Sunday, 25 January 2015

Week 4, 2015

  • Got a ticket to the upcoming Russell Peters show in Shah Alam in April in the presale (where you get a promo code to use if you sign up for the organiser's newsletter), 3 days before the general sale. Singular because I don't know if anyone else is going, let alone with me, so... #foreveralone
  • Word on the street about Hooters potential expansion into rest of South East Asia (including Malaysia). As usual, the religious authorities already making noise about it - what else is new  - look, if they don't want their precious muslimin to patronise Hooters hor... just make it non-halal lah.  BFD. 
  • Took WhatsApp long enough to put out the desktop version when other apps have already done so earlier. 
  • Xiaomi raising prices of their powerbanks in a few days. On the plus side, at least they're available via open sale and not flash sales?
  • Anyone started their CNY spring cleaning? I feel so lazy about it because I get these cleaning fits the rest of the year, and I buy clothes for CNY throughout the year because I don't like the stress of doing things right before.
  • Went back to Furless in Jaya One to get the upper lip and sideburns waxed (with the 20% birthday discount). Nice to see that the same people are still there even though I haven't been back for a while (can't remember if I went back last year), and how the service is not wham bam, thank you ma'am - they take the same amount of care as if you're there for down there waxing. The cooling treatment at the end is also a nice touch - worth the price paid.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Go Thai, SS2

Finally had an excuse to check out Go Thai for lunch yesterday (tried my luck the previous weekend, but failed because the kitchen was closed when I got there around 3 p.m., so it wasn't their fault or anything). When I got there around 1 something, it was packed, but fortunately for me, they had a tiny table for solo diners, so I didn't have to wait. While there aren't any small printed menus so one can browse to their hearts' content, but there are several large whiteboards with the menu handwritten on them, which might be a pain in the backside depending on your seating situation. 

Went with the relatively safe option of kuey teow nam tuk (noodles with clear pork broth, RM7), with iced milk tea (RM4) and a warm sago pudding dessert (with fresh corn in the mix, RM6). The broth was pretty flavourful (if you're a sucker for garlic; and no MSG as far as I can tell afterwards) and has pork balls, mince and sliced liver (I think?). Portion was okay for small eaters; large eaters might want to order the rice dishes they have. 

The only drawback of solo dining as a small eater is that you can't order and try everything you want that's on the menu. On the plus side, there's an excuse to go back...

187, Jalan SS 2/24 (same row as the new Rabbit Tyre Shop)
Closed Mondays, open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Week 3, 2015

School started this past week. Here come chaos. Also starting to feel under the weather. Urgh.
  • Passport renewal now down to RM200... erm, yay, I suppose.
  • As to be expected, Big Bad Wolf Books announced their fire sale for next month where everything's a flat RM5. I've always had better luck with the fire sale than their usual sale, so will definitely go poke around if I remember to.
  • Got the text and checked out the Anya Hindmarch clearance sale (as they're moving to a standalone store in Pavilion next month) at The Westin. While the things seem pretty cheap (by the brand's standards, anyway), but there wasn't anything I wanted or would've bought, so I was in and out pretty quickly. Only made off with some of the tea bags (not cheap, I can assure you) they had at the refreshment bar outside the sale (in a small room). I guess the only perk of being friendly with the SAs is that I can hear them taking calls about whether so-and-so item is available at the sale or not. Also saw a bunch of already packed black-and-white striped shopping bags, which I take to mean that those have already been reserved (dunno if paid for) long before the sale started. It does explains the phone number in the multiple texts and emails received... 
  • Oscar nominations announced. The only Best Picture nominee I've already seen was The Grand Budapest Hotel. Not sure if I will ever get around or have the inclination to watch the other nominees before the ceremony, but I AM curious about The Imitation Game
  • I suppose it's great that The Theory of Everything is getting all this buzz now, but I am constantly reminded of Cumberbatch's portayal of Hawking in that TV movie from way back when. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Trying out Hypoxi [Groupon MY]

Finally got around to redeem the Hypoxi trial sessions Groupon that I bought months ago recently. In retrospect, I probably should've redeemed it during the actual school holidays and not at the tail end of the (extended) holidays, because for me to go to the particular studio in Ativo Plaza in Bandar Sri Damansara (yeah, I didn't know it existed either), I would have to travel by LDP and pay the RM1.60 Penchala toll during rush hour. So I scheduled my first appointment for 6.30 p.m. on a Friday because they had a full Saturday and it's closed on Sunday. I was told not to eat heavily 2 hours before the appointment, but some (healthy) snacking was permissible. I was also told to bring leggings and wear long sleeves. 

