Sunday, 5 July 2015

Week 27, 2015

After weeks of great laundry weather, there's finally some rain. It's also the 4th of July weekend over in America, so no new episodes of talk shows, etc :(
  • Got new Xiaomi Yi camera on Monday after ordering it on Friday.
  • Driving to Kelantan and back via the Gua Musang highway is not for the faint of heart.
  • Missed at least a year's worth of The Daily Show episodes on Your Month of Zen by being away for the couple of days.
  • Finally caught a One Mic Stand, 3 years after it started :P

Driving the Gua Musang Highway

A childhood friend of Dad's passed suddenly in Machang and instead of flying and renting a car and what not, thought it would be a better idea to DRIVE so that it would be easier to get around. Since he can't exactly drive long distance cos he's getting old, guess who had to drive >.< 

According to Google, the shortest route to Kelantan is the Gua Musang Highway (or Federal Route 8) at about 400 odd kilometres, compared to other routes (via Terengganu or Perak). 

Now that I survived driving most of the route TO AND FRO, here's what I picked up from the experience: 
  1. Fuel up before you embark, because petrol stations are literally few and far in between once you leave Bentong or Kuala Lipis, as you drive through the jungle and up and down the mountains. 
  2. Most of the route is pretty dark and has no streetlights, and even if there were, they're probably not working. Best to travel while it's still bright out. That, and because it's creepy dark at night, the roadside stalls won't be open anyway. (Least Mum managed to stock up on her petai on the way back).
  3. Because it's an old trunk road - loads of timber lorries on mostly two lane roads through said jungles and mountains with the occasional third lane for overtaking. 
  4. Had no idea there was the Central Spine Road, but I don't think it's finished yet. Also don't see any work being done. Dunno if it being Ramadhan had anything to do with that... 
  5. Even Waze craps out in some areas.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

One Mic Stand: The Food Show

One Mic Stand is the standing weekly open mic show happening at the Cabaret space in Jaya One on Tuesday nights. When they announced on their social media that this week's show was going to be food themed, I figured why not, it's a good time as any. Also, I needed a way to unwind for the long drive the next day (future post!). 

Tickets can be bought online, but had no problems getting a last minute ticket at the door beforehand. Had dessert at Salt n Koffie Gallery downstairs (they have a 20% discount on cakes on Tuesdays).

Fudgiest dark chocolate cake ever - macam brownie!
Really good -  comes with scoop of Sangkaya coconut ice cream on top with two types of drizzle. Mmm.... 
As it's right below the Cabaret space, I could still use their Wi-Fi upstairs. The place was about 80% filled with actual audience members and not just the open mikers waiting their turn. 

Because it was the food-themed show, I laughed my head off when Brian Tan (as Chairman Baga, a take on Iron Chef's Chairman Kaga) came on stage to the Iron Chef theme music (yep, I just dated myself). His "secret ingredient"? Two packs of curry-flavoured Maggi, which the open mikers must incorporate (haha) into their set. 

For RM15.90 (after GST), you really can't expect much. The open mike-rs did okay, considering. Even the Singaporeans that went up. There's also a 10 minute breather after the first few performers (which I spent in Stickerrific store/cafe next door). Can totally get why they got Sulaiman Azmil to headline/close the show. 

That said, if you have some time to kill on Tuesday nights, you can always go check it out. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Week 26, 2015

Weather has been hot as balls hot this week and it hasn't rained at all... -__-

  • Hannibal got canned. Begs the question of whether they'll play out the rest of the third season? 
  • Got free Ridsect "smart" electric mozzie killer in the post this week. 
  • Also got my Kickstarter-backed Pons in the mail after waiting for months. 
  • They're streaming entire episodes of Jon Stewart's tenure (Month of Zen) on The Daily Show for 42 days straight here. If you want to watch the early years (1999) because you couldn't watch them online as the Internet wasn't as big then as it is now, you might want to get on that like, NOW... and watch Jon Stewart age 16 years in 6 weeks.
  • Penang's bigwig eateries are opening shop in KL. Yay?
  • RIP, Patrick Macnee. 
  • If you thought Crocs or Birkenstocks were ugly, you haven't seen these :P

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Week 25, 2015 - Happy Longest Father's Day

Today is Father's Day and also (some say) the longest day of the year.
  • Anyone downloaded the Terminator voice on their Waze app? It's hilarious. 
  • Still hoping Muse would stop in KL *still crossing fingers and toes* after they announced their Bangkok stop. 
  • Saw Ronny Chieng's new show on Thursday night. 
  • Had no idea Saturday was Dragon Boat Festival...?
  • Thursday was also the start of Ramadhan. 
  • There's an option on Facebook where you can stay friends with someone, but also don't want to see their (batshit crazy?) posts. About time, Facebook :P 
  • First Ramadhan bazaar visited this year: Section 14 one. Only bought the caramel pudding/flan and also stingray bakar from the stall that calls itself Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy (there are a bunch of ikan bakar stalls located behind the old palace that you should check out if you're a ikan bakar fan)... 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Ronny Chieng - You Don't Know What You're Talking About

Got a ticket to see Ronny Chieng's You Don't Know What You're Talking About on a Thursday night because I didn't want to pay the extra RM20 for Friday and Saturday. Based on the turnout (70% capacity, I think?), I wasn't the only one. 

