingency plan WASN'T going to be Lois Lane? "Bring in the big guns" konon.... 🙄
  • That Russian village is going to be a weird tourist attraction for years to come. 
For a movie that Joss Whedon had to take over after Snyder stepped down due to family issues, it still feels like a Snyder movie. I thought it was just okay only lah.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Week 45, 2017

  • Does anyone really want to play the Harry Potter version of POKEMON GO?
  • Big Bad Wolf Books announced the dates for this year's sale, and has kicked off preview mania where people are trying to score preview passes or find a way to check it out before everyone else. 
  • Louis CK finally came out and admitted his sleazy ass behaviour. 
  • Me trying to catch up on the TV shows I didn't get to watch when I was away... 
  • RIP, Higgins. Didn't know the guy was Texan cos he was affecting a British accent as that character. 
  • Mythbusters 2.0 is starting up again with a sneak preview of the premiere episode on a new cable channel (The Science Channel). To be honest, I didn't exactly think the new hosts were going to win the search when they did, but that's just me and good on them. The dog is a cute touch. They tested if it was safe for passengers to put their feet on the dashboard (TL; DR - NO) and that one about movie decapitation. 
  • Inside Scoop kicked off their anniversary celebrations with team ice cream eating contests and RM3 scoop promos at a different outlet every day, starting with the one near the house on a Tuesday...?
  • The Golden Duck reached out to me about the bag of waxy chips I got through Instagram DM and offered to replace with complimentary bags of each flavour they have (salted egg chips and fish skin), but that offer would have to wait until the next time I'm in Singapore.
  • Checked out spiffy new IPC, to check out the reopened spiffier looking Popular bookstore. Not all the tenants are back or occupied, so I would hold out on making a special trip because.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Haul from Singapore

Besides the usual two cartons of Peelfresh yuzu juice that I got at the airport on the way out, here's what else I bought when I was there... 

Salted egg chips from both Irvins ($8 for small, $16 for large) and The Golden Duck (which I saw in a 7-Eleven between Ngee Ann and Wisma Atria, $7.30 one size only). Didn't bother with salted egg fish skin. 

Tokyu Hands haul. When I saw the mug and the $30 minimum purchase (it was just for the Suntec store at the time), I was like "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" and went a little nuts. 

Kino haul. When in Singapore kan... I didn't know there was a new Mr Kiasu book out.
Wasn't sure if it'll cross the border to Malaysia, so might as well buy first. 15% off as a tourist perk.

This brand took over the Gongcha outlets in Singapore.
$2 limited promo on the bubble milk tea.
Which was just as well because it wasn't nice enough to justify paying full price for this.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Kathy Griffin - Laugh Your Head Off Tour

Second trip down south this year to catch Kathy Griffin on her world tour last Friday (we all know Malaysia wasn't gonna happen cos PM and Trump [allegedly] get along like a house on fire). Which we all know she's only doing a world tour now because she's doesn't have much work in the States after that infamous photo. America's loss is the world's gain. 

Days before the show, the organisers sent out an email saying that the show will be moved to the Star Gallery on the 3rd floor and that the seating will be reallocated on the day itself. Which meant that she didn't sell out the auditorium on the 5th floor, which is a really nice space, IMO. But great for everyone else who didn't buy the most expensive seats. 

Fast forward to the day itself. I only just got after 7 p.m. cos I was still on the train from Suntec City in the CBD. Finished my leftover salad from Tokyo Chopped Salad downstairs before heading up to the third floor. The security checkpoint was a bit awkward for me because I was carrying my shopping around, some of them were packed food (Starbucks brownie pop and Irvins Salted Egg) and thankfully the Malay lady at the bag check (also pretty amused by the sight of me, I think) let me bring it all in without having to stuff them in a locker. One of the other security guys there told me that the Irvins chips were really good. 

Turns out the Star Gallery is just a fancy name for a ballroom. For everyone else who didn't buy the most expensive seats, it was free seating by the price category paid. Of course I went and sat in the first row for my ticket price. Loads of flaming gays, of course. (While it's not illegal to be gay in Singapore, but it is illegal to do gay stuff, so go figure). And expats. There's always loads of expats. 

Show started around 8 something. Kathy came on stage with the short hair (she cut her hair to show solidarity with her ailing sister, who died recently) and the dress you see in the promos. She went on by herself for about 90 minutes with no intermission. If you've seen her televised specials, you would already know what the show was going to be about: her troubles, Trump, the Kardashians (specifically her neighbours Kimye) and of course, her 97 year old mother Maggie, a fan favourite. The show finished early enough that I could still catch the train back into town. 

They were serious about the no recording rule (because of how flaming the material was, I can't say I blame them). So I only took a picture before. Luckily the air cond was strong in the room after being out and about most of the day and chilled enough to go back out there. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

First time with Scoot

Got a under RM100 flight ticket to Singapore with Scoot, which I read has merged with Tiger Airlines. Well it's RM78 with the RM8 processing fee. I would've saved myself RM20 if I got it sooner, but oh well. And that was just flight only; if you have a bag to check in, it varies depending on when you do it, obviously cheapest when you just book the flight at about RM70 per bag. If you do it afters, it goes up to RM100. Which is just too damn much. 

So fast forward to the airport part: it's located on Row Z at KLIA2, along with Jetstar. You can't check in online unless the flight is leaving from Singapore, so you have to show up in person. In an age where printing your own boarding pass is de rigeur, getting an old school card stock one is such a novelty.

When I was in line to check in, there was this auntie behind me who's not giving me any personal space AT ALL. Dunno if she too excited to go Singapore or what. WTF. Which I mentioned to the lady at the counter when it was my turn (thankfully, wasn't next to her on the plane later). Weighed the bag and it was about 5 kgs, so I'm in the clear. The counter lady didn't ask to weigh my personal bag. She also told me to get moving cos it's quite a walk (it's KLIA2, when is there NEVER a long walk?!). Fortunately, it was like Gate L7 and not L22 or I would've thrown a fit. 

Thankfully, there was an empty seat between me (window, nice wing view) and this dad on the aisle seat, who's wife and young kids were across the aisle. 

We left a little later, not sure if it's weather related (it was still raining) or just punctuality issues. And the touchdown was not bad but the deceleration could stand to be better. 

Also cleared immigration at T2 pretty quickly too, which might have to do with it being the middle of a working Friday...? But yay anyway.

Okay first experience, but I don't know about next time...?

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week 44, 2017

Still kinda recovering from my trip down south and also been procrastinating the unpacking.
  • Saw Kathy Griffin perform in Singapore on Friday.
  • Which was why I was in Singapore Friday and Saturday. 
  • Almost killed myself (as usual) trying to cram half of Orchard Road on Saturday. 
  • Flew Scoot Air for the first time since the merger with Tiger Air. 
  • Also had LiHo (formerly GongCha) bubble tea because it was $2. It was okay, but dunno about drinking it again in a hurry. 
  • Bought the much hyped about Irvin's Salted Egg potato chips (apparently the fish skin ones so laku, they run out of those first) and a bag of Golden Duck ones.