3 training sessions + 3 firming sessions for RM128 instead of RM1,380 (only RM21.30 per session)

The only good thing about a weekday appointment at Ativo Plaza was that parking was free for the first two hours if you got there before 7 p.m.

(PS. There's also allocated parking spots for ladies and mothers with young children, which are right next to the escalators)

Got there about 10 minutes before, which was a good thing because I had to sit through a 10 - 15 minute briefing session about Hypoxi, what it does (it targets the stubborn fat in areas like stomach, hips, and thighs which doesn't budge with diet and exercise tweaks and jumpstarts the sagging metabolism rate), etc, some of which I gathered as much from the interwebs. The baseline measurements were taken in (thankfully) a private room because I had to strip down (some more) to the skivvies. Good grief. 

After the explainer, I was put into the first machine: the Hypoxidermology machine, for 20 minutes. (This was the reason for the long sleeves). I needed help getting in and out of the suit. It was like I was a piece of protein in vacuum-sealed bag, being massaged with bubble wrap. It would've been more relaxing if I didn't have to hear the loud conversations going on..?

Afterwards, I was ushered into this machine.. but not without having to wear the weird hemmed skirt, heart monitor right under the boobage, and a thermometer that goes around the thigh like an unsexy garter before stepping in. It was tough for me trying to balance keeping the heart rate, speed and temperature at a certain level, ALL WHILE PEDALLING (so much to juggle!) and I had to keep adjusting my sitting because I wasn't exactly sitting on the gluteus maximus for some reason. I broke a sweat and overheated by the end of the 30 minutes. Not to mention the heat released when the machine opened up because I typically go beyond the 3 degrees Celcius they needed to start the metabolism. 

I haven't gotten to try the other machine, the one where you're basically on your back and peddling.

Here's the kicker: No eating 2 hours after a session and only proteins and vegetables right after that. Those post-session two hours aren't that difficult because you're so full from the water you're being made to sip throughout and after (so the fat and toxins can be flushed out, hor). But as someone who normally is done with dinner before 8 p.m., having  "dinner" closer to 10 p.m. is just... le sigh. 

Yes, I was given a laundry list of low carb foods to eat, high carbs/sugar foods to avoid, but I was more annoyed by the typos in the list itself, so I didn't stare at it too long.

What I found tough is the the days in between sessions - trying to really cut down on the carbs (and sugar) some more when I've been trying to cut down on the carbs (well, white rice, anyway) for a while now anyway, is just annoying (you're only allowed complex carbs about 4 hours before the session). Plus, I really don't like the taste of water so that's just great for me >.<

Another peeve of mine is the hours. I'm pretty sure most of their clientele consist of tai-tais who have both time and money to do this during the typical Monday-Friday work week and/or those with flexible work schedules. If you work a typical 9 - 5, you might be a bit SOOL.

Finished my third and final session on Thursday evening. Got measured for the last time and I lost about 2 cm (not quite an inch) from the stomach and waist, and minimal loss (millimeters, really) from the thighs, hips, etc. Frankly, a little sad about the latter result. I almost did a spit take when told how much it would cost me to continue on for an additional three weeks (hint: 4 digits). Or puked the water I was being made to sip. Lucky the hard sell stopped and was told to "call" if I was ready to continue (erm, yeah right).

What I like: The ladies running the place were really nice; they also have tops, leggings and the footwear (both socks AND shoes) you can use, the sessions themselves are pretty relaxing for the most part, because they only have three of the four Hypoxi machines (there's one for the guys), the studio is ladies-only.