Hadn't realised that the show's only starting at 9 p.m. and I turned up a little early and no one else was around. By the time I finished my cheese nacho snack at Wendy's, the crowd already showed up. My view of the stage was obstructed by someone's big hair and I can't change seats because my entire row was full and it would be too awkward to move. -_-

Talk about name in lights...
Shamaine Othman opened the show with a 10 minute (tops, I think) set, some I've heard before but still hilarious. Her bit about nasi lemak stalls being so prevalent that even pontianaks are also selling nasi lemak is hilarious.

Ronny came on and did like, 45 minutes. Laughed at about some of the jokes, but the repetition by itself probably took up like 10 minutes already. His joke about how the Australian reality show Border Security should be called "What Weird Shit are Asians Bringing In This Week?" because it's's always the Asians trying to get weird shit past customs. Like my auntie bringing in a kuali into Australia (I don't know who it went to or if it came back with her, but still). He also had a bit about his Twitter troll that he's still in touch with 9 months later.

If you want, tickets are still available.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Review: Dear Kate Underwear

Been hearing about Dear Kate for some time, but had resisted until a pretty good coupon code (25% off instead of the usual 20%) and that they were going to raise the minimum for international orders (which at the time was US$100 I think, now it's US$175). Admittedly they're expensive for underwear, even after converting it to RM. And just because they're called menstrual underwear doesn't mean that you wear them  alone; you wear these as well as your pads or tampons while on your period to catch any erm, runoff (which happens, amiright?).

What I liked browsing the site was that they don't use professional skinny bitch models but they use real women to model the wares. They also have a plus-sized line (the "Queen" line). You can shop by cut, occasion, or by lining.

They have thong, brief (granny panty) and hipster cuts and two different linings (mini for everyday, full for sleep and heavy flow). Size is based on your actual pant size or hip measurements. Tried to get different cuts and linings for different situations, and ended up with Amelia Hipster Full, Ada Brief Mini, Hazel Sport Hipster Mini, and Ada Hipster Full. Well okay, I didn't want to get thongs, but you get the drift. 

Shipping was okay: Got an email with the tracking number and I got my order within two weeks, delivered (locally) by Poslaju. Because it was too big to fit into the mail slot, the Poslaju guy stuffed it into the blue mail box meant for the police (I saw on the tracking site that it was "delivered" - so figured to look there from last time) under the mail slot and saved myself a trip to the local Poslaju office.

Size-wise, I followed the size chart and went with my usual pant size. Thankfully, they all fit so I didn't have to do any long distance returns. They're also pretty comfy for the price paid.

Cute packaging
Blue Ada Hipster (full lining)- Thankfully, not too high. Been wearing these at night because of the full lining. 

Black Hazel Hipster (mini lining) - No lace, so it's less frou-frou and something for everyday. No complaints.

Beige Ada Brief (mini lining) - I probably shouldn't have bothered with the brief cut, because with the lace trim, it went up past my belly button, which I'm not sure if it's by design, or if I'm short-waisted or something. 

Black Amelia Hipster (full lining) - Not bad, not too high. Also mostly wear this to sleep too. 

Whatever colour underpants you decide, they all have the same black lining, so if you're weird about colour clashing underwear, you could just go with black. I usually hand wash underpants (even though you could toss these in the machine, but it's a bit gross lah), and washing these is not that hard: since you can't see the blood in the lining, you just got to keep flushing it with water until it runs clear (the lining is stain releasing hor). Usual powder detergent work, and the ladies' detergent from Daiso is both cheap and efficient. 

All in all, I really like Dear Kate, and I have no regrets getting them, though I prefer the hipster cut as a personal preference. If the RM wasn't so crappy right now, I probably wouldn't mind ordering these again (especially the new Nellie collection, modelled by the lady hosts of Stuff Mom Never Told You), but $175 is a bit tough unless you share the cost with other people or buy a set and then something else because one can never have enough underwear for the time of the month.  Also, there are period underwear available closer to home for cheaper. Just saying. 

I didn't review these sooner even though I got them mid-February because I felt that I needed to test them properly.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Week 24, 2015

Another week of people having their sensitivities "offended" for no good reason at all.
  • They can only make child car seats mandatory in Malaysia in 2019 and not in the immediate future because they want to work some kinks out and what not. As a non-breeder, it doesn't affect me, but am all for it. But you just wait - people are gonna ask for subsidised car seats or something, especially those with multiple small children, because car seats are not cheap. Imagine the multiple car seats in a Viva, MyVi or similar sized compact car... O.o 
  • Okay, I admit I also didn't know that Texas Chicken is known as Church's Chicken in the States, but the story of the guy who thought the nugget dip (which had the word "Church's" on it) might accidentally turn Muslims into Christians (or something to that effect) is just *smh* sad but also laugh-die-me hilarious ... even if it took the guy took a bit long to finally apologise about that on Texas Chicken Malaysia's Facebook page. If nothing else, I give the team who runs their Facebook page props for being so professional about the matter (their explanation of how Church was the founder's name and nothing to do with places of worship was pretty clear). It's like Hardee's and Carl's Jr lah, I guess :P
  • Caught Time Out KL's Sick and Twisted comedy show on Friday night.
  • RIP, Sir Christopher Lee.
  • All Saints are reunited for the current BSB tour. Talk about 90s overload...