Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Girl in the Spider's Web

I hadn't really noticed (before going to watch this) that this movie wasn't based on the Millennium trilogy per se (which I've not read), but based on the novel written by someone else after the passing of Stieg Larsson. I could've sworn I saw the last movie with Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig. 

I thought I still had time to catch it in cinemas, only to find that it's got the standard 2 week cinema run and I don't have much time left to dawdle. I could've used the free pass I got, but I used the credit card promo instead.

Due to bad weather and worse traffic, by the time I got to the movie after collecting the actual ticket, the movie was actually about to start. It was me, and like 7 other people in the room. 

The run time is supposed to be about 1 hr 57 minutes, but I won't be surprised if some parts were snipped and it was shorter than that. So I was kind of surprised that I still made the 2 hour parking cutoff as I was leaving.  
  • I hope Claire Foy was at least paid more than the guy who played Blomkvist. She's probably the only recognisable name to the planet because of The Crown. But you have to give the production props for hiring Europeans for the supporting characters.
  • Was it just me, or was that opening very Bond-like? 
  • OMG how is Claire Foy not freezing her balls off? How does anyone else not freeze their nuts off? 
  • You had to know that Stephen Merchant's character didn't have long for the world once his character's introduced. 
  • Did anyone else recognised Andreja Pejić
Like the setting, this movie is DARK. I don't hate it, but there's worse ways to kill a couple hours. If you still haven't seen this, you should give it a go if you want to.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Week 45, 2018

Today is the 11.11 sale (which is like Chinese Black Friday sales), but I already kinda blew my personal credit limit before this, so even if there was anything I want or need, I'm gonna have to selective about it.
  • Had to tweet Bird (like oBike but for electric scooters) because some idiot tried to sign up for it with my (somewhat) OG email address and I was getting multiple verification emails. Thankfully, they told me that they had removed it from their system. I hope it stays that way.
  • Tuesday was Deepavali. To everyone who had the foresight to take Monday off, I salute you. But I couldn't even if I wanted to. 
  • Besides the plastic bag ban, the Selangor gahmen is looking to ban plastic straws too... or rather, if you really want one, you'd have to ask for it. I dunno how you'd charge for a disposable straw like you do a plastic bag. McDonald's have stopped simply giving them out recently and unless I forget to repack, these days I have some reusable straw on my person anyway. 
  • Even Pos Malaysia is cashing in on Mickey's nonagenarian celebrations by issuing Mickey philatelic stuff (postcard and stamp sets). Will update if I remember to go to the post office and got them since they go on sale tomorrow. 
  • Who wants to watch a Jonny Quest movie in the 21st century?  
  • Artbox is finally making an appearance in Malaysia. Sadly though, it's in the middle of Sunway, so it's more congested than usual. 

Monday, 5 November 2018

Kahuna Poke, Damansara Utama

I drove past this place a few days ago and I couldn't look it up because I had totally spazzed on the name by the time I got round to it. To be honest, I'm surprised no one's taken the name Kahuna yet for their poke establishment... in Malaysia, anyway. 

It's located the same row as Softsrve, Texas Chicken and The Good Batch in DU. And yes, parking is scarce even on weekends, it kinda goes without saying. But I'm glad I don't have to go to a mall or further for a poke fix. 

Needed some greens (didn't get any of that at home) so I had what one would call a "late" lunch (I tend to lean towards having salads and what not on weekends). I was the only paying customer when I was there, so to say it was awkward would be a grave understatement. 

Got an extra egg because they broke the yolk
on the one in the bowl. 
Like most poke places, there's an order sheet you could fill up. Offerings seem to be on par - there's the usual raw salmon (RM19.90), tuna (RM20.90), with the only cooked seafood option being boiled octopus, which I don't often see. The vegetarian options are tofu (RM13.90) and tempeh (RM14.90), if that's your jam. Admittedly, prices are a bit on the high side. 

The sides part of the menu was where it got interesting - you either pick 3 "mele" and 1 "tiki" or 4 "mele". The "mele" is the usual veg and legume options like cucumbers, tomato, etc. But the "tiki" items are the things that would be charged extra elsewhere like onsen egg (half boiled egg lah), avocado, kale chips, crispy salmon skin, etc. You get the drift. Everything was fresh and the salmon wasn't too salty with shoyu. 

Didn't really need any more rice, so I went with greens on the bottom and had the onsen egg, which as I was digging in realised was a bit wasted cos there's no rice for it to coat. Maybe next time. The lemonade (RM5) was not too bad. 

They also gave me a loyalty card - the buy 10, free 1 variety. I don't mind going back, it's just that... 

Kahuna Poke
41, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Utama
Closed Mondays

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Week 44, 2018

The belt-tightening budget was presented to the nation on Friday. 

The "highlights" of the budget that made a lot of people whinge was taxation on online streaming services like Steam, Netflix, Spotify, etc, which doesn't affect me personally because I'm not subscribed to any of these because I'm old school like that. That said, I'm not so sure about my Proxmate annual subscription, though...

The other was the RM20-40 departure levy (at airports) which I'm kinda surprised that Malaysia hasn't imposed before until now (but I've experienced it in other SEA nations) - apparently it's RM20 if you're travelling to a fellow SEA nation and RM40 everywhere else. If it's business travel, then your company's paying for it anyway and it's no skin off your nose, if it's the annual vacay then STFU and pay lah; if you can afford to travel overseas for holiday more than once a year, then it's just small change for you. They haven't said how they were gonna collect this levy - if it's a cash transaction during the airport checkout then there's gonna be hell to pay. It's only less annoying if it's included in the air ticket price. 

The petrol subsidy part of the budget I'm kinda confused by. 

Mind you, these things are only happening in Jan 2020, but still. 
  • Just as I already bought a ticket to the Singapore show, it was announced that Jim Jefferies was gonna be in KL the day before the Singapore show. Cis. Guess my Singapore ticket is going to waste cos I'm not about to spend money to travel to Singapore. 
  • Checked out new performing arts space in TTDI.
  • Realised that the Shopee Shake music was actually the Baby Shark song. 
  • It was a matter of time before WhatsApp is gonna start serving ads. That said, I wonder what kind of ads are gonna be in the family groups... 
  • Foot Locker opening soon in the second home. No idea when specifically. 
  • Everyone is trying to get a head start on the 11.11 sales. 

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow 2018

Got a ticket to this on a whim - like, a few days before sort of whim. I've known about this show over the years but had never gone to see it. 

This guy was quite a sight.
Almost everyone took a picture. 
However, I was curious about the new performing arts space that was The Platform in Menara Ken in Taman Tun (aka BFM's new digs). 

No luck getting one of the street parking outside cos I only got there after 8 p.m. (would be nice if it were the case, but oh well), so was stuck having to pay the parking inside (which btw was RM5 flat rate after 7 p.m. or something). 

Collected my ticket at the box office, went in, and.... 

I thought it's a nice space. Unless you have a giraffe sitting in front of you, the view of the stage is unobstructed from wherever you're sitting. Seats were also comfy because they were still new, haha. 

When I bought a ticket a few days before, I noticed that there were PLENTY of seats left available. So I was kinda of surprised to see so many people in attendance. I wondered how many of these people were comped tickets.  
Figured that the show didn't sell out (500 seater a bit hard to fill) when the organisers were getting people to move further and further up, to which I wasn't going to complain about. And the show started around 9.10 p.m., which made me feel better about getting there after 8 p.m. despite the rain and rush hour traffic. 

I didn't really know any of the foreign comics beforehand, so I went in blind. Prakash Daniel was host, whom I've always found to be pretty funny and so did most of the crowd.  

Aaron Chen (I thought) had a bit of a rough night cos it was pretty quiet for most of his set. I thought he kinda bombed, between his material and delivery. 

Mel Buttle got more laughs because her set was about dogs - not just her own, but also general observations about them. 

To make things interesting, Shamaine Othman strutted her usual material (I say usual because I've heard it a few times now over the years, but it still made me laugh all the same) before Prakash brought on the last act Guy Montgomery, who kinda looked like Josh Meyers (from where I was sitting) but with a Kiwi accent.

There's one more show tonight. I wouldn't really worry about not being able to get tickets...

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Week 43, 2018

I think I may be out of the PND zone.... finally? Maybe?

Because Halloween this year is on a Wednesday, people are taking the chance to celebrate it anyway how this weekend. 

  • Did anyone know that Richard Clayderman is still alive? Neither did I. And apparently he's making a concert stop in Malaysia next month. 
  • Someone uploaded the short, 8 episode first season of Masterchef Singapore (thankfully not as a Mandarin speaking production) on YouTube, which I was only reminded of because of the brouhaha surrounding the winner. (Singaporeans, always must have got something to complain about)
  • Haven't heard back from the retailer about my not-MIA book order even after I told them I got the order. Maybe they decided to write it off as a loss...? 
  • If you can find the time to renew your own car road tax at a post office, you should, because they started charging third party reps (from banks, insurance agencies, etc) another RM5 on top of the RM2 commission. 
  • Bought one of the last tickets to Jim Jefferies stop in Singapore happening next January... before they announced a second show because it sold out so quickly. I thought I had time to procrastinate and buy a little later. Urgh. Goodness knows I procrastinated this long to buy a ticket to the Franz Ferdinand gig next month. 
  • I'm kinda surprised that Sinead O' Connor hasn't already renounced Catholicism before embracing Islam this past week, given her beef with the church. 
  • How bad are sales for the upcoming Guns N' Roses concert that I keep seeing ticket promos everywhere? 
  • This week I found out Diptyque's advent calendar is RM2990, and last I heard, only one left in the standalone Pavilion store, which begs the question: how many did they have to start with? I mean,  I get that they're not exactly cheap ("15 different 35g candles, seven 10ml fragrances, two 15ml body products and one 70g candle"). But must be nice to have that kind of pocket change lying around. 
  • Speaking of advent calendars, L'Occitane's one looks pretty cute: they have two different box designs, but judging by the pictures posted, it looks like it's the same stuff in both of them.
  • Malay Mail is going digital in December. I can't remember the last time I laid eyes on a print version. 
  •  Whoda thought that Winamp would be making a comeback in the 21st century? 

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Week 42, 2018

I wonder if my post nasal drip has turned into just downright URTI again...?
  • Saw a play this week - The Tragicomedy of Errors
  • Saw A Simple Favor on Monday night. 
  • It's only still October and already the holiday gift sets are available for sale. Holiday creep starts earlier and earlier. 
  • My long thought to be MIA Biblio order finally arrived... many, MANY weeks later. About 2 months later. Guess I'll have to let them know that I got it so that they could charge me again. Le sigh. 
  • The man who's been Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch is finally retiring after 50 years. 
  • They finally announced this year's Big Bad Wolf Books sale, which is about the same time every year.
  • Winamp (who else remembers?) is making a comeback. Really?! I suppose if it's less bloated  than iTunes and still works with iPods...  
  • Was anyone really surprised that the Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande thing DID NOT work out...? 
  • Jim Jefferies stopping in Singapore in January. Another comic named Jim in Q1 2019. 
  • Speaking of shows in Singapore, I still haven't bought a ticket to the Franz Ferdinand show next month. And I've already got flight and hotel bookings done early. 
  • Apparently Fendi thought it would be a great conversation starter/funny to sell a scarf that sorta, KINDA looks like a vulva. (just Google it)
  • Also, someone had too much free time and published a piece on Medium on how to optimally drink bubble tea so that there aren't any leftover pearls. (It's behind a paywall) I hope to TPTB that grant money wasn't involved in this.