What I didn't like: Scheduling limitations, having to pay toll both ways (in case anyone doesn't know, I hate paying toll unless there's no way around it), the evening traffic...

All in all, glad to have tried this, but I really don't have the resources (discipline, time AND money) to continue. Really. Unless there's one impossibly near me or something (the other local studios I found online were in Hartamas and Bangsar). But otherwise... I miss desserts too much. The misery I felt from the sugar and carbs withdrawal hor... man. Tough.

PS. I did ask how much the machines were for the heck of it. She didn't give me a specific number, but I think it's around RM100,000 - RM200,000 range each. Hmm.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week 2, 2015

Weather this week: Rain, rain, rain. School holidays extended this week due to the flood damage in the west coast. 
  • Finally remembered to redeem the Hypoxi Groupon I got months ago. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the Quiznos groupon that I forgot about. Le sigh. 
  • They finally made the announcement about ticket sales for the upcoming Russell Peters show in Shah Alam. Man, are those tickets expensive. I hope they have huge ass monitors for people in the nosebleed seats... There is gonna be a promo code for newsletter subscribers, but I personally don't know how much cheaper that's gonna be when Ticketpro charges you RM10 internet transaction fee.. (yah, tell me about it - that's why I rather go to my nearest Ticketpro outlets rather than cough up the extra RM10)
  • Finally saw Liam Neeson and his "particular set of skills" in Taken 3 a couple days before its release in one of the new GSC cineplexes downtown. 
  • The third season of Masterchef Junior's started, even though the previous season wasn't all that long ago. 
  • Speaking of Masterchef Junior, Lifetime Asia has taken to filling the Masterchef void in its programming schedule by showing us the fourth season of the NZ one. 
  • Adios, Covert Affairs.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Thoughts I Had While Watching Taken 3 (Tak3n)

Caught an advanced screening of Taken 3 (or Tak3n) starring Liam Neeson, thanks to Nuffnang, at the new swanky looking GSC at Quill City Mall. After finding out that half the halls in the cineplex were for advance screenings of the same movie, I can totally understand why there. 

And only 15 minutes of trailers. Not bad. Since it was a new cineplex, the "new" smell is still present, namely the smell of paint and plaster. At least the seats are still new. 

(Disclaimer: I had never sat through both Taken and Taken 2, but am too familiar with the memes and jokes about it, i.e. Josh Robert Thompson [former Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson's robot sidekick Geoff Petersen]'s Liam Neeson impression of "Quickly, there's no time!")

Instead of anyone being taken like in the first couple of movies, his ex-wife getting killed sort of counts as being "taken",  no? Also, this kinda reminds me of The Fugitive.
  • Dude, we can already tell you're the bad guy, there's no need to bash it over our heads with your hideous haircut.
  • Am I the only one that thinks Liam Neeson is getting too old for this? 
  • He needs to get a faster data reading card - that's one too many close calls for one movie.
  • I can't believe that Famke Janssen is 50. 
  • Speaking of Famke, at least this will definitely be her last Taken movie...?
  • I can sort of appreciate Forest Whitaker's role as a less bumbling, almost profiler-like (is he's channelling his former Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour role?) cop tasked to bring him in. 
  • OMG, it's Hodges
  • I might not have been to LA before, but 15 minutes from downtown LA to Santa Monica seems highly implausible. 
Movie tagline maybe "It Ends Here", but good grief, I hope there isn't ANOTHER one of these, which might involve his (future) grandkid. 

The Guardian's review made me LOL.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

VM Boat Noodle, SS 2

(This was a few weeks ago when the 'rents weren't around and I didn't feel like cooking)

Had dinner at VM Boat Noodle that opened a few months ago in SS2 when they had a free first bowl promo thing. Also (coincidentally) along the same block as a KFC (Malaysia's 100th).

They have more choices of noodle soup recipes to choose from, and there's the big bowl option for those who know what they want. Ordered one of each for the both of us, which got hard to keep track of, as they all start to look the same after a while and came pretty quickly. 

Two mouthfuls, tops.
Not a lot to go on.
Dessert was okay for the price. 

68, Